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Originally Posted by jenndoxx
I've only nursed one baby (weaned at 14 months) but my first few weeks were rough. My nipples were so raw and sore it was momentarily excruciating when he'd latch on and that pain happened every time he nursed for a week or maybe two. At the time it seemed like forever, in fact it was the week Michael Jackson died, and I swear all that was on tv was Michael Jackson specials and videos and funeral, I'll never forget that (LOL) But the initial pain went away once my nipples healed and got used to their new function and it didn't hurt at all from then on. I found the Medela's Tender Care lanolin nipple cream was much smoother and easier/gentler to apply than the Lansinoh lanolin. Its texture is more like Neosporin and it really helped. For me, the Lansinoh was too thick and it hurt more than it helped.

Good luck, mama! Hang in there
Oh my gosh i sooo agree about the lanisoh! Putting it on is torture!


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Have you tried Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter? I found out I was sensitive to lanolin (even the hypoallergenic ones). Once I switched it got a bit better.

Ooh, the worst is the whole shower thing. Trying not to get them in the spray, and then getting out-torture! But it goes away after a little while.

Good luck!
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Re: Is it always going to be this tough

While your supply is getting balanced out try putting a prefold or other diaper bit in your bra to keep you both from being soaked.

And if all you saw at the hospital were "LC" try and see if you can find an "IBCLC". The people at the hospital said that all was great and that bf'ing hurts in the beginning (which it does) but my son had weight gain issues and when we saw an IBCLC we found out that even though it all looked great from the outside he was tongue tied (and that I had thrush but that's its own issue).

It'll get better and you'll look back on this and wonder how something that is so easy now was so hard then.

And since you asked - you're breastfeeding because it's normal - it's what your lo needs - it's building up his immune system and reducing your risk of cancer - your lo is held for every feeding, no bottle propping - once you get it down you can surf the net and type one handed while bf'ing him - the benefits are there
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Re: Is it always going to be this tough

Hang in there! I remember latch pain that was so excruciating, I literally contemplated (for a week) "now, how am I going to break it to DH that we are going to put DS on formula?" But it gets better...and the older they get, the better they will be able to latch quickly on their own...and they will nurse for a shorter duration and less frequently. My midwives always reassured me "by week two, those little guys will be able to latch upside down" and she was right (my hubby actually has fun latching DS to me in strange positions-like upside down, or perpendicular to me-I dont know why, but DH gets a kick out of it ). Its amazing how it can just "click" for them. Remember, its a learning process for baby and mom too :-)

And, may sound weird, but my midwives recommended Extra Virgin Olive Oil for your nipples to soothe pain. Or, you can simple warm the Lansinoh under hot water to make application easier.
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Re: Is it always going to be this tough

I had that "toe curling pain" for about a week with both of my babies that I successfully breastfed. I didn't use the lansinoh with them, but with my first 2 I did. If you rub it between your thumb and finger first it will make it easier to apply. I have oversupply issues as well and I finally was able to stay dry at around 4 weeks or so, just the occasional leak when it's been a while since I nursed. GL, it does get better with time.
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Re: Is it always going to be this tough

I had the horrible "toe curling" pain for the first 3 weeks as well as bleeding and cracking! My pain, like yours, lasted for about 30 seconds at the begining of each nursing session. I am currently breastfeeding my 3rd baby who just turned 2 mos old today and it was this way with the other 2 kiddos as well. The first 6 weeks really are the hardest. But it does get SO much better!

My body is just now starting to regulate so I'm not leaking all over the place.
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Re: Is it always going to be this tough

The first few weeks can be really tough as you body learns to regulate itself, and your baby learns the fine art of nursing.

It does get better, at least the majority of the time. One thing that helped me with my latch was to have my LO held in different positions, like football hold or cradle position. Also, after chiropractic adjustments my LO's nursed a whole lot better, but we only had minor issues which is why the changing different positions helped.
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Re: Is it always going to be this tough

Nothing anyone else hasn't already said (although I totally second the idea of going to an LLL meeting--just having the support and hugs from IRL people who have been there is PRICELESS) but I wanted to offer my support and my hugs! You can do it, you ARE doing it, and you're doing it because it's one of the best things you can do for your babe! Our first three weeks were a battle of pain and being wet with various bodily fluids from both DD and I, and then the next three weeks were a struggle of the ped's insistance that she wasn't gaining enough weight and my insistence that she was fine... but after that it got SOOOOO much easier! (Well, after my ped conceded that she was just a peanut... and she still is--has been between 5th-10th percentile since birth!) I've NEVER regretted it, and it's SO easy to be able to just pick up an 8 month old, pop a couple of dipes in the purse, and take off out of the house without having to worry about having formula, a clean bottle, water, etc.

Hang in there--you can do it!
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Re: Is it always going to be this tough

I didnt read all the pp bc I didnt want to forget what I wanted to say
Nursing shouldnt hurt! The only time it should hurt is when something is wrong, ie bad latch, thrush, chapped. Its mainly bad latch. The possibility of tongue tie is always there, we didnt know our first was and found out with our stwins and that made sense as to all the issues we were having.
The first 6 wks is the worst, so write it on the calendar and look forward to it!
Have you looked into a nipple sheild? I had to use one with my first for 13 wks nd the twins for 8 wks. It helps them learn to latch and at the same time allowing you to get used to the sensations and correct their latch. Some will tell you taht it will affect your supply but realistically if you keep track of how your milk is doingyou can up it with teas and suppliments so dont let that stress you out.
One day at a time
Make sure you get a contact nipple sheild, that way the skin contact is there. And I will warn you they can be messy so just have a burp cloth around
I had a ton of issues with my first and have since worked thru some strange stuff with the twins, please feel free to pm me even if just to chat about what is going on. I promise I'm not creepy
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Re: Is it always going to be this tough

I am so sorry you are dealing with this. During the first few weeks with DS2 and DD it was definitely painful. There were some nights where I just wanted to give up, and I have definitely cried through several nursing sessions from the pain. But in both cases it got better. I wish I could give you some advice, but I think you already have some great tips here. The only thing that worked for me were hot showers and some extra strength tylenol to help dull the pain.

I think what some people forget is that, yes breast feeding is beautiful, our bodies are amazing, but it can be hard, especially after the hormone rollercoaster of pregnancy, and trying to figure out life with a new little one.

Hope it helps to know that you aren't alone!!! And I really hope that things get better soon!!!
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