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Nursing Through Pregnancy


I am currently nursing my 19m son and am 2 months pregnant with #2. I am wondering for those of you who nursed through pregnancy; Can you tell when your supply dropped? How could you tell? When in your pregnancy did it happen?



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Re: Nursing Through Pregnancy

Mine dropped around 8 weeks and gone completely by 18. DS didn't want to comfort nurse so I knew when he'd pull off. We also noticed his poops getting dark and rock solid. He stopped nursing during the day because there wasnt' much there, so I'd pump, and add what I could get out to a bottle of goats milk. He'd continue to latch at night for a while... but then that stopped too. I tried everything to keep milk up, but my body had other plans. I was devastated, truly. Others can nurse throughout pregnancy, so I was hoping that if I was proactive, that I could too. Nope. By 18 weeks, I'd pump 6X/day and not even cover the bottom of a bottle.
Hopefully you'll be one who can nurse thoughout!! GL!
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Re: Nursing Through Pregnancy

I could tell my supply was dropping around 8-10 weeks pregnant but I still made milk. Around 20 weeks I just wasn't sure if there was any milk at all, but I kept "nursing." When my colostrum came in (around 30 weeks??), my son did not like it at all and quit nursing. I really thought he had weaned himself but when the baby was born, he went right back to nursing and was SO happy I had milk again. He was 19 months old.
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Re: Nursing Through Pregnancy

I am still nursing my 11 month old and am 16 weeks pregnant. My milk seemed to drop around 8 weeks but we just kept going. By 11 weeks most of it was back. I am not making more then I need like before but I am making enough for him. I know there is milk because I can hear him swallowing and can squeeze it out and it still squirts across the If you want to keep nursing just stick to it. Everyone is so different its hard to tell if your milk will stay or go.
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Re: Nursing Through Pregnancy

My DS is 27 months old, and I am 17 wks pg- I started noticing a decrease at about 10-12 weeks, and by 15 weeks, my supply was pretty much gone. DS is and has always been a huge comfort nurser, so he still wants to nurse- and I let him at nap time and sometimes at bedtime- but I have asked him several times if there is any milk and he shakes his head and says no- all gone. I have a feeling once baby gets here and milk comes back, I will probably be tandem nursing!

ETA: I too noticed, my milk kinda dried up at first, then started getting a colostrum like substance- very thick, sticky, yellow with swirls of fat in it when I squeezed a bit. That lasted about aweek maybe 2, now I can't squeeze anything out, and haven't been able to hear DS swallow anything in quite awhile.
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Re: Nursing Through Pregnancy

I nursed 5 months of my 2nd pregnancy but my supply never dropped .. good luck mama!
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Re: Nursing Through Pregnancy

i nursed all the way through my last pregnancy. i think my supply changed to colostrum around 6 months? or something like that. i went through a period where it was very painful, but i was determined to do it. towards the end there wasnt really anything, but he did drink the colostrum. he really loved to nurse but he prob would have weaned if i wanted him too. anyway he was super excited when my milk came back in and wanted to nurse like crazy. i did tandem for awhile until i just couldnt do it anymore and cut him way back. anyway, i was glad i nursed him until he was ready. i weaned my ds1 when i got pg and always felt bad about it.
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Re: Nursing Through Pregnancy

This is the second pregnancy I've nursed through. My last my milk was pretty much completely gone at 17 weeks. This time I'm 13 weeks and I'm pretty certain it's completely gone just in the last week or so.

eta my kids have still continued to nurse even without milk there. I did get colostrum last time around 17 weeks.
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Re: Nursing Through Pregnancy

I was wondering about this too. DS is only 7 months and he is ebf. I might be preg and I would hate to wean him so is it really possible to nurse throughout your whole pregnancy ?
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Re: Nursing Through Pregnancy

It started dropping right away but we did not have to start supplementing until around 12 weeks. I knew because the diapers started staying dry for longer periods of time and ds wanted more food than normal.
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