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Gavin is already over a year old, but I figured I should share this here.

Sunday 3/23, I hit 35 weeks. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Since my other boys were 2 and 3.5 weeks early, I expected I had 2-3 weeks left. I worked my usual Sunday evening shift as a server. I got home around 10:30pm and had a few (what I thought were) BH. At first I blew them off, but they didn't go away. I started timing them and they were totally irregular. They didn't hurt either, so I decided to go to bed around midnight.

About 5am on Monday, 3/24 I woke up and thought I needed to go to the bathroom, but my whole belly hurt. It took me a while to realize it was contractions not constipation causing the problem, but at first I still didn't think it was "it". I debated calling DH because I was sure it had to be a false alarm. It was too early. I didn't want to look like a total wuss and be the girl who cried labor.

At 5:45, I decided I needed to call him. I called several times and he didn't answer. He drives a big, loud garbage truck, so he couldn't hear his phone. I had been meaning to get the direct office number for his work, but hadn't done it yet. Then I called my mom to come over. Plan A was for her to stay home with the kids while DH drove me to the hospital.

At 6:15, I remembered that I could look up phone numbers on our phone bill and used it to call DH's friend and coworker who starts later than DH, so he wouldn't be out in a truck yet. By now, I'm on my hands and knees vocalizing through contractions. The phone call went something like this, "hey, it's Shannon, J's wife. He's not answering his phone. I need to talk to him now. Have OPs (operations) call him." His coworker tried talking more but I just hung up on him. He called back a few minutes later to tell me OPs was contacting him by radio, and I hung up on him again. It's a good thing this guy has five kids. He knew what was up. DH called, pretty well aware of what was going on and said he was already on his way. My mom arrived a few minutes later. It was probably 6:40 by now, but I lost track of time but this point. I was trying to pack a bag and failing dismally. I couldn't wait for DH to drive home from work, so we decided on Plan B. My mom would drive the kids and I to the hospital where DH would meet us, and my mom would leave.

She got the kids up and dressed, let the dog out to pee, and started loading up the car while I had contractions a minute long and 2-3 minutes apart. As one contraction ended, she started walking me to the car. I didn't even get there before another started. She wasn't driving me anywhere, and jumped to Plan C. She called 911. She was worried I wouldn't even make it to the hospital. And all along I'm thinking "I'm such a weanie. I'll probably get to the hospital and they'll say I'm a 2 or 3." Thankfully, the fire station is a mile away. The kids were in little boy heaven when a fire truck and ambulance pulled up in front of the house. They came in and asked several questions which I scarcely remember. At some point they had me take off my clothes, but I honestly don't remember it. All I know is that I was dressed when we were going to get in the car, I arrived at the hospital in a bra and panties, and the clothes I'd had on earlier came in the bag my mom brought later.

The paramedics wanted to take me to the closest hospital, but I begged them to take me to my hospital 40 minutes away so I could VBAC. All I really remember of the ride was how bumpy it felt, begging for meds, and repeatedly asking if they'd told my mom which hospital we were going to so she could call DH. Upon arriving at the hospital, an L&D nurse met us at the ER and they immediately brought me upstairs. I can only remember bits and pieces. The paramedics reiterated the minimal information I'd been able to tell them, and they left. DH walked in right after the paramedics left. He said he found me by following the screams.

When the first nurse went to check me, I was totally expecting to hear I was maybe a 4. It was probably about 7:30 by now. She said she thought I was complete, but something felt weird. Another nurse checked me. I don't remember what she said. My doctor happened to already be in the hospital having just delivered another baby. She came to check me and said I was more like 8-9, but the "weird" thing they were feeling was just the sac; it was really thick. Baby was still very high. I was screaming through contractions and begging for meds. I couldn't get IV meds because I was too close to delivering, and it couldn't get an epi until I got more fluids via IV. Because I hadn't had my GBS test done, they couldn't break my water until I got at least one dose of ABX. It was hurry up and wait. When the nurse had gone to change the tubes to my IV from the ambulance one to a hospital one, I started spraying blood all over. It was chaotic to say the least.

