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Ready to be Done???

So anyone else feeling the 'ready to be done' itch??? Are you all prepared for baby or have more stuff to do?

I'm only 32 weeks so I'm obviously not ready for her to come out but I'm reaching the 'over it' phase now. I do love to feel her move and will be sad to not be pregnant anymore but I'm getting so uncomfortable!! With the other kids it's just harder to get up and down off the floor and play. I'm getting a lot more tired these days... by the end of the day I'm exhausted!!!
Selfishly I'm hoping she doesn't get to comfortable in there and makes her appearance anytime after 37 weeks

As far as what I have to get done for her... I'm still needing to wash and prep diapers. Wash clothing. Clean up baby swing and old car seat we used for DD... Hmmmmmm.
Oh I need to find nursing tank tops and bras. Other then that I'm ready!!!

I am so low stress this time around... I've kept everything we had from DD so now that this one is a girl I just have to get out all my stuff and were good to go. They even have the same birth month so everything should 'fit' according to season

How about you mamas? how are you feeling? are you ready???


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Re: Ready to be Done???

I am feeling the same way! I'm 33 weeks and although I love being pregnant, I am getting tired of it. I just want our baby girl now! Of course now is way too early, but I'm looking forward to having my body back and being able to hold her in my arms versus on my bladder (ha!). Waking up with extremely sore feet, hips, back, and pelvis only to get worse throughout the day is getting old.

We have just about everything we need, just some finishing touches to the nursery and to wash everything. Less than 50 days til her due date!!
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Re: Ready to be Done???

I'm 36+ weeks and having mixed feelings. I usually go a little past my due date, so I probably have another month left. Somedays that seems like an eternity away and other days I'm scared senseless that it's so close and I still have so much I want to get done!

I have moments of feeling really "done", like when I'm feeling exhausted or insomnia is flaring up or when I'm feeling particularly huge and awkward. But then other times I feel so radiant and love the way I look and am still blissfully enjoying being pregnant and feeling the baby moving inside, knowing that I better enjoy these last few weeks of being able to shower/soak in the tub when I want to, eat a meal without interruption, go out to a movie spur of the moment with dh, pick up and go shopping without buckling up a newborn or worrying about when he'll need to nurse.

I also fluctuate between feeling a slight sense of dread/anxiety of the hard work ahead of labor/delivery and the exhausting days of caring for a newborn around the clock to feeling total peace, knowing that I've done it before and can do it again and also extreme excitement of seeing the baby for the first time, cuddling and nursing him.

These last days/weeks are such a roller coaster of emotions!
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Re: Ready to be Done???

I'm 34+ weeks and have had a few moments of almost feeling like that. Breaks in the evening help keep me recharged in mind and body. I don't want to waste the last few weeks being miserable if at all possible. Now my second pregnancy, THAT was misery so in comparison, things look good so far.
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Re: Ready to be Done???

I am done. LOL
I am prepared in the fact that everything is ready for baby (other than putting bedding on the basinet and installing the carseat, which are no big deal).. diapers and clothes are washed and ready, the house is as clean as it needs to be on a daily basis LOL

I am emotionally over being pregnant. This hasn't been the most enjoyable pregnancy, and having to get up 3 times to pee at night, plus the tossing and turning, and the sore back, bh contractions... You get my point.

The only thing I am not ready for is delivery.. The "unknown" is starting to scare the crap out of me!! Both my labour/deliveries were pretty different so I have no idea how this one is going to go.. I'm sure it'll be fairly quick (being my 3rd) and hopefully no tearing or stitches (since I had none with my others), but the part from when you get your first contraction, to when you go to the hospital scares me....

But yes, I am done being pregnant and will welcome any signs of labour over the next couple weeks although realistically I should expect to go right to my duedate like my others.
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Re: Ready to be Done???

Im so done, and all these close calls make me want to be more done, Everyday at work I hear you look like your in pain the baby has no where else to go. I just hope for sat im 36 weeks and I not going to try to evict baby but im defently not going to stop, if labor starts like it has the past cople of weeks.
nicole married DH 08/13/06, dd 02/28/06 dd#2 7/04/08 dd #3 5/10/11, my first water birth, CD, Breastfeeding, Co sleeping because she wont sleep any where else Athiest mom,
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Re: Ready to be Done???

I am totally over it. I don't have all my stuff done, and have a long to-do list for myself. However, I'd rather leave it all on a list and be done with heavy breathing, acid reflux, not sleeping, and fatigue ...
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Re: Ready to be Done???

I'm over this too. Let's get this show on the road already. The room is not set up (at all), the clothes haven't been washed, nor have the diapers, but I don't care, I'll get to it. I'm just over the pregnancy, totally. The back issues and lack of sleep are doing me in. Ugh.
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Re: Ready to be Done???

Sage, you and I are due date buddies so I know EXACTLY where you're at. I'm not ready for this one to be out because he/she really needs to cook for a lot longer but I'm getting tired of being pregnant. I don't want to complain because I'm really HAPPY to be pregnant, but ever since I hit 30 weeks, things have gotten really hard!

I can't wait for the baby to drop some so I can breathe again. I know that means I'll have to pee all the time but... I actually managed to raise my blood pressure at my OB appointment today (still within good levels but high for me) just from going to the bathroom and peeing in a cup. It completely wore me out and left me out of breath. Factor in any kind of stairs, walking, or even just sitting/lying in the wrong position... same thing. And the reflux.... it's been so bad today that all I want to do is cry.

I'm really, really trying hard not to complain and I know I won't complain in another month or two when I actually have my little one (though I might have other things to complain about) because I really love being pregnant and am really happy about it, it's just getting really hard to deal with. I don't have that happy pregnant glow... I have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep, sore EVERYTHING, and I can't breathe. Things are just hard and I'm really getting ready to be done, despite the fact that I have more to do.
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Re: Ready to be Done???

I am SO readty to be done. I'm 35 weeks (tomorrow), baby is weighing in at appx. 6 lbs, so hoping in a couple of weeks it'll be time

This has been, by far, my roughest pregnancy.
I've had sciatic pain since 15 weeks, which is tolerable with the spinal block I had, but still painful.
I'm on my 5th UTI and can't seem to stop getting them. Definitely do not want another Kidney infection!
Plus the GD which we are still trying to get under control. I also have excess amniotic fluid due to the GD.
This little one is also breech, with one leg straight and one bent in front of her...very uncomfortable

I can't breathe, can't sleep (lucky to get 2 hours), can't eat and I feel like someone stuck an anchor in my vagina and hung a bowling ball by it (sorry if TMI)

I still have to prep the diapers and get all the NB clothes ready, but other than that, I'm ready!!!!
Karen, wife to the best 'n hubby ever, C. Mom to DS, J (1/1996), DSD, M (2/2001) my spunky Zara (7/7/2009). AND our very active toddler, Maya 4/30/2011!
no longer in diapers
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