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Yes, I would. I work with people with HIV/AIDS quite frequently and it amazes me how many misconceptions still exist regarding the diseases. I can understand that it would be hard to watch the illness progress, but health is never guaranteed.



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Re: Would You Adopt...

honestly no I really don't think I could. My uncle died from AIDS and that was really tough on our whole extended family. I couldn't put them/us through that ordeal because eventually the child would get sicker and pass away. Too difficult.
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Re: Would You Adopt...

Yes absolutely.
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Re: Would You Adopt...

Originally Posted by Leslieann View Post
Yes I would But I do not think dh would.
oh yeah, thats a no go for sure. what is it with dhs? seems like from other threads i've read that they take longer to warm up to the idea of adoption rather than bio kiddos too, which was my case as well.
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Re: Would You Adopt...

Not until my kiddos were all grown up.

That goes for any child with a special need. I always wanted to adopt and plan to while my babes are young but as for special needs children I want to as well. Ideally all my littles would be grown up and we would be finacially stable or more so to give the child any resources they needed. It would not be a decision bc I thought my bio children would be at risk bc we would take all precautions. It would be more bc I would be able to give everyone the time they needed and deserved.
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Re: Would You Adopt...

I'm not sure. It's not something I've done a lot of research into, so I'm not sure what all it would entail.

How often would we be at the doctor, what kind of medications would we be dealing with, what kind of side effects, what kind of precautions would we need to take, what's the general life expectancy, etc.

There are a lot of unknowns to me about it, so I can't make a quick decision.
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Re: Would You Adopt...

I would not. I will admit that I don't know a lot about living with HIV in this day and age but I do have three other children and a home daycare. To me it would be too much of a risk for my family and job.
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Re: Would You Adopt...

Originally Posted by cowangel View Post
I would definately...check out for more up to date info. on HIV and adopting children that are HIV +

It is a treatable infection with drugs here in the US and in the last 15 years there is no history of it being spread through normal family relations.

Many people are un-informed about the advances that have been made in HIV treatment in the last 20 years. Check out the website for lots of info.
yes to this. My main issue is not at all related to the disease itself- having known people living with HIV- having been in close working quarters with them and sharing things- it has not concerned me and would not concern me with my other two kiddos. My concern is how family and friends who are not as informed would react. Would they treat my child differently? Would we be invited to playdates if they knew? Would it be best for me to not share with them? Anyway- we've been talking about it for along time and we still don't know if this is what we will pursue in the future but our hearts are for those kids who are going to have a hard time getting adopted.
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Re: Would You Adopt...

To be honest, I'm not sure. I don't think I would automatically exclude a child just because they are HIV+, but it would take a lot of research and pondering to find out if it's something I really could handle.

I highly doubt DH would be open to it, though we've never discussed the possibility.
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Re: Would You Adopt...

Yes I would.

HIV is a treatable disease that is just as (if not more) manageable than juvenile diabetes. Most children live normal lives with medication twice a day and doctors visits twice a year. Medications are expensive but with good health insurance and knowledge of assistance programs it can be less of a burden.

Transmission is virtually impossible in normal family contact!! Hugs, kisses, drool, sharing a straw... all safe!

I was fortunate enough to hear a doctor (and adoptive mom) from the CDC talk about her experiences. She said the main things to worry about are disclosure, sexuality, and adherence to medication (many teenagers and young adults go through a stage where they feel fine and don't feel the need to continue their medication regiments which can lead to severe illness and other issues). is another great resource that includes a list of blogs of HIV+ families.
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