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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

My first is a June baby, it's not bad, it was really hot for the last few weeks, but I spent all my time inside. We didn't go out much until hse was older and by then the weather was cooling off.
My second is an April baby and we LOVE this timing! Got pg at the end of summer and m/s didn't hit until fall. I'd love another March/April/early May baby, if we could plan it.
Our third is a September baby and this was the "worst" timing, imo. I was miserable all summer, with older kids who wanted to be outside all the time. I wanted the a/c cranked way up and it was so $$$. Then shortly after he was born, I felt like I had to keep the heat high with a newborn. It was hard to figure out how to dress him, he was either cold or sweating. I was used to warm weather babies and never really did figure out what to put on him. Then I worried about him being so young during cold/flu season and he was sick most of last winter.

I didn't have any problems with BF and temp, we tried to keep the house comfortable, it was just the general temp that worried me. We don't co-sleep, but it was also harder with my September baby to keep him at the right temp at night.


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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

I had 3 babies due in August (2 actually born then and 1 born in July) and one baby due in May (and born in May).

Being HUGELY pregnant through the hottest months of summer is not fun. I, however, really enjoyed my pregnancy with my May baby. It wasn't too hot or too cold towards the end of the pregnancy, and then when he was born, the weather was warming up and cold/flu season was way passed. He was a "newborn" through May-July when it was nice and warm outside but not boiling hot.
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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

I've had one in late March, one in early april and am due mid-May with this one. The first two were perfect timing! I loved not being huge in the summer, spring is beautiful here so we still got some nice days when they were brand new and by summer we were ready to be out and about. The only down side for us is that we can still get some wicked snow storms that time of year and having to worry about going into labor in a blizzard (and driving in for daily NSTs in a foot of snow) was a little stressful. But both were born on beautiful days!

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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

I had a January baby and will soon have a late August/early Sept. baby. I actually enjoyed being pregnant in the winter and delivering in January. For one, it was after the Thanksgiving and Christmas (which are huge family events for me) and I didn't have to bring my nb around then. Also, I was always so hot during my 1st pregnancy and having the winter when I was huge was actually nice. I didn't even buy a new coat, just made due with the one I had that didn't come close to zipping (which I didn't need because I was always hot). I didn't feel guilty that I stayed home for a good month after delivery and we didn't have a lot of visiters either b/c of the weather (which was fine by me). Towards the end of my maternity leave (out for 12 weeks) the weather warmed up and we were able to get out more which made me get prepare to go back to work FT. Overall, I liked having a January baby, but now I get to go through what it's like to have a late summer baby.
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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

I had a beginning-of-June baby, and it worked out really well. It was just getting warm when I gave birth, so I didn't have to suffer through the summer heat. And I didn't have to worry about putting tons of clothes/blankets on DD when we went out. She was a cranky/fussy baby, so it was SO nice that the weather was nice enough for months for us to take walks (I wore her). Sometimes we took them 2-3 times a day because she was always happy while I walked, and my apartment is so small I can't do much while wearing her inside. The walks were a LIFESAVER. By the time she got more mobile and content, the weather had cooled down, and we didn't need the constant walks anymore. Now that spring and summer are approaching along with her first birthday, she'll be learning to walk and wanting to roam around more when the weather is nice outside. So I think a June baby is perfect!
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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

DS was a February baby and while it wasn't horrible, I didn't love it either...I didn't like having to bundle him up to take him out, taking extra blankets, all that stuff...then worrying about people being more sick with the flu, colds, dealing with RSV concerns, stressing about slipping and falling on the ice while carrying him, that kind of stuff. But we didn't have a LOT of cold weather left after he was born, so it wasn't too bad.

DD was born in early June and I loved it...we went out a lot pretty much right from the beginning, no stressing about falling on ice, her being too cold, people being as sick, that kind of thing.

This next LO is due in October, we'll see how that one goes...I'm least looking forward to being big & pregnant in the middle of the super hot summer.
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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

I've had babies in January, May & September. I would definitely choose my September pregnancy as my most enjoyable. I know a lot of women hate being hugely pregnant over the summer, but I had no problem throwing on a swimsuit & hanging out at the pool. Plus, after he was born I didn't have to worry about a huge summer wardrobe because it was still warm, and we could take him for evening walks--it was great. If we ever decide to have another one, I will definitely try for a late summer baby.

Winter babies, imo are the least enjoyable. I felt a little trapped because I worried about taking her out in the cold & around people during cold & flu season. So, on top of being riddled with afterbirth hormones, I also felt sad because I wasn't interacting with people & the weather sucked.

My May pregnancy was alright, but the extreme summer weather was also kind of difficult. We love to be outside, but when it's 90 degrees, it's not exactly the best idea to have your 2 month old out.
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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

My first was born in June. While it was warm enough for me to be a little uncomfortable at times, I'm glad he was born before it got really hot. I think it was easy because I didn't have to worry about bundling him up for the cold. And it didn't matter that he was too small for most of his clothes because I could just let him be in his diaper, or a diaper and a light shirt. I would put him in a light sleeper at night (because of hte air conditioner) and didn't have to worry about blankets.

DS2 was born in mid November. Not bad. I did have to be sure to keep him warm, when it got colder..but I would just put him in his carseat in the house and tuck blankets around him, THEN put carry him out to the pre-warmed car.

DS3 was born in February. Again, not too bad, a little cold, but being that little, we didn't go many places with him as a newbie anyway.

My opinion, from having a baby in summer, fall and winter... I think late spring/early summer is the perfect time for giving birth. You're not super pregnant during the hottest part of summer. You don't have to worry about bundling the baby up against the cold. And cold/flu season isn't generally an issue.

God bless!
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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

I think it all depends on the pregnancy. Dd2 was an august baby and in spite of the heat I felt great with her up until I gave birth. We had AC for the middle of the day.

With DS - came in Oct but I was due in November - I was just miserable. It really didn't matter about the weather. It was very nice when he was born for the time of year - 40s and 50s - but I was always hot, achy and miserable.

Dd1 was born the end of Nov and like dd2 she was a breeze - I felt great up until the day I gave birth.

So for me I have no preference on the season to give birth but I would dread being pregnant with a boy again (well not really but I have no desire to repeat that particular pregnancy).
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I live in San Diego so really it is all the same for me. It is rarely hot or cold here.
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