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Re: At what age is gum appropriate??

DD turned 4 in February, and she likes to chew gum. We make her keep the wrapper so she can put it in there when she's done, and so far we haven't had any problems. She had her first piece last summer, so around 3.5



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Re: At what age is gum appropriate??

I think it depends on the child. DD1 didn't get to have gum until she was 4. On the otherhand DD2 was 2 yrs & 4 months. DD2 wanted gum because DD1 was able to chew it, so I used it as an incentive for PL'ing. I figured if you are old enought to be able to use the potty, you are able to chew gum & it worked like a charm. She only swallowed about 2 pieces in the beginning, but caught on quickly. Again it is a personal parenting choice.
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Re: At what age is gum appropriate??

Originally Posted by Mrs_Brady View Post
IMO I don't think anyone NEEDS gum, but my mom loves to give the kids gum, so they get it when they see her, which is probably once a week. It's not a huge deal to me. It's not terrible, but it has no benefit either.
I agree, I don't think there's any benefit to it, I can't envision myself giving it to a child ever, but if they get older and get it elsewhere I guess I don't have a problem with it.
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Re: At what age is gum appropriate??

I worked retail for a long time, I will never forget a "charming woman" who had four equally "charming" children. Probably aged 9, 7, 5, 3 (probably closer to 2.5), they came into our store, that was small and rather packed with merchandise. The lady ran over a rack with her stroller, and didn't pick a thing up. As she chose clothes for herself to try on, she gave each child a HUGE piece of that old school hubba bubba bubble gum. She then took the oldest child in the dressing room (just a curtain, in the back corner of the store. Her other three "darlings" proceeded to masticate what they could of the gum, the youngest could barely keep it in her mouth to chew, so drooled it softer, then put it first in her hand, then her mouth, then her hand. Her older brother (5ish) kept stringing his, touching his sisters, and looking at his. The other kept his gun in his mouth, and was off wrecking other things, while I chase the two little "angels" trying to keep them from touching things, and from opening the curtian, so as not to flash their changing mother.

I finally suggested to the mother she might need to watch the children or wash their hands as they almost ruined several expensive clothing items. But she seemed unphased. When her child finally destroyed a book, she did very angrily pay, but I made her. BTW this was only the second time I made a parent pay for their childs mess, the other involved a barely walking child with a red lollipop, who walked out with a stuffed animal, when she tried to give the supposedly unnoticed (baby and doll in her arms) toy back, I pointed out the red, funky mess, on the toy and made her pay too.

So insanely long story short, while I will never be that kind of parent EVER, I was immediately turned off by children ever having gum. And got so grossed out by the whole thing, I barely chew gum any more myself. It happened close to ten years ago, and it still annoys me a bit, but completely grosses me out!!!!!!!

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Re: At what age is gum appropriate??

My 3 year old has gum at Grandma's house. I fought it in the beginning, but he is really good with it. He spits it out when it loses its flavor, and she watches him pretty closely with it.
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Re: At what age is gum appropriate??

When they're old enough to afford to buy a new couch should they ruin it with their gum chewing. The Kid is five and he's never had gum yet. Maybe when he gets older I'll let him have some, right now it's not one of the great milestones we're trying to reach.
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Re: At what age is gum appropriate??

We love gum here so DS started chewing it at around 9 months or so. He now gets 1/3 of a piece at a time. He has never swallowed it and gives it to me or throws it away when he is done. He has been known to chew the same piece for over 3 hours. I don't remember how old the girls were but DS has always been great with gum.
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Re: At what age is gum appropriate??

My kid has been responsible with it since he was 30 months old- so about 5.5 months he's been chewing it without any swallowing or incidents. I like it because when he eats something sugary or acidic I think it helps to clean his mouth a little while we wait to get to his toothbrush. Dh gave it to him first and I was appalled until I saw how ds behaved with it.
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We love gum! For our family it just depended on our kids' maturity level. That means no swallowing it, leaving it in their mouths, and disposing of it properly. My girls were able to handle it at 2 years old, my first son at 3 years old, and my second son is 4.5 and just now is allowed to have it.
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Re: At what age is gum appropriate??

Originally Posted by BabyLuvinMama View Post
uuummmm Its a parental choice and I say NEVER!!! LOL I being the Mom of kids who like to Pull and string their gum, Forget to spit it out or flat Hide it and then fall asleep with it in their mouth for MOM to have to get out of the hair clothes and bedding the next day...
They blow HUGE bubbles and them Smash them into the others face and cause more mess. Im WAY anti-gum for Kids for plenty of the Above reasons... But as a General Rule of thumb I say if your child knows not to swallow it and doesn't play with it no harm...
BTW My kids are 15(which chews gum) the others are 10 9 7 NONE of which are allowed to chew

I have a strict no gum policy. Unless you are old enough to crew it w/o me knowing, get away from me. It's like eating, but alllllll day, and occasionally taking your food out, stringing it around, snapping and popping it, then leaving it in your pants for me to wash. disgusting.
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