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Spacing between kids

Our lo is 14 months old and although I don't feel ready to be pregnant again, I don't know how far apart we want our kids to be. I also don't want to wait too long as I will be 31 this fall.
So, how far apart our your kids and what are the benefits and what is hard?


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Re: Spacing between kids

I wanted ours 2-3 years apart. we started tring right after ds 2nd bday...m/c twice before we got a sticky one. they are 4 years apart.

I really wish they were closer in age...ds was an omly child/grandchild for 4 years and when dd and niece came (3 weeks apart) he is seeking all the attention he use to always get
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Re: Spacing between kids

Mine are all further apart & I love it. I like that I when I had a new baby, the next older one was at least 3 years older, usually more. It made it easier to care for the baby since the next older one was sleeping at night, out of diapers & with most of mine, in school. It was only a short period where I had 2 children home all day at once.

I like that it's given me more time to focus on the new baby & time for just us to spend together. And all the older ones were old enough to understand a new baby in the house so we've never had any jealousy issues. They're all very close friends even with the age span & it's much easier as they are getting older to just have 1 teen at a time or 1 pre-teen at a time. Believe me, babies & toddlers are a walk in the park compared to teen agers.

There's almost 6 years between dd1 & dd2, 3 years between dd2 & dd3 and 7 years between dd3 and ds1. My ideal spacing would be about 5 years apart & definately not closer than 3 years.
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Re: Spacing between kids

DS1 and DS2 are 23 months apart. I think that's pretty perfect personally. DS2 and DS3 will be 16-17 months apart (depending on when in the next 4 weeks DS3 decides to make an appearance lol)...not sure how I'll deal with that since DS2 is still very "baby" like to me
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Re: Spacing between kids

3 years one month between the boys. we hope to adopt another baby before our youngest is 5. I don't know, that's just normal to us. My siblings and I were all 3-5 years apart and so were all dh's brothers and sisters (except his youngest brother which was a SURPRISE and is like 14 years younger then he next youngest brother lol). We never really thought about it honestly- that was just when it seemed like time to have another baby put them 3 years apart. We plan to adopt at least one or two more if we are so blessed and hope they end up no more then 5 years apart.
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Re: Spacing between kids

My spacings are 13 months, 20 months, 14 months, and soon to be 16 months.

I like the close spacings, although it can be a bit crazy and the physical ramifications can be hard on the mother. I like the fact that the older child at 13-14-15-16 months doesn't really know what is going on, doesn't get jealous by a new baby, never remembers a time without a younger sibling, and then as the kids grow together you truly have built in playmates.

If you are someone who'd prefer a bit of a farther spacing I think 2.5-3 years is good. 20 months was one of the more difficult spacings for me because my 20 month old was aware of what was going on but wasn't exactly thrilled to share her mommy with a new baby. Her older sister was 2.5 years at the time and she loved having a new baby brother and was quite the helper.
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mine are 10 months 3 weeks apart my DD will be 14 months when the new baby's born i love having my kids close together already they love playing with each other my DS loves his baby he sits by her holding her hand brings her her blanket when she gets tired
and ware baby is is first thing he asks when he gets up on the morning
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Re: Spacing between kids

Mine are 20 months, 2 years 2 months, 11 months and soon to be 19 months.
I personally like having my kids so close for a bunch of reasons but mostly because they play sooo well together and like a PP said there is no jealously when a new baby is born! It can get pretty crazy here sometimes but we love it!! Out of all the spacing we have had personally i like the 19-20 months spacing the best!
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Re: Spacing between kids

my #2 will be about 27m, my sister and I are 22, and we FOUGHT as kids, but are close as adults. I can't remember a time before my sister.

I want to have kids about 2 years apart, but we'll see how #2 goes I want to be DONE by 35. My mom is a young grandma, and empty nesting at 50 on the beach in south carolina. they are young enought to enjoy the night life, and beach for many more years, just the two of them! I am looking forward to my "twilight years" with DH and grown kids
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Re: Spacing between kids

2 years and 8 months was NOT a good spacing for us. The queen of the castle was MIFFED when she figured out she'd been dethroned. LOL

It took almost 6 months, but she's finally not such a huge PITA anymore. Them were some long months.

I'm hoping that'll be good spacing when they get older, though.
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