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Re: If it's not your first birth...

I was 17 with my first and had not a clue how I wanted things or how pushy some Dr. were. I went to my appt. at 40 weeks and Dr. basically scared me into being induced because it was more convenient for her. I was given meds to start and speed up contractions and at first felt nothing at all. So they kept upping the meds for several hours. Then then told me my water HAD to be broken for babys safety and wouldnt let me wait 2 min for DH to come back from smoking a cigg. After breaking my water I FELT EVERYTHING. Contractions were back to back and super intense. I had an epidural which only lasted an hour. It was non stop pain until I pushed him out, 6 hours later.

This time I feel more in control and informed but I am still terrified. I plan all natural with water labor/birth. I have a midwife and plan on getting a doula. I will be alone for this one with possibly my mom if she can make it (1700 miles away). I feel mentally prepared but am still totally freaked out. With my last pregnancy I was completely active to the day of induction. I gardened everyday, walked a few miles every few days with backpacks full of grocerys, practiced mixed martial arts and wrestled my dog around all the time. I really only felt pregnant the last two weeks. This pregnancy I had to quit my job and minimize activities at about 4 months and now am on light bed rest. I have felt VERY pregnant from about 6 months and this inactivity is starting to get to me physically. I get completely winded walking from room to room and just wiping down my counters is enough to warrent a lengthy break. I worry that my labor will be longer because I am not up and walking and that pp recovery will also take longer for the same reason. I am hoping that things will go as quickly or quicker than before, I have heard that generally each birth is slightly shorter. I dont think I can handle a longer birth without an epidural and I really want to avoid one.


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Re: If it's not your first birth...

I have labored with all my kids, but all have been born c/s.

Honestly our labors kind of sound similar...kind of of. I know the "typical" labor builds up either quickly or gradually. I have no idea what any of these mommas are talking about when they say early labor...I have never had early labor and have gone from not being in labor to all of the sudden being in active hard labor with contractions double peaking with no breaks between them (yea yea, I know the "normal" labor gives you atleast 60sec. between contractions, but that is not me). It doesn't matter how far dialated I am, my contractions are identical from the second they start (whether I was 0cm. or 3cm. 6cm) to when I get my c/s (9cm. 10cm. and 4cm.)

I have come to realize that that is just how by body labors and I just pray that it is quick so I don't have to do hard labor for hours and hours and hours. It does make me nervous though thinking about not getting the typical build up and not getting the typical 2-4hrs. of hard labor, and just getting 12 straight hrs. or more of hard labor, but I have tried to put that fear aside and just be thankful that my doc. lets me labor at all

I'm sorry you are feeling so scared, and it is completely understandable. I understand your fears and do think they are real
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Re: If it's not your first birth...

Originally Posted by HillbillyMama View Post
I honestly dread my c-section....I would gladly have labor over a dose of knives anyday! But, that being said, I am preparing to make it the best experience possible, so I am hoping this time is going to be way easier than my last!!

I would be so sad if I ever had to have a c-section...for this very reason...

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