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Talking things that are LOL funny about bfing

ok ladies come on.. we've all had our issues with bfing.. the hard days when your milk came in, or your baby bit you, or your supply dropped so drastically you thought you would never be able to bf again.... we work through all the issues.. but come one.. there are some REALLY FUNNY things that just wouldn't happen if we were not breastfeeding our babies.. bring em here! I wanna hear about em!

Mine are sorta basic. My baby has a cold right now so her snots are running all over the place and I find it funny when I look down and see her blowing bubbles through her nose while bfing or she unlatches and leaves a huge boogie on my boob.

or when my baby unlatches and the milk is still spraying her in the face....

or when you go to the dr and they ask you when your last cycle was and you know the exact date in 2009...and the nurse looks at you like you have 3 heads.. OHHH ARE YOU BREASTFEEDING???? lol!


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Re: things that are LOL funny about bfing

I wish my period had stayed away with breastfeeding! Stupid thing came back three months to the day after DD was born, and now it's every 30 days, like clockwork. Oh, well.

I think it's funny when she's nurses and pops off with a really loud sucking noise, then lunges her face forward, mouth wide open like a shark in a school of fish, to get it back, and then does that over and over again. Even though it starts to hurt after a while, it cracks me up every time.
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Re: things that are LOL funny about bfing

Me too, the snot bubbles are hilarious (yes, we have a cold right now), and it cracks me up the way she will de-latch & turn away to look at something, and then swing back with her mouth wide open and tongue sticking out to latch back on as fast and hard as she can.

She recently started to pull my shirt down/look down my shirt to try to get at the boobs. And if I expose both, she has started to go back and forth trying to decide which one she wants.

Just went through a series of x-rays for a broken foot, and I had the hardest time convincing the techs that even though I hadn't had my period since July of 2009, I definitely 100% was not pregnant!
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Re: things that are LOL funny about bfing

I always laugh in the morning when I take DD out of her crib and over to the rocker where I nurse her, and as soon as I start to turn her sideways to nurse her she opens her mouth so wide and I know she's thinking "yes!!! any second now!!!" It cracks me up. Also when her little fist sometimes finds its way near her mouth while she's nursing and then she'll start sucking on her fist without even changing rhythm LOL

There's a lot that's funny about it actually. When I first bought a nursing cami in my last trimester right before DD was born I tried it on to see how it hooked and unhooked and I saw DH looking at me and cracking up at how funny it looks.
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Re: things that are LOL funny about bfing

When I lay my 8 month old down on my lap to unhook my nursing bra, he gets real excited, real wiggly, and makes this "whoo" sound. He sounds like a little baby owl!
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Re: things that are LOL funny about bfing

DS has gotten super grabby and likes to try to pull my shirt off in public. Fine most of the time, but if I'm wearing a nursing tank without a bra, he can expose me pretty quickly. We've had some close calls in the grocery store a few times! I actually had a neighbor ask me if I was breastfeeding. I said yes, why? And she's like, well, he's rooting around in there. I hadn't even noticed that DS was digging around in my boobs.
wife to K and mom to DS Q 5/24/10 and DD M 2/19/13 , BWing, crafty and semi-crunchy!
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Re: things that are LOL funny about bfing

I love the excitement and head turning toward the breast. How must it feel to be them, and get so excited to get your food? I also love how she "ogles" me while I'm getting dressed in the morning. Like, typically she's interacting with me by looking at my face, but man, when my shirt's off she only has eyes for my breasts! If only it were that cute when random men did it!
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Re: things that are LOL funny about bfing

When I have 6-month-old DD on the Boppy pillow and am messing with my shirt & bra, sometimes she gets so impatient and does this hilarious aggravated grunt/cry thing!

The period thing is funny. I definitely get some questionable looks when I say my last period was April of 2008!
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Re: things that are LOL funny about bfing

I take the girls in our bed with me, with me in between, we tandem feed. I align them correctly, but they quickly sit up. I lay down and open my boobs, they look at me eyes wide open, throw themselves down and grab my boobs with both hands and rub their faces on them until they find my nipples. I just love how they hold on to my boobies like they haven't seen them for so, so long. Hubby looks at them and tells me he is jealous.

Also funny when they are done breastfeeding, they blow on my tummy and make really loud noises. Even though I end up with their saliva on my tummy, I still lay there with my shirt up.

No period since 2009, jealous! Mine is on and off.
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Re: things that are LOL funny about bfing

Oh my! Where to start? Just recently I woke up to DD with her arms wrapped around my right boob saying "I love you nah-nah, I love you" and give it kisses. She now has names for each. The right boob is "nah-nah" and the left is "other side nah-nah". I'll never forget the day she walked in while I was getting dressed and looked at me and in the most excited voice shouted "MAMA! BOOBIES, BOOBIES! NAH-NAHS! OOOOHHHHHH!"

When she has a cold and she finshes nursing, she'll unlatch and go "uh oh mama, boobers, boobers [boogers] on nah-nahs". TOOOO CUTE!!!!

ETA: And no period since January of 2008!
Misty, NICU nurse, wife to Mr. Fix-it and mama to two redheaded beauties!
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