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Re: Cloth diapering at day care?

I'm am of no help really because my daughter is in a commercial daycare (holy expensive batman) and they don't do CDing. Then again the private home daycare I used back in Nevada didn't either. This is the reason why we ended up quitting CDing for my daughter. We work 10 hour shifts (I work 4 days a week, my boyfriend works 5 days a week). It became more of a pain to CD, and less enjoyable. =(

I swear I should start doing my own childcare from home and allowing (encouraging) CDing. =P


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Re: Cloth diapering at day care?

Our monkey is CD'd at daycare. We bring fresh dipes and a trashcan with a flip lid on it for easier use than the wet bag...that's what our provider requested so that's what she got.

We only send him with pre-stuffed pockets and AIO's. It's the easiest for her. Some providers might be willing to use different dipes, though.
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Re: Cloth diapering at day care?

My son goes to a large daycare center. He is the only one in cloth there.

He has two regular daycare providers and several other providers sub in during breaks and at the start and end of the day. So alot of people are changing his diapers. I send 5-6 pocket diapers and a wetbag each day. We have a couple sposies for backup (never have been used though). I send all one type and brand of pocket.

One time I picked him up and his Fuzzibunz leg snaps were not snapped. So I try to keep it really simple. They put the dirty diaper in the wetbag and I take care of any poopy diapers when I get home.

I was just suprised and grateful that I center would take cloth diapers and I don't want things to be complicated for them.
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Re: Cloth diapering at day care?

Add me to the group that sends prestuffed pockets and a wetbag each day and let them use disposable wipes. I like pockets over aio's b/c I can stuff a little extra absorbancy in just to be sure they won't leak. I also always use the same brand - Happy Heiny - my sitter prefers aplix over snaps. The sitter just rolls all the wipes and poo and everything up and puts it all in the bag - I spend a little bit of time every evening dumping poo out and pulling out stuffers, but I prefer it to buying sposies. If you are having trouble getting a daycare to allow cloth, you could try to get a dr's note saying your dc is prone to rashes in sposies.
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Re: Cloth diapering at day care?

me too! prestuffed pockets & disposable wipes in a commercial dc. I use a liner in the diaper b/c they dont always dump the poop and I dont want it sitting there for hours. I use wonderoos - os- they're often not snapped correctly but since they dont leak, I havent said anything.
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Re: Cloth diapering at day care?

My daughter goes to daycare part time. Every day I send a bag with a medium wetbag and four diapers (including the one she is wearing.)

I tried to get them to use cloth wipes but they just couldn't wrap their minds around it, so I gave up on that.

I send pocket diapers and just have them put the diapers in the wetbag as they change her. It works out well! I think the cuteness and cleanliness of a zippered wetbag really helps them do the cloth.

Also, I don't ask them to dump poopies, I just have to take care of those when I get them back. Fortunately my daughter usually poops before or after daycare, so it works out.

Hope that helps! It can be done! Sometimes if you just demonstrate the cloth, they realize it is no more work for them and they will go along with it. Just make SURE they know not to throw your diapers away. My daycare threw away several of mine and I threw a major fit. Now they write down the number of diapers that come in and sign the number of diapers out and initial it, so that person is responsible.
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Re: Cloth diapering at day care?

I used to do daycare and incouraged Cd-unforutanely all the parents thought I was off my rocker

come to think of it-if I could find some infants again-I would love to take it back up-course I never did have trouble with the kids
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Re: Cloth diapering at day care?

We use cloth at a large daycare center and my son is the only kid there using cloth. When I asked if I could use cloth the owner said, ooohhh sure I used cloth w/ my kids. She thought I was going to use flats and pins.

They also use cloth wipes and have never said anything about it, except once they did run out and had to use a wet paper towel. I don't think they were too happy w/ me that day.

I bring 6 diapers and a wetbag every day, he is there 9 to 10 hours during that time and it seems to work well.

The only problem we seem to have is w/ diaper cream. A few times they have used "non-cloth diaper approved" diaper creme and I've had a few stains, but w/ time all the stains have come out so no biggie.
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Re: Cloth diapering at day care?

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
Awwww you don't happen to be in MN do ya????
I'm in MN (Twin Cities) and I have DD is a highly sought after daycare in my area and they will NOT let me use cloth. I have asked several times, showed them BG AIOs, but they think I am going to bring in prefolds and pins (if they only knew how easy those really are)! They will allow gDiapers, but after trying a starter package I really wasn't impressed. So DD wears sposies at daycare 2 days a week.

Good luck!
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