Around 9, I was finally able to get an epi. My OB kept asking if I was sure I wanted one since I was so close and it would only slow down the rest of the labor, but I was so mentally spent from the chaos, I felt like I needed it just to relax. Some time during the epidural process, the automatic sink in the room started going off on its own and a paper towel fell into the basin. As everyone is trying to help me hold still, the sink is splashing water all over the room. Nobody wanted to move to turn off the water lest it make me move, so they just let the water keep splashing. More chaos. It was a super light epi, just like I wanted. I still felt every contraction, but it took the edge off. Once I was settled the nurse said she needed to finish setting up my chart since I wasn't pre-registered and hadn't been in the mood to answer questions when I came in. We laughed and I asked her if she was going to write anything in my chart about me screaming. She laughed again and said "the word screaming *might* be in there once or twice."

Around 9:30 or 10 the bag of ABX finally finished dripping, and my doctor came to break my water. She struggled a little with the thickness of the sac, so it took a few minutes. Since his head was still really high (OB said -3 or more), she insisted I just relax and labor down for a while. Baby's heart rate was dropping a bit with contractions, but was coming up nicely between them. The nurse put an oxygen mask on me just to be safe, and would occasionally have me turn to one side or the other if his heart rate didn't bounce back as quickly as they'd like. It was treated as a safety measure, not an emergency. The nurse was warm, friendly, and grandmother-ly. She stayed with me almost the entire time, save for running out of the room to grab things once in a while. She made me feel so much more confident and comfortable. She knew when to look me in the face and tell me to calm down with that stern mom face (before the epi), and when to hold my hand and be supportive.

About an hour later, she checked me again and said he'd moved down quite a bit. Then asked if I felt pushy. I didn't, so we waited a little longer. Somewhere around 11:30, I did a couple of test pushes, but still didn't feel like it was time. My OB and nurse were happy to wait until I felt ready, which happened around noon. I pushed for about an hour while the epi wore off. At first, I was tempted to ask for more medication, but I decided not to. Then my OB said he appeared to be a little stuck on my pubic bone and baby seemed to be getting a little tired. His tracings were very level, not going up and down as much as expected. She gave me a few options. I could continue pushing which could put additional stress on him, I could choose assistance of forceps or vacuum, or we could go for another c-section. I didn't want to put additional stress on him, especially being pre-term. And I really didn't want another c-section unless it was an emergency (and it wasn't), plus he was so close, I could see the top of his head; I wasn't ready to give up when he was that close. Forceps scare me, so vacuum was my first choice. The OB agreed it was her first choice as well and started setting up. It was about 1pm by now.

While the OB was getting the vacuum ready, two nurses from the NICU came in to be on hand when he came out due to being preemie. The first contraction, the vacuum popped off. The second contraction didn't feel like it did much, but with the third contraction, his head popped past the pubic bone and the rest of him pretty much just slid right out. It was the most amazing feeling. I'm so glad I wasn't totally numbed by an epi for it. She immediately went to put him on my chest and realized his cord was too short, so he was placed on my belly. A nurse came over with a blanket and began to rub him. It was just a few short seconds until he cried. My OB knew i would have preferred to have him stay with me longer, but the nurses needed to check him out right away.

DH got to cut the cord for the first time with any of the kids. He stayed under the warmer in my room while I delivered the placenta (which was actually really cool to see) and the OB stitched up my one small tear. He struggled a little with really opening up his lungs and warming up, but once he was breathing well, he was bundled up and brought right over to me. DH and I laughed about the fact that we still hadn't picked a name, but we very quickly settled on Gavin Elliot. A nurse needed to bring him back over to the warmer to keep an eye on him, so DH took a picture and headed out the the waiting room to give everyone the news. Soon after, my mom and the older boys were able to come in and see him.

He had a few struggles with his weight, body temperature, and jaundice early on, but now he's perfect. ❤️


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Re: Gavin Elliot VBA2C

Congrats, it is such a nice feeling having a VBA2Cs. I too had 2 - c-secs.
Canadian mama to 13 blessings ds(18), ds(17), ds(15.5), ds(13.5), dd(11.75), ds(10), ds(8.5), ds(6.5), dd(5.5), dd(3.5), dd(2.5) , ds(15 months) and #13 due end of AUGUST. And yes that is while nursing night and day. :O)
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