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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

Yeah-I was just feeling that way. I work full time (sleeping overnights taking care of and elderly couple), go to school full time, and am home with my son all day every day (besides tues & thurs 9-2 when Im at school). He is a very busy guy & I never get a second to myself. When he is napping I am usually doing school work(which I should be doing right now..UGHH). My BF is awesome and tries to give me time when he gets home from work but I still usually have to use the time to do HW & study. I miss having the freedom to do whatever at the drop of a hat sometimes, especially when hardly any of my friends have kids & still get to do that. I was pretty much just started to feel so over whelmed so I took a week off from school and work & went to visit my family in NM where there was someone always around & my two nephews were who are close in age to DS so they kept each other entertained so I could just sit & relax. Now I am home & feel a lot better. Plus I am determined to make more time for myself..I normally feel guilty about doing this but I need to start for my own sanity!!


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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

I get extremely burnt out, yes.

for you.
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

I have been trying for the past few hours to post a reply, and DS keeps rejecting me!!

Anyway, thanks for all your support! I know that I need a break. I need a regular schedule of breaks..... and I need to talk to DH about it. Hehe, any suggestions there would be appreciated!

I agree w/ the getting outside thing.... even though I can't go out w/out the kids, I can go outside (although not today, it's raining ) and going for a walk w/ the kids usually helps.

I think part of my frustration is that I have all this stuff to do around the house, and I don't have the energy/brain power to do it. I'm tired of living in "squalor" but I'm also too tired to do anything about it. Ugh.

Hopefully it will get better when the weather finally turns a corner and the kids can go outside for most of the day.... they are probably feeling cooped up too.

Any tips on getting DH to understand that I need a kid break? I don't think he understands that even his commute to and from work is more of a break than I get
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

A few weeks ago, my husband and I took a weekend trip away from our boys. We had a great time with our friends and the kids had a wonderful time with Grandma. But it was hard to come back to reality, let me tell ya. Maybe that's why parents don't get away more?
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

Oh, yes. I agree, we all get tired of it sometimes, even the most elite among us. lol

I try to be aware of my moods and TRY to make sure I don't convey them onto the kiddos. I've been known to fall apart right in front of them on occassion, too. I "put on a happy face" sometimes.

I know with every fiber of my being that I will be a MUCH better mother to grade school and teenage children. I mean, who loves changing diapers and chasing kids around making sure they brushed their teeth? I'm looking forward to the day when I can REALLY connect with them on an intellectual level.
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?


I have days like that myself. That "battle for who's days was worse" thing is waay to common in my household.

I work from home full time and take care of our daughter full time. That leaves very little "me" time. I get so frustrated sometimes with DH because I feel like he has it pretty easy. "Wake up, goto work, come home, eat dinner, play on the computer, bathe the baby, tuck her in, back on the computer until 1am..." I'm thankful that he at least will help me bathe her and tuck her in. But the rest of the stuff all falls on my plate 99% of the time. All the house work and lately mowing the lawn!!!

Did I mention I'm 5 months pregnant? lol.

Just hang in there mama!
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

Yes, I think all parents feel like this! A couple of weeks ago, I told DH I was so past done and I had to get away. I made a hair appointment and got a cute cut and highlights and spent the day at starbucks having a coffee by myself. Just tell him you need a day alone and he gets the kids, no matter what you choose to do.
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

This is how I feel right now.

I ADORE my two boys and DH but I am growing very close to feeling burnt out. DS#2 is our newbie and I expected to be up round the clock with him but now DS#1 (2yr old) wants to cut out his nap during the day and I just cannot keep up with him.

In the past he has always stayed home with me but hourly daycare is starting to look like the ONLY way I will be able to take a breather. DH is in school right now so his hours are really long and when he comes home he relaxes for a bit and then returns to studying or homework. Unlike me, he pretty much clocks out on the weekends and takes up permanent residence on the couch while drinking wine once the kiddos are down for the night. I do not drink at all but I am jealous because just as the poster mentioned I/"Mommy" am on call 24/7. Everyone needs "Mommy" and when DH tries to assist our boys they usually won't calm down until he brings them over to me.

I spend hours outdoors in all types of weather trying to ensure that my preschooler has opportunities to burn energy and socialize with other kids but it doesn't seem to be enough anymore. I would love to put him in preschool twice a week but none of the places in town will take him because he is not yet completely potty trained.

Lately he whines all of the time and won't do what he is told. Too much of my day is spent listening to crying and tantrums all while deep inside I would love to throw a tantrum of my very own but what kind of example would I be setting then.

Getting out of the house takes a good hour or so of preparation because DS#1 never wants to put his clothes on. He hates diapers but won't use the potty and screams louder than any person I know when he does not get what he wants right away. I try to find the humor in things to maintain my cool but it is hard. I miss my sweet little well behaved young man.

No matter what I always feel blessed to have my two kids and my husband. For now I just daydream about the day when both kiddos begin school and I can finally sit in silence for a few minutes. But I am sure even then a new chapter of Mommy Headaches will begin.

Being MOMMY is hard work but I would not trade it for anything else.
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

I have been known to say, "I love being mommy, but I hate being The Mom" I love my little guy to pieces, but sometimes having to take care of all the stuff mom does is a PITA. Like others have suggested, try to find an hour or two to yourself if at all possible.
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Re: Do you ever get tired of being a mommy?

So been there, and it seems to go in cycles for me. Luckily DH is very understanding, and generally when I need it, will give me an hour/two of completely kid free time. Sometimes I am doing other chores, but sometimes I just go out by myself. DH will take the girls somewhere out or somewhere else in the house and play with them/take care of them.

He is more than willing to do this because it makes for a more pleasant wife and mother the entire rest of the evening or weekend. He can't wait to get home from work so he can see and play with his girls.

In general, I am not a touchy-feely person and having someone constantly need something from me from the minute I wake up until the time I go to bed is very draining. That one or two hours can completely rejuvenate me.

Definitely sounds like you need a break.
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