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Hi mamas!

My DD is ten days old, and while I always said i'd never co-sleep.... I love it.

For those of you that co-sleep, how do you do so safely?

I am very aware of her presence and don't move much during the night with her in bed with us. My concern is her rolling into me or H.

I know co-sleeping is a very personal (and considered "unsafe") decision. I am not looking to start any drama or hear about why it's unsafe.


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Re: Co-sleeping

I've co-slept with both my boys from birth. It is just what feels right to us and we all get great sleep. In the early days I would keep my baby in my arms (laying on the bed with my arm around them). I had them in July and April so was pretty warm and didn't need covers so that wasn't a concern. I'm a light sleeper and only sleep in 2 different positions, so again, not a concern. If you're worried you could always get a co-sleeper that way you're still getting the benefits of co-sleeping without the worry.
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Re: Co-sleeping

I'm a really light sleeper so the safety issue, I didn't see it as an issue until DD started rolling over. Before that, she wasn't going anywhere. Then when she was moving around, we put our mattress on the floor so if she rolled off she would have a very short drop. Doesn't make for a very cute bedroom set up but it works.
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Re: Co-sleeping

Here are a couple of links on safe co-sleeping.
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Re: Co-sleeping

I am a heavy sleeper due to my lack of sleep. I usually sleep with the blankets up over my shoulder but have broken that habit so that DS doesn't have blankets covering his face. Lay them on their back when they are tiny and if you are breastfeeding just turn their head towards your boobie and tilt their head upwards so that their nose isn't right on the breast. That's what I did. Now that he is bigger and has more control of himself he sleeps on his side right next to me. I semi-co-slept with DD. She would be put to sleep in her bassinet and once she would wake for that first nighttime feeing she was in bed for the rest of the night with me. Honestly after a couple nights you'll get the hang of what works for you.
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Re: Co-sleeping

DS is 7 months old now and we have coslept since birth (except for about two nights where we got the crazy idea that we should sleep train then we got it back together and are love love loving it again).

As for safety - DH was very concerned before we started that he would roll over on him or that his movement at night would wake DS just didn't. DS sleeps either glued to my side (and breast) or close like with his feet on me or my hand on his bum. We used an arms reach cosleeper (check out dr sears website for tons of great cosleeping info)...but we only used it when he was itty bitty... I just loved him next to me and we both slept better when we were touching.

Blankets - DS is a tummy sleeper, or sometimes on his side, (please no grief here, that's just his thing). So during the summer it was no problem because we just had a sheet and maybe a light blanket and I would keep my top arm out which kept it away from DS head. Now during the winter I must say I do pull the blanket up to my shoulder sometimes in the beginning of the night but I just make sure that it is low where DS is...I am a pretty light sleeper and DS wakes up (not really awake just a little hum and an open mouth looking for breast) every couple hours or so. I just latch him on and we're both asleep within seconds. It's fabulous and I love it.

Cosleeping is the most beautiful thing. I love waking up with DS and his smiles and stretches and noises. I can't even imagine missing that.
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Re: Co-sleeping

i use a monitor called snuza. it attaches to his diaper and senses movement from his belly. when i'm next to him i just make sure his belly isn't too close to mine. i love it. it's gone off and i just gave him a nudge to restimulate him. although it wasn't cheap, i have a better peace of mind.
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Re: Co-sleeping

We shared our bed with our son until he naturally started sleeping through the night in his own bed (around 3 years). He still sometimes jumps in our bed the early morning or sometimes the middle of the night (and he is now 5 1/2). This was the only way any of us could get any sleep in the early weeks/mpnths and then it became our normal routine. He would not stay asleep even for a little while even in the cosleeper next to our bed. He really needed to be close to us. Now that he is older and I know his personality and how his mind works it makes sense to me why he was that way as a baby. My daughter who is now 2 1/2 may have been able to be more of an independent sleeper than my son, she seemed able to put herself to sleep on her own from an early age and was way less "sensitive" as a newborn. However, she also shared our bed from birth. It seemed natural since that's what we did w/ our son and it really made night time nursing easier and I actually felt rested enough to care for her and my son during the day. Now she always wakes around 10:30 and comes into our bed where she sleeps through the night w/ us. I'm due w/ #3 in a few weeks, co-sleeping may get tricky w/ the new one and my daughter in our bed but we'll just make it work. We all sleep better because of it. It makes nighttime nursing SO much easier. And most children love being close to mom (and dad!) When they were little babies I usually placed the baby on the outside of the bed between me and a Trestria cosleeping pillow. expensive but worth it in my book. It takes up less space than a regular pillow and prevents them from rolling of of the bed better. Then husband doesn't worry about rolling onto baby and you can create baby's own blanket free space on the side of the bed. We also tried the arms reach co-sleeper but baby usually ended up in our bed at some point in the night b/c of nursing. Go with your motherly instincts and read up on it as well-the Dr. Sears books and websites are very helpful on this topic. Enjoy this time-nothing is more precious than cuddling up w/ your baby in bed!!!
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Re: Co-sleeping

It was my dh who originally started on our co-sleep journey. He kept getting up and checking to see if our first was breathing in the crib. It was making him lose sleep. Finally, I agreed to let the babe sleep between us and we've never looked back. With the first we had him bolstered on all sides so that he couldn't roll anywhere. The next few we would put the bed against the wall and fill any gaps carefully. The baby would sleep on that side, I would be in the middle and my dh would be on my other side. I seemed to be the most sensitive to his movements. That seemed to work for the next few.
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