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Labor Support or Labor Smothering...

DH and I took a class about what to expect during labor and delivery (this is our first)... Anyways, all the videos we watched were crazy!!! I just want to know if I am the only one who feels this way but seriously when I am in labor do not bug me. Do not touch me. Do not talk to me. Do not move, blink or breath funny. During the middle of the class I leaned over to DH and said "This is called Labor Smothering. Do not do anything they are telling you."

I know myself during pain (previous heart surgerys) and I get extremely irritated by the littlest thing and will want everyone to leave me alone. Are there any other moms out there like me?! Is this totally weird


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I am like that, too. I know my pain tolerances and how I can best deal with it. When I'm in labor DH is the only one with me. He doesn't touch me at all. But that is what I prefer. With my DS he counted very loudly and I was so irritated with him. Lol. But I am comforted by just having him there with me. I just want to get the job done! . Glad to hear I am not the only one like that.
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Re: Labor Support or Labor Smothering...

I'm with you. DH got SUPER offended when I kept telling him to stop touching me when I was in labor with DD... He still brings it up and gets upset about it... I just don't freaking care. I don't love being touched in general, and it's super distracting when you're just trying to focus on not letting your pain get out of control. The last thing I care about is whether I'm going to hurt his feelings by telling him to leave me alone. If he were the one having the baby, I'd understand. If I *want* to be touched/messed with/etc--I will make it known.

I think the L&D nurses do a better job than the hubby did anyway, though...
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Re: Labor Support or Labor Smothering...

I'm the same way! When I was in labor with DD, I wanted DH by my side at all times, (and he was) but I did not want him touching me. He was so understanding and he would always ask if I wanted him to rub my back but I just wanted to be left alone. I will probably be the same way this time, but I am thinking that I might want him to be more hands-on, especially if I have back labor again.
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Re: Labor Support or Labor Smothering...

I'm like that during labor too, except if DH leaves my side I'd probably freak out. I could care less about the rest of the people, but he MUST NOT LEAVE I don't necessarily want him to do anything, I just need to know he's there. The nurses weren't terribly rude or trying to interfere, but I'm pretty sure I didn't deal with labor like anything they had seen before. I didn't talk or do much of anything, I was just in my head getting through it mentally.
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Re: Labor Support or Labor Smothering...

yeah i'm not into smothering, though having someone to rub my back or put pressure somewhere is a Godsend. i told my DH to stay close if I needed him but don't crowd my space. neither of us are touchy-feely so he gets it.
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Re: Labor Support or Labor Smothering...

Yes, I agree with other mamas that I want DH by my side sort of on standby for what I need. He is not a smothering person so with our first birth, he really just waited for me to tell him what I needed (or what I didn't need) and responded to my requests. He was great. I guess you never really know exactly how you will feel or what you will need, with a first birth or 10th birth! I think it is good to prepare just in case you do want someone to apply pressure or help with relaxation. Good luck to you and your DH during the birth.
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Re: Labor Support or Labor Smothering...

It all depends on you I want my DH there to hold my hand, put pressure on my back if I need it, and support me durring cx at the very end. I get feeling like I am going to pass out and I want him holding onto me... sounds crazy, I know, but last time when I was getting the epidural the ONLY thing I could think of was "I am going to pass out and land on the floor" I kept telling him "DOn't let me fall, don't let me fall" (I dilated to about a 9 durring the epidural, it was not done for pain relief, but for complications w/ the twins and an internal version).
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Re: Labor Support or Labor Smothering...

LOL, my DH was soooo PO'ed because my M/W's/nurses were on their cells, or chatting w/eachother, ect. rather than paying attention to me.
I was soo into my own thing I could have cared less! Let me do what I need to! And besides that, I wanted to be left alone...if he would have been born naturally, I wanted to do it in the shower/tub; which they won't "allow" because they can be sued, or whatever. I was going to try and be sneaky about it. Hopefully this time I'll have a vaginal delivery! lol.
I felt pretty blessed, because when we were doing the hospital tour they were saying how you "HAD" to be hooked up to the heart rate monitor, ect ect, and I didn't have to do any of that until after I had been pushing 4 hours, they tried to turn him and he just wasn't budging.
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Re: Labor Support or Labor Smothering...

I think my tolerance swings during labor - as it should. Right before transition, I don't mind being held, rubbed, snuggled, etc - one of my favorite pictures from my labor with DD is when DH and I are snuggled together on a chair. I was waiting for them to finish filling the tub, and I was wrapped in a blanket laboring on his lap while he rubbed my back. 15 minutes later? Hands OFF! But I think that my DH has learned to just watch my cues - and when I enter "la-la Labor Land" to just let it ride. I hardly remember it, anyway, and it's not worth getting upset with me because I want the straw pointing a certain way.
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