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Re: How did you tell?

With DS I found my favourite children's book and inscribed it to DH from our little bean, asking him to read it often in about 9 months.

With DD I got very creative. My DH installs and repairs fitness equipment so I used photo editing software to alter a delivery invoice to read "due in nine months" and the inventory said "precious cargo." It was awesome and DH was completely confused. Took him a good five minutes to get it and I got to watch him try and process the thought!


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Re: How did you tell?

With DS, I was like you OP! It was Christmas morning and was 2 days late on my period. I had tested negative a few days earlier but since I had no signs of a period, I decided to test again. I woke up around 5am also and went to the bathroom and sure enough, there was the line. That was such an amazing moment. I went and jumped on DH too!

DD was more of an oops. We DTD without protection on day 6 and day 8 of my cycle. I should have had at least another week before ovulating so I really didn't even think I could be pregnant. A few weeks later we were in Oklahoma visiting family. We were at the hotel getting ready to head home and then DH surprised me and said we were sending DS home with his mom and he was taking me to a casino for the night. I figured I would be having a drink or 2 and then I remembered that my period was due that day and hadn't come yet. We decided I should test to make sure I was safe to have a drink, and we fully expected it to be negative. DH was sitting on the hotel bed and had zoned into watching TV, like not even thinking about the possibilty of it being positive. I was so surprised, I just walked out of the bathroom and just stood in front of DH and showed it to him without really saying anything. It was a really good surprise though!
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Re: How did you tell?

With DD I was so surprised and excited that I kind of threw the test at DH! He was playing computer games and I came in and tossed it at him and said well I guess we're pregnant!

With DS I thought a little harder! I made a special dinner of baby meatballs, baby pasta, baby spinach salad and baby carrots. Our DD had just started eating real food so DH was a little confused at first, thinking I made mini-food for her. But when I told him it wasn't for her he finally understood!
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Re: How did you tell?

ODD we bought the test together.....we had been trying and I was late..and it was christmas eve SO as soon as I took it I told him what it said...his parents where there also so not a huge secreat
we told my parents that night at the christmas eve service and my dad had the nerve to ask HOW it happened

YDD....we saw each other my fertile time that month and that was it...(actually only for 2 days) I was visiting family while he was moving our stuff....anyways....he knew I was prego before I knew....and I waited till I was late...and still didn't believe sister knew I was testing (along with DH) so she knew before he did....I called him on the phone and told him...
my mom also knew before I did so she wasn't surprised....his mom on the other hand was couldn't figure it out....but then I explained to her I had seen him while visiting family she was like Oh

this time....we had been trying for 11 body was acting wierd and everything...and I had a hunch I was prego, we where starting the test to make sure something hadn't changed in the last 4 years since ydd was born...and he actually went in that morning to do "HIS test"....he came home and I told him " there's nothing wrong with you" he's like huh? how do you know did they call? nope dear...we're prego!

this time we had to Skype the parents to tell them....we live a bit too far away to be able to say in person
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Re: How did you tell?

With my first, I told him as soon as he got home from work. He wasn't at all thrilled. (bummer for me). Second, He was napping on the chair, and I woke him up and told him, and he didn't believe me, so he went and peed on a stick, too!! His didn't come out positive, and he made me buy another to prove it. With my 3rd, I didn't like how he reacted to the first two, and this time I was in school, so I waited until I was 14 weeks to tell him!!! He told me to get an abortion, and I refused. And with my forth, I put the picture of the digi test on the computer wallpaper, so when he came home, there was a large picture of it. He wasn't too happy then either. My husband is such a pooper.

But, after they were born, he loved them.
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Both times I tested because DH and I were planning on having a glass of wine, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't pregnant. After testing I came out of the bathroom saying "no wine for me".

It's sad that I only test when I want a drink
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Re: How did you tell?

WIth all the older kids, I just told DH right away.

WIth this one, we were trying and I rushed off to the mall and had an ornament made that was a while star with a pea pod and one little head smiling out of it. I had it customized with Make Room for Baby! Coming August 2011. and wrapped it up for an anniversary gift. We were decorating for Christmas the day I gave it to him and was so surprised.
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I am not pregnant but this thread caught my eye because I love this topic! Dh actually told me I was pregnant and needed to take a test. He was right. So I didn't get to surprise him. At our dr appt the doctor told us to record the heartbeat on our phones. So we told our family (at 12 weeks) by telling them there was something we wanted them to listen to, and then we played the recording of the heartbeat. We loved telling them that way
Next one I think I'm going to put a shirt on dd that says big sister under her regular clothes and then ask dh to change her and I'll take a pic of her in it to email to the family.
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Re: How did you tell?

With my second I made a card with a picture of the test in it and something about "you're going to be a daddy again". This time I sent him a text saying "you have super sperm"- it was our first month trying.
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Re: How did you tell?

My son was a complete and total shock. I was still living with my parents. I was 19 and going to college. Tested in the morning because of a dream I had. Waited till he got done with work, met him in his driveway and he looked at me and said "your pregnant aren't you, I knew last night when you left." He wasn't excited but he wasnt upset either. We had probably the best talk we had ever had that night, picked out our names and discussed how we would tell our families...

Our daughter came to us through foster care, so we found out at the exact same time, lol.

With the one(or 2!) we are ttc, I am going to get creative, just dont really know what I am going to do.

I am more looking forward to telling my mom and my sister though...DH is super excited, but he knows we are trying. My mom and sister don't know we are so it will be fun to see their faces.
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