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Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

I've just been really down lately.....

I'm tired of being "on call" all the time. Always watching someone, helping someone, feeding someone. Honestly, last weekend, DH had to go to church to help w/ firewood w/ the other men, and I was jealous. I would have rather work my butt off doing firewood than stay home w/ the kids for one more minute. I would have been able to do just firewood.... and not worry about what the kids were up to, KWIM?

I'm tired of my almost 5 year old son's return to whining. I thought we were past this. I'm sick of the laziness, and the attitude that he's better than everyone else and deserves to go first, eat the most, and get whatever he wants.

Tired of my almost 3 year old daughter's blatant disobedience. Not like I expect a 2 year old to obey commands in perfection, but sometimes it would be nice. I'm tired of her destroying things just because she can.

I'm just plain tired of my 1 year old not sleeping through the night. I can't complain IRL, because "I chose to have kids, and I'm choosing to go to him when he wakes up to nurse" So it's my fault I'm not getting any sleep.

And I'm tired of being in a constant state of "Whose day was worse?" w/ DH. And as much as I feel guilty for yelling or just not being very nice to the kids during the day, I hate it when he comes home from a crappy day and isn't nice to us either.

Well, if you made it this far, thanks for listening to my pity party. I think that alot of this has to do w/ lack of sleep (DS2 is teething, too.... so constant crankiness). I just had this vision as to what I want my life w/ 3 kids to be like, and this just ain't it.


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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

Yes. I think we've all been there. For me, lack of sleep for too long is the trigger. Can you get some time to yourself this week?
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

I am sure we have all been there and anyone who says they haven't is lying (IMO). Being a mom is hard work with no breaks and it is very exhausting when you don't have the support you need. Try to carve some breaks out for yourself before you lose your sanity. Hire a babysitter, call some friends, start a new hobby. Something to refresh yourself and help you have a part of life that isn't about taking care of a child.
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

*hugs*, Idon't have much advise or anything. My 3yo doesn't talk yet and loves to do things that get a rise out of people. He is stuck in the 2yo attitude about autonomy. And with my 1yo not sleeping through the night yet I get jealous of DH sometimes too. Like he gets to sleep in on Saturday because he gets up early every day of the week. But doesn't me not getting to sleep through the night make me just as tired for a year straight?! I say yes! I think that you might just try asking DH to watch the kids for an hour while you nap or go on a walk or go to the store without the kids when you shop any chance to get a break will help. I know it sounds lame. Shopping is a break? just saying any chance you get take it Also more activities for the kids will keep them on the right track not sure if that is any help or not. Just spouting ideas. Take care!
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

been there, done that, and feel like that most of the time!! i definetly feel your pain mama

i saw a shirt a walmart today while shopping (yes i shop at walmart thankyou very much) said "Mommy does the hardwork, Daddy does the yardwork" i thought about getting it, but in our case it doesn't apply well cause i end up doing the yardwork too!!
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

I know lack of sleep can be hard.
I agree with the pp about getting a babysitter or your hubby to spend an hour or two with the kids so you can nap or go get some fresh air.
Is there anything that interests you? A hobby you can take up or a class?
Do you have friends you can get together with?
When I've been down like you, I find that getting together with a friend really helps.
I also like to make a quick trip to the store by myself, even if it's just for tomatoes or something like that, just being alone for 10-15 minutes is nice.
Even going somewhere with the kids, as long as I get out of the house helps.
Just going outside and getting fresh air, and sun is helpful, imo.
When I stay inside too long I get a little depressed.
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

I've been there! Dh and I constantly have the war of "who's day was worse" or "who does more to contribute" blah blah. I agree for me it's a lack of sleep that's a trigger. What I do.. put YDS down for a nap, put ODS (even if he's not tired) in his bedroom with a movie of his choice and I go laydown myself. Even an hour or two of quiet time to myself is better than nothing! I don't do laundry, I don't cook, clean, etc. I sit and eat chocolate and watch tv. Or nap. Last Saturday my DH let me go out for the night with a few of my old girlfriends and it was so much fun! I think taking breaks is much needed!!!!
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

Yes. Sigh. Especially with how much DH is gone. I am so envious of how much he has to be at work overnight because he gets a full night of sleep. I'm thankful we move next month to a different station with much better hours for him. I'm hoping since he will be home much more that he will pick up the slack a little. My mom is always telling me how my sisters are out doing this and this and she is watching the grandkids and it makes me jealous. We don't know anyone here so I never get a break. Sometimes my DH will take Aubrey to Target but it's rare because she starts crying the minute they leave.
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

I hear you! I have been feeling that way lately! My 2 yo DS is been very clingy and whinny! My 6mo DS is teething and hasn't been feeling well! I stay at home with them so they are VERY attached to me! When I try to send them with someone so I can spend time with my DH or go to something that I cant take them they scream the whole time! Needless to say I don't have many volunteers lining up to take care of them! I am going to start teaching part time(24hrs/week) in the fall and am excited! I will have a chance to miss them and visversa! I think that we both get on each others nerves! I think I will be a much better mom!
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

Yea, having one of those days, too.

Know what you mean about the 5yo. Except mine is almost eight. Yea, not so cute anymore.

Today we're dealing with bickering, laziness/refusal to complete simple school assignments, and a general attitude of bossiness.

Nice to know that I'm not the only one who does that with dh. LOL I can be a total hag all day, but if he comes home with an attitude, I just have little patient for it. Seriously, we've been dealing with this all day. Put on your happy face and improve the mood already.
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