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Painful contractions at 29 weeks.

So, I've been having some pretty strong BH since around 23 weeks. I was in the hospital a couple weeks ago because they were a bit more regular, but not all that painful.

Last night from around 10 pm to 5 am, I had the most painful contractions of my life (seriously, if they get worse, I have no idea how women do it without an epi!). Granted, I didn't have hardly any painful ctx with DS1 and none with DS2 (both c/s). They didn't have any pattern, but I was averaging about 3 an hour and some of them were lasting about 90 seconds. I had to breathe my way through them and the only way I was comfortable was sitting up. I had decided to call my OB this morning if they hadn't stopped and then they stopped around 5.

I've had only a couple since they stopped completely and they are still very painful, not what I'd expect in a BH.

Should I call my OB? I don't want to sound like a freaked out preggo lady if there is nothing to worry about, and his rule is that if you have more than 4 an hour then you should call. But, I had them for 7 hours last night and had a couple more today.

What would you do? Has anyone else experienced this?


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Re: Painful contractions at 29 weeks.

I have not experienced that, but probably better to be safe and give your Dr. a call.
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I would call. It's their job and what you are paying them for

But no really I'd call. My dr said to call and since they were so painful (even if no pattern) I'd call and get checked out. Better to be safe than sorry.
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Re: Painful contractions at 29 weeks.

I had them very painful like that a little later on in pregnancy and they didn't lead to anything but that was me...If I were you I'd call. That's their job to check on you if you think somethings not right. Don't let them make you feel crazy and doubt yourself if it turns out to nothing. It's always better safe than sorry when your baby is concerned
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Re: Painful contractions at 29 weeks.

I'm experiencing that as well.. but they aren't super painful. It is probably your body gearing up for labor. Alot of women have told me that by #3.. your body can start 'getting ready' sooner. I am really worried about a preterm baby, but we'll see. Mine aren't super painful.. but I have also had an all-natural labor and have never experienced pain like that in my life. So while I THINK they are painful, I remind myself of my last labor, and then that's put them down to 'uncomfortable pressure'. Any time I do get them, though, I drink lots of water or juice and try to take it easy.

Hope everything goes well! I have a MW, and am doing a homebirth. If my INS covered anything, I would be in there just to get checked. It doesn't hurt to get looked at, and have them check for contractions.
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Re: Painful contractions at 29 weeks.

I would call. You're paying them well to help the pregnant lady .
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Re: Painful contractions at 29 weeks.

I would definitely go in, if for nothing else just for peace of mind. If you're comfortable checking your own cervix, you can see if you're dilating at all. Since you've had 2 c/s, I wouldn't think you should be able to fit more than a fingertip in there, so if you can, I'd definitely go in.

Also, ask for a Fetal Fibronectin test. It tests for a protein that is only present if labor is fairly imminent. As someone who has had to be on labor stopping meds during a pregnancy, this is definitely a case of better safe than sorry!
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Re: Painful contractions at 29 weeks.

I would ask to be seen. I had 3 preterm babies and my last one was just as you describe and I was put on bedrest till the baby came at 35 weeks because I had already dismayed to 2 when that happened. Better safe than sorry because a baby at 29weeks is just not ready to be in the world.. If you have a gut feeling that something could be happening than go in...
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Re: Painful contractions at 29 weeks.

Yeah I'd call or go in, if you haven't already... I've had two preterm babies out of three, and this new one looks like she's gearing up to be my next preemie. I've had some painful contractions and very frequent contractions, and I'm already dilating/effacing at 33 weeks. They are concerned about it.

Of course, I don't want to scare you! you could still have another 11 weeks to go. But you are better safe than sorry, as they say.

I hope all is well.
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