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Unhappy Ear tubes? Anyone's LO get them?

My DD is 19 months old and I'm pretty sure she is suffering from another ear infection(her 4th this year , taking her in to ped first thing in the AM). My now 6 year old son RARELY had them, maybe twice, so this is new territory for me. For those of you whose LO got ear tubes, at what point were they evaluated by a specialist? What was the process? How did it turn out?


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Re: Ear tubes? Anyone's LO get them?

my 6 year old had tubes at 13 mos following 9 infections in 5 mos. it was really easy and has only had one infection since in 5 years! our pedi referred us to an ent, we had an eveal there and had surgery the following week. GL!
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Re: Ear tubes? Anyone's LO get them?

I had 4 girls no really ear infections but maybe once but my poor son baby 5 had them constantly for a year finally I got tired of it and took him to an ent myself one my sister in law recommended I wish I had done it sooner his speech has been affected he has had them a year and only got one infection last month as one of the ear tubes has come out and healed but its his funny ear so does not normally happen 3 of my sis in laws kids have had them put in twice and they are 8 and 5 I recommend them if you have had them alot I think the guide for my Ear Nose Throat Dr was 4 in 6 months
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My son had chronic ear infections and sinus infections. I complained at no resolution, so they referred me to an ENT. The doc would have kept the antibiotics rolling had I not. They first took the adnoids and then tubes. The tubes definitely helped, but they feel out a year later, which apparently can happen. That was when he was 2, we still at 6 fight the nose which eventually becomes the ears if I don't manage it. He definitely has allergies which flood the sinuses as well, so we have to keep them drained to keep it from going to the ears.
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Re: Ear tubes? Anyone's LO get them?

My son had them at 10 months after continuous ear infections. He is 2.5 now and we are dealing with chronic sinus infections. I would do the tubes again in a heart beat. Actually I requested them earlier for my daughter after dealing with my son. No reason to put off getting them I think if you LO has 2 or more ear infections. I don't want them getting antibiotic after antibiotic. My son also had speech delays and sleep issues that are ongoing I think due to the ear infections (and maybe the sinus infections). I would request a ENT consult!

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Re: Ear tubes? Anyone's LO get them?

Just a thought..if you want to avoid the tubes you could try a chiropractor and or a homeopath. The doctor hasn't mentioned tubes for DD yet but I didn't want to let it get to that point. She is on homeopathic remedies for her asthma and goes to the chiro regularly.
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Re: Ear tubes? Anyone's LO get them?

My LO just got tubes on March 18 (at 8 months old) after MONTHS of chronic ear infections. He did GREAT. The surgery was so easy (obviously, any surgery carries risks), and I had literally barely sat down in the waiting room when they were calling us took less than 10 minutes for the surgery itself. When the surgery was complete I was able to go back and they had a nurse cuddling and rocking him. I was able to immediately take him and rock him while he woke up. Immediately after waking he was cranky for about 2 minutes because he was so hungry. I gave him apple juice instead of nursing because the nurses said that sometimes that is better tolerated that bm. He sucked it down and went right to sleep. We took him home, he slept several hours, woke up and nursed, and then was back to playing the rest of the day. He was clingy that day & the next, but he was also recovering from an ear infection and a bad cold at the same time (we didn't even know he had that ear infection when he went in for the tubes!).

We had been on 3 different antibiotics almost continuously and had already tried 3 shots of Rocephin, which is about the most powerful antibiotic you can give them.

So far so good He's had one cold and some pollen-related allergy symptoms since the surgery but despite congestion and drainage he's not had any ear problems! At our well visit a couple days ago the pediatrician said his ears look great! Yippee!

I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I do not regret it.

ETA: in response to your question, we were referred to an ENT after our lo had 6 infections in 4 months. I requested the referral.
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Re: Ear tubes? Anyone's LO get them?

DD got hers at 10 mos. she had almost non-stop ear infections since she was 1 mos old (and EBF!!) = non-stop antibiotics = not good! she still gets an occasional infection (not after every cold like she used to, but its always after a cold), but it is a draining infection and the tubes are doing what they are supposed to do!

surgery was super fast and she was pretty good the day of surgery, albeit a little cranky that morning. i would do it again in a heartbeat!!

ETA: we even tried taking her to the chiropractor for a few months and it didn't work for her i know it DOES work for some, but it just didn't help her at all
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Re: Ear tubes? Anyone's LO get them?

My youngest just got tubes put in in March after months of near constant infections.

The procedure took like 5 minutes. He was a bit of a grump the rest of the day but nothing excessive. It's been a month and he hasn't had another ear infection

We did not try chiro care but our ins does not cover it so we couldn't.
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Re: Ear tubes? Anyone's LO get them?

Dd got hers at 9 months. She had several back to back ear infections and when we went for her ENT referral she tested as legally deaf. The doctor felt that it would improve if we could just get rid of the infection and the thick fluid in her ears. They always try a few weeks of a medical approach before surgery and we had already started Chiropractic. So we did their little regimin and went back, the infection was gone but thick fluid persisted, still legally deaf. She had surgery the next week, tubes placed and huge adenoids removed. Then 10 months later we had to have her tonsils removed. She has been so much better since then, though just Monday we found she has an infection that is either blocking the tube or maybe the tube has fallen out. So we're trying to clear that up and see if we can see the tube.

Good luck. I really recommend Chiropractic and probiotics (Dd was on one called Xylarex but I am not sure they make it any more) I think both of those really helped dd but that in the end her anatomy is just so tiny that she needed the surgeries.
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