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Re: Mama's with No Insurance...

You will not have to pay anything up front, no matter what. However, I encourage you to tell the staff you are self-pay, as they can really help minimize bills (for instance, they would think twice about giving you an optional bag of fluids that's $300, have you do the Heb B vaccine in the doctor's office later which saves you a TON, etc etc). Bring your own nipple cream, pads, diapers, etc and if they bring you ANYTHING ask if it's a charge item. We have had moms bring their own ibuprofen for after delivery, when each pill is $16.


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Re: Mama's with No Insurance...

Originally Posted by amy329 View Post
The hospital that I work at/deliverd my baby at do not take money up front. You get billed a few weeks later. The medical staff are not aware of what type of insurance you have and you shouldn't be treated any different. The only people that know your insurance coverage are the clerical/billing staff. I mean, they have access to see your insurance if they truly wanted to, but that isn't important when it comes to your/your babies healthcare.

The hospital I work at offers a charity care/financial assitance program to uninsured patients. Not sure if they offer that where you are delivering. It is definately something to look into. It goes by income. Also, if you can't pay your bill when you recieve it, you can always call the billing office and they will arrange something with you. By law, they can't send you to collections if you are making some form of payment. Even if its like $10 a month on a $20,000.00 bill.

HTH! GL mama.

This is a STATE law so the PP should be sure to check in her own state. My sister found out the hard way that that law does not apply in Minnesota after her daughter was born with bleeds in the brain and transferred to a children's hospital
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Re: Mama's with No Insurance...

Yep at my hospital they won't extend it past a certain length of time, i.e. if you're paying $10 on a $20k bill you WILL go to collections.

However there is a federal law that they can't turn you away for inability to pay if you're in labor. It's called EMTALA- it's a fairly controversial law because it is frequently used by illegal immigrants in border areas to have their babies in the U.S. knowing that the hospitals are required to provide them care- but it was intended for people in your situation. When your DH registers you, they may ask if he's able to make a deposit/payment but if he says no, there is nothing they can do, and the actual caregivers will not know.

If you know what hospital you'll likely be at, call up front and ask to talk to their billing office and inquire about their financial assistance programs and policies. See if they can pre-screen/qualify you for their charity program before going in, or find out what types of payment plans they offer. It will ease you and your DH's mind when you're actually there
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Re: Mama's with No Insurance...

hospitals cannot deny treatment for a medical emergency or active labor. the staff have no idea what insurance you do/or dont have.
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Re: Mama's with No Insurance...

have you checked to see if you are eligible for state assistance?

Also, and I can't remember the name, there are programs where you can pay so much a month every month (usually at your prenatal visits) and by the time you give birth, you've paid the majority of your fee. Since you are planning on a HB, it probably wouldn't be to your advantage, but I thought I would throw it out there for lurkers
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