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Wool Longies...NEVER again

Uh, I hate when my gut tells me not to do something! I finally took the plunge into wool and within DAYS I have SO many regrets:

* One set of wool longies was just washed by accident yesterday. My in laws are AWESOME and came over and did all my laundry and cleaned house. But they washed my brand new $20 longies and they are ruined!

* Then I got another pair of longies from an etsy seller. I thought they were the CUTEST pattern. Turns out these newborn covers don't even make it up my guys legs. And my baby is a 7 pounder with TIIIINY legs. How is that a newborn cover? Unfortunately now I have to pay $5.99 PLUS shipping to get the correct size and I don't get the cute pattern I initially bought.

* Then I find out that Longies don't really work with a newborn since onesies still have to go over them and unless I want my boy to look like he is wearing tights, that won't work.

I am so bummed!!! I hope fleece is a better option for me! There is $40 down the drain.


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Re: Wool Longies...NEVER again

$40 is not too bad of a loss to know that it is not your thing. You may even be able to just sell them FSOT to recoup your money instead of sending them back and then paying an extra $5.99. Glad you did not buy more. It is not for everyone. I am afraid when my baby comes it won't work for us, even though I want to love it so much!

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Re: Wool Longies...NEVER again

Sorry mama
Sounds like you are having more problems with people and not the actual wool. We use wool 24/7 here and love it, but we use t shirts, not onesies.
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Re: Wool Longies...NEVER again

I am still undecided if I like the whole wool thing too. And I waited what seems like FOREVER to get my first pair of longies for DS. I don't like to touch it lol This time of year my hands are so dry and every time I touch the wool little "hairs" snag on all my dry skin!
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Re: Wool Longies...NEVER again

I don't find that onesies and wool work well together TBH. I stick to t-shirts.

Sorry you are getting so frustrated.
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I loved wool and onesies... but I'm weird, I guess.

Sounds like you need to know measurements and not just go off a generic 0-3, 3-6, etc sizes.

As for fleece, it's still the same for onesies, but they can go in the machine and not get ruined.

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Re: Wool Longies...NEVER again

I'm sorry you're having such trouble with wool. I love wool and only wish I could have more! Most of my soakers are actually fleece.

However, I can't do longies/shorties/skirties and things like that because for whatever odd reason that I can't figure out, my girls don't like & won't do knit or crochet anything. They just won't wear it and I'm not forcing it because I want to buy things they'll wear, kwim? Have you ever just tried a simple wool soaker or wrap?

$40 down the drain when it comes to wool is not as bad as it could've been... but I understand that this is a lot of money. It would be to me, as well.

Fleece may work better for you. It's simpler, and much, much cheaper.
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Just cut the bottoms off of your onesies or buy tees. Of course wool and onesies won't work. Onesies are cotton and will wick moisture making the wonderful waterproof-ness of wool useless.
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Re: Wool Longies...NEVER again

Yeah, you can't really do onesies with wool or fleece. Onesies are cotton and will pull the moisture right through either one. I guess maybe if your lo is a very light wetter and you change immediately after every pee, maybe then you could pull it off. Most people who use wool or fleece just put t-shirts on with them.

Your inlaws sound awesome, seriously, but I would come unglued if anyone dared even TRY to wash ANY of my diaper laundry... ANY of it, lol. I am neurotic about it. There I was, recovering from a cesarean, pulling 24/7 shifts with a newborn and 3 older kids running around under foot - and fending off my mom's attempts to "just help" with diaper laundry.
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Re: Wool Longies...NEVER again

I've had family help with diaper laundry a couple of times, and it's always gone badly. I had a pair of expensive wool longies ruined in the wash, so I feel your pain
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