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Re: Did you regret NOT extended bfing?

I weaned DD#2 at 7 months and was quite okay with the decision. I had PPD and for me it was very closely tied to the nursing relationship and it wasn't healthy for me to continue. (I know some may dispute that, but the horrible thoughts I had about my children and my life were NOT healthy and I didn't feel that medication was the way to go for me ). We stopped nursing, switched to a bottle and our life improved about 1000%.

But like a previous poster said, it's your family, your child, you make the decision that is right for you. BFing is good, but if you choose to stop there are so many other ways that you can bond with your child.


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Re: Did you regret NOT extended bfing?

Originally Posted by JeDeeLenae View Post

What's odd is that I couldn't see myself nursing DS at his age now (29 mos) but could totally nurse DS2 until then, with no second thoughts. (except for the scratching, biting, and pulling he loves to do.)
That is so funny because I know EXACTLY how you feel I weaned DD1 at 6 months Something I still feel horrible about...anyways, she is 33 months now and I could NEVER imagine nursing her. But DD2 is 14 months and I feel like it'd be no prob to nurse her to 3 or more
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Re: Did you regret NOT extended bfing?

I stopped nursing my dd a couple months ago and I miss it sometimes. She was 18 months or so and we both could have gone a little longer, but my hubby really wanted me to stop. grr.
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Re: Did you regret NOT extended bfing?


I was offered an amazing job when dd#1 was about 10 months old. I had four weeks to wean her and get her ready for a sippy cup or bottle or SOMETHING on a regular basis so I could go to work. I ended up getting hit by a big truck on my way to my very first meeting at Johns Hopkins and ultimatly ended up NOT going to work there... DH and I decided I stay home, but that that point over the month weaning dd she wasn't getting enough...
this time with dd#2 I'll be feeding her until she says to me, "ok mom enough already!"
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Re: Did you regret NOT extended bfing?

I stopped dd #2 at 12 months and a few weeks. It was the hardest decision i've ever had to make sadly. I had returned to work and was not only pumping but dealing with reverse cycling and was starting to resent the lack of sleep and our bf relationship. So i ended it, i wanted to go longer, but also didnt want to resent what little time i was getting with dd.

I do regret it!!! The weaning was horrible. She ached for nursing and i took it from her. It broke all of our hearts and at times i think why in the world did i do that. At times i can still hear the crying and screaming and blame myself for putting her through that. But i wish i'd quit my job instead of our nursing relationship. And now dd is still on a bottle at 17 months, but i dont dare wean her from that and take all of her sucking comfort away.BUT now i've learned how to come to terms with that decision, now i know i did it for the betterment of all of us involved. I have come to own it, because i dont ever want her to feel like she is lacking for something. If i show regret for it, how will that make her feel?

DD#1 self weaned at 18 months and we were both ok with it. It was an amazing time. I was pregnant and every feeding was painful and hard. But i kept at it because i had promised her it would be her choice. What an amazing gift for both of us. She has never shown any effects from choosing to wean when she did! There was no regret, but i did still mourn the end of that period in our lives as mother and daughter. So i think no matter when you wean it is bittersweet.

Best of luck on which ever decision you make. As a mother you will make the best decision for both of you!
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Re: Did you regret NOT extended bfing?

I weaned my younger son at 18 months. I felt a bit bad about it, since I had nursed my older son until he was 2 1/2, and had tandem nursed. However, I was pregnant, had bad morning sickness and was generally not well. Nearly as soon as I weaned him, I began to feel better and had more energy. I think that I was just not getting sufficient nutrition for all three of us.

Anyway, he weaned very easily. We had one crying episode when I told him he couldn't nurse anymore. It was more like a "I want my way" fit. Then he didn't ask for a couple days. When he did ask again, and I said no, he just asked to watch a Wiggles video instead. ("Wiggles" was one of his first words.)

There were times later when I regretted it, not for HIS sake but for mine. A nursing toddler is much easier to calm down. When a total meltdown is on the horizon, you have an effective weapon against it. I don't think that it hurts a child to be weaned at 12 months. Moreover, from some things I've heard it might be easier to do it then rather than later. Whatever works for you is what is best for you.
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Re: Did you regret NOT extended bfing?

My dd was 15 months when she weaned herself. I was 3 months pregnant at the time, we had just moved to a new house and she'd gotten her own room and started sleeping through the night, which she LOVED!!!

I did cry a few times and I do still feel a bit sad that I don't have that connection with her anymore, but I am extremely happy that we weaned on HER terms, and in HER timing. I very much believe in child-led weaning and it worked out well for us
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Re: Did you regret NOT extended bfing?

My goal with DS was at least 2 years... but my doctor gave me birth control when he was 2 months old that dried up my milk. I was too young and dumb to know what was happening so I didn't go off of it in time and didn't know about relactating...

But you do whatever feels right for YOU. That's just my experience and CLW was/is just importnant to me.
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