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Re: Reusing baby gear or buying new?

I had sold a lot of my stuff from ds. I kept the crib bumper because it was GN and it was a breathable bumper... I do not use the thick bumpers that come with the sets. I found a used crib set at the thrift store that was nice and girly and SUPER CHEAP ($160 set for $15) . I sold all my baby boy clothes under 12 months because I was sure that our next baby would be a girl and it is . I kept 1 of our swings and the pack and plays because they were kinds GN. Really the biggest thing we have had to buy were clothing and I went overboard in that department.


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I donated most of DS's clothes as they won't really work for a girl or the season, but everything else was saved. We're reusing the nb diapers since they're still in great condition.

We will be getting rid of things once this baby no longer needs/fits into them. We don't plan on having another for a couple years I at all, and it's probably easier to just get new stuff for most things.
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Re: Reusing baby gear or buying new?

DDC--Anything that I loved with my son, I saved & now #2 is a boy, so we'll reuse most everything.

The only thing we are working around is the fact that we bought a convertible cirb w/ matching dresser & the baby will need the crib, but Luke isn't ready for a twin or full bed. So, I found a matching toddler bed that we will switch Luke to. I am also going to make him a matching quilt for his new big-boy bed & then they'll share the crib sheets that match the bedroom.
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Re: Reusing baby gear or buying new?

We're reusing everything. The only thing I got rid of was my single jogging stroller and the extra swing we never used the first time. I'm having another boy and we were able to time it where the season and sizes of the clothes will match up. We got a toddler bed for my 21 month DS a couple weeks ago so we could move the crib into the baby's room. DS loves his new "freedom."

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Re: Reusing baby gear or buying new?

Unless something is worn out or on its last leg it gets reused here. Clothing gets bought new if what I had left from the last baby is outdated, stained beyond repair, or wrong season. I can't imagine buying all new for everything for each pregnancy! I did buy new clothing this time, because last baby boys stuff was the wrong season. Almost everything else I've bought this time has been fun splurges... Aden and Anais swaddling blankets, new rocking chairs, a 2nd Boppy, and a few new cloth diapering things that I wanted to try.
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Re: Reusing baby gear or buying new?


My first two were 16 months apart, so I saved everything. My 3rd will be nearly 5 years younger than the 2nd one, and we got rid of most everything. We saved the crib, the pack n play, the rocking chair and ottoman, the gender neutral clothes, the baby carriers and the boppy's. Everything else we sold when they were finished. The swing and high chair we didn't like it. Most of the gear we bought off craigslist and sold it for close to the same price we paid. We knew it would be a few more years at least until we had another one, knew companies would update things and offer new features so we figured we'd want the newer version (swings for example now can swing both ways and come in a papasaun style, they also plug in - none of those features were widely available 6 years ago). By craigslisting our other things immediately after, we got a higher resale value (used a lot of stuff for practically free!). The cloth diapers we sold because I didn't know what the popular style would be, and was afraid of elastic and PUL breaking down in storage. I sold our single stroller in order to buy a double with dd2 and then sold the double as soon as I could, so now we need a new single. Most of the things we got rid of we either 1) didn't like and prefered a different style or 2) knew they'd be easy to come by used.
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Re: Reusing baby gear or buying new?

I"ve saved everything. My 8 year old cradle swing still works great, and I have an 8 year old PNP, too. I did sell the carseat after the first 2 girls, b/c I didn't plan to have more before it expired. With the twins I bough one swing (so I'd have 2), 2 carseats (that fit til 18 months!), a co-sleeper, and 2 used bouncer seats. Now it seems I have an entire room fulll of baby stuff! All of that has been loaned out here and there, I sold one carseat to my sister when the boys outgrew it, and saved the other one. She moved back home for a few months whild her DH was deployed, so she used mine, and I just got it back last week. As long as you have the room and it doesn't expire, I say save it
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Re: Reusing baby gear or buying new?

The only thing we are not reusing is the infant car seat (after two kids its close to its expiration date so we decided to get a new one). Everything else we got gender neutral on purpose to be able to re-use.
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Re: Reusing baby gear or buying new?

I'm about 50/50. Reusing the swing, carseat and a lot of clothes. New bouncy (didn't like the previous one), had to get another crib and bedding, a few new clothes, new breast pump (the last one was crapping out), hmmmm Same boppy, but new cover. Oh, I'll get a double stroller too which will be new.

We were totally broke the first time around so I didn't get much "extra" stuff, but with this one, we have more money so I'm splurging a bit more. I'm not sure we'll be having any more babies so this is probably my last.
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Re: Reusing baby gear or buying new?

We saved everything from youngest DD because we knew we'd be trying again ASAP.

The only things we are/will buy new is a toddler bed for DD. A bassinet to replace the pack n' play that is at grandma's, and a double stroller.

This baby and DD should be appx 22 months apart. Hopefully the clothes will work out size/season wise!
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