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Re: What's the cutest 'bad' thing your child has said?

One of DD's favorite songs has always been Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend"... she began singing "hey, hey, you, you!" at about 1.5, and we thought it was cute, knowing that we would need to stop letting her listen soon. I guess we didn't stop soon enough because at age two, she was saying "I'm the mother 'bokking' princess!" Once she did that, I found a clean version on youtube and played it on a loop hoping to get the f-word out of her vocab.


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Re: What's the cutest 'bad' thing your child has said?

Can not believe I'm about to post this but...... DH was being dumb one day and said tw*tface, DD picked up on it and since DH thought it was hilarious she now says it a lot. It is cute though, she'll say it with this huge smile on her face while nodding 'yes' it cracks me up but it's sooo bad! She also started saying "oh sh*t cracker....." lol I've never said that before in my life so I'm not sure where she picked it up but we taught her to say snap instead so now its "oh snap cracker" haha
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Re: What's the cutest 'bad' thing your child has said?

Daughter at about 18 months, "Mom, the F;;;ing gate won't open"...I was miserably in the first trimester and she wanted something from downstairs.
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Re: What's the cutest 'bad' thing your child has said?

My DS was about 3 when he was trying to tell my sister something he felt was important, but she was talking to my Mother. He said Excuse me and then she kept talking so he stood between them and said "SHUT UP!" I was embarassed but my sister just laughed and said all of her kids picked up "oh Sh*T" from her at one point or another.
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Re: What's the cutest 'bad' thing your child has said?

My DD1 is 2 years old. She has a huge vocabulary, talks perfectly. Sometimes she says the cutest things, and this past Friday was one of those days when she was being oh so adorable. She and DS were playing together, and he asked her a question and she responded by asking, "What was that, son?"

DH and I started giggling. How cute is that? Well, then she whipped around, pointed her finger at us, and snapped, "Stop laughin' at me, JERK!!"

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Re: What's the cutest 'bad' thing your child has said?

my daughter calls her brother son all the time like that too. she'll be 4 in may

we don't typically use "bad" language around our kids much but the music we listen to is filled with it. we kind of shrug it off.

one time we were watchin tv and there was a movie preview and they said oooooooooo ddaaaaaaaaa***nnnn. she was about 2 at the time and she copied it.. it was sooo funny.

but back to the music, she was just dancing around just now and she said mom "look at me now.. ooooooo.. i'm gettin papperr ooo im fresher than a motherfuc***"

yea umm.. caught me completely off guard and it was hard for me not to laugh.

one time she asked my mom "what the he** is your problem?"

she rubs my butt and says "mom i like your butt, it's beautiful" lol.
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Re: What's the cutest 'bad' thing your child has said?

We were in CVS. She was in the cart facing me and I was desperately looking for some pocket pack tissues. I was going back and forth looking up and down the isles. It must have been the expression on my face because when I looked up at her she gave me a big smile and shouted "Sh--!!!"
I was equally horrified and hysterical. Had to cover up the laughter to keep from encouraging her. Now we have told her that she is pronouncing it wrong. That it's ship. That people are really talking about boats. It works. She stopped saying it.
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