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Re: "disciplining" a 1 yr old

when my DC throw tantrusm they go to time out, which is some boring assigned place, until they calm down. I generally don't set any kind of limits as to how long they have to stay, I just tell them they have to go to time out until they are ready to behave. Mine are 3 & 18 months. The 3 year old understands about the time outs being for calming down, and even though the 18 month old doesn't understand it, it does give her time to calm down from the tantrum, we tried redirection with her, but she would get even more upset and throw whatever you were trying to distract with, or if you were trying to lead her away from something she would hits/kick you so obviously it never did any good and only made the whole thing drag on for hours at times. It was only when we told her to stop (although I do like a PP use of "Only ______ Please"- thanks, I think we will try that!) and when she didn't (which she almost never did) and started using time out (basically ignoring her tantrum in a safe place until she was done, then she could return to normal activity) that we finally started seeing soem results in her behavior. you really have to test different methods to find the right one for your indiviual child, and remember, each child is different


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Re: "disciplining" a 1 yr old

Us too,and I even found in most cases it works well with our 4 year old DD also

Originally Posted by MamaZ View Post
redirect is the best way.
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Re: "disciplining" a 1 yr old

Instead of telling babies what not to do, tell them what *to* do instead. Telling them "don't hit" gives them no alternatives, and they only understand the "hit" part.
Show them. She hits, you take her hand and say, "Hitting hurts! Hands are for loving/helping/etc." and have her touch you gently.
She's screaming? Take her outside and let her scream outside. Let her experience the difference between "inside" voice and "outside" voice. But don't expect her to use the two of them perfectly. She's one. She doesn't have self-control, even if she has understanding.
And don't be concerned that her behavior at one will determine her behavior at 5, 10, or 15. Are you still peeing your pants and sticking forks in plug-ins? No. Everyone (well, almost everyone) grows, learns, matures. Your baby will too. What she's doing is very age appropriate.
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Re: "disciplining" a 1 yr old

I haven't read all the responses so please forgive me if I'm repeating everything! LOL

My DS is 15mos and his big no-no is slapping. When I have him in a sling or if someone picks him up he'll slap his hands on your cheeks and REALLY hard! Sometimes over and over again! We started grabbing his hands and saying in a gentle voice "No Jacob, we don't hit. You need to be gentle" and I take his hand and rub it softly on my hair or cheek. Then I'll rub his face softly and we say "gentle." Its kinda corny but it worked so far. He still hits but not nearly as much as he used to and he's being "gentle" more.
We're still working on the whole biting thing.... OUCH!!!
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