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LoLoestrin pill or back to the minipill?

As of right now, I'm on the regular Loestrin24 hormonal BC pill. I have never been on the BCP before and, quite frankly, all of these hormones are awful. I would consider a lower dose of hormones but I'm not sure about my options.

I was on the minipill for a month but ended up having to stop BFing so I went to the regular pill. DS was only 2 months when I started and 3 months when I stopped it so it's hard to tell what is normal after baby hormones and what is the hormones from the pill.

I've seen ads for the new LoLoestrin pill. Does anyone have any experiences with that?

I would say forget all of the hormonal junk and just do it all naturally but DS came along even though we were using the rhythm and withdrawl methods combined so obviously we are not to be trusted with that. Barrier methods will be used faithfully for awhile but neither of us like them so that's out. Plus I don't want anything that can't be stopped immediately if something goes wrong (shot, IUD). Are there any other options? Right now, I'm really just interested in the 2 different pills but would consider other options if they are reliable and not horribly inconvenient or annoying to deal with.


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Re: LoLoestrin pill or back to the minipill?

I'm TTC now, but was religiously TTA for quite a while. I charted temperature and CM on fertility friend and we used barriers whenever it looked fertile (my charts are crazy, rhythm wouldn't have worked for us either). In the last 6-8 years I've been on several versions of the pill and the patch, which all made me crazy, the shot (HATED IT), and considered the minipill, but decided against it once I found out that you have to take it at very close to the same time every day to be effective, which just isn't practical for me. The side effects are supposed to be a lot better than the regular pill though, so if timing wouldn't be an issue it would probably work really well.

Also, have you tried VCF? It's spermicide, but in a film so it's easy to apply. The only drawback is it has to be in place for 15 min before DTD, but we never even noticed it was there
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Re: LoLoestrin pill or back to the minipill?

I've been on the mini-pill for 14 months now, 5 of which I have been getting AF, and all 5 of those months I have been bleeding every other week . Number 1 side effect is irregular bleeding, or in my case, very regular irregular bleeding. I am going off it now since DS has weaned.
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Re: LoLoestrin pill or back to the minipill?

I love the mini pill. I am sensitive to hormonal bc, and had a lot of problems with the regular pill (esp headaches) but have had zero side effects from the mini pill. In fact, I now get af only every 28 days (used to be 24ish days) and it's super light. I love, love the mini pill.

I set my phone alarm to remind me to take it at the same time each day, and just carry it in my purse so I have it when I'm out. It's not a big deal at all.
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