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Welcome, Amelia! My 47 hour preterm, drug free labor... *LONG*

Here is my birth story, finally! Sorry again to my fellow DDC mama's, I promised them the birth story a couple days ago and have only just had the chance to get around to posting it. It is long!

Background - I was 33 weeks pregnant, due April 1st. I have Type 1 diabetes and had a history of preterm labor before. I had already begun to dilate/efface in the last few weeks, despite weekly progesterone shots and things like that, so the doctor told me to come in on Monday February 14th and if there were any other cervical changes, I'd be going to the hospital immediately.

Well, odd thing was... there were no cervical changes at all. I asked them if I could just go home, do my weekly appointments, and not get any other cervical checks atm. They said yes, that's probably best. I got another progesterone shot. Don't know what exactly happened between 9am and 6pm, but by 6pm I was like, "Ok... these contractions are REALLY starting to worry me now..." They were painful, not very much but painful. Which was concerning. And they brought back pain along with them, oh joy! And they were coming every 3 to 12 minutes (for instance, I'd have a cluster of contractions every 3 minutes and then the next few would be spaced every 8 minutes apart, etc).

Finally by 8:30 pm, I told DH nothing had worked - I drank enough water to float away, I'd laid down, I'd done this, done that. I had to go in to the hospital. I stayed long enough to help him get our other kiddo's out of the bath and into their night time diapers & pajamas, kissed everybody, and got to the hospital a little after 9pm. They made me wait forever! I was finally called back in to the triage area and given a gown at 9:42 pm. I laid there hooked up to the monitors for quite a while. I kept glancing over and watching the contractions build and peak, then ebb away. It scared me. I laid there with my mind racing.

Finally, the door opened at 10:12 pm and the doctor came strolling in, looking like I was the last person he wanted to see (he had to see me several times before during this pregnancy, all in triage, all for preterm labor concerns). He almost acted annoyed with me! He didn't even look over at the monitor or pay attention to my concern... He told me, "You need to drink more water," and then left to get me some! I was like, "I'm sorry, I drank 4 glasses of water in ONE HOUR at home, and then four more the next, and these are not Braxton Hicks!!" He didn't care for me speaking to him as if I actually knew what was happening with my body & he didn't... I was so glad when he left because I was about to get rude but at the same time, I was laying there thinking, "Ok, is he seriously going to just send me home while I'm having regular, painful contractions and I'm just 33 weeks?! What do I do?!"

Thankfully, the attending physician that night just happened to be partners with my own doctor at the high risk clinic. She saved the day, I guess. She came in to talk to me after the other doctor left, and expressed concern as well. She listened to me. She said, "I think I need to check your cervix, how do you feel about that?" I didn't want to but something told me to let her. She checked me personally around 10:30 pm and told me I had dilated another cm from earlier that day, and that combined with how regular the contractions were prompted her to admit me asap.

It was a slow process. They hooked me up to an IV, they ordered a pill that I can't remember the name of now to stop the contractions, they took blood from me for some reason, then finally transferred me to a room in the Labor & Delivery hall a little after midnight, February 15th. Around 2am, the contractions stopped, just like that. I was so glad! The pills had worked! I rested comfortably for the next few hours and anticipated I would most likely be discharged in the morning. I was trying to plan how I'd put myself on bed rest at home and things like that, with my other three little ones running around.

Another doctor from the high risk clinic came in at 7am on FEbruary 15th and said they wanted one more cervical check, just to make absolutely certain there were no further changes during the night. She fully anticipated she'd discharge me, as well. The contractions had stopped so there wasn't any reason to believe I could've dilated more.

I'll never forget how her face fell... she just quietly looked at me and said, "You're about 80% effaced, I can feel the bag of water very well, baby's pressing down a little too. And you're now 5cm dilated. You're not going home."

They immediately began giving me those pills every few hours, to stop the contractions, even though they had stopped since 2am. They said it was to prevent them from coming back, but they came back. They were just weaker now, not painful at all. I never had any pain meds but I'd look over at the monitor and just watch the contraction happen... At most, they felt like little cramps. They stopped and started, stopped and started. All day of the 15th. They never, ever got any stronger but it seemed like my body was working against the medication... my uterus would begin to contract but the pills kept the contractions as weak as possible, and the two were at war with each other.

I had not eaten since around 5pm on the 14th, and so after 24 hours I was absolutely starving but still not allowed even one bite of anything. It's that hospital's policy that you can't have anything, liquids or food, during labor and the doctors were worried I'd go into full blown labor any time. I was allowed to get up to use the bathroom but otherwise, had to stay on my side in the bed. My back began to ache and beg for mercy. They had begun to give me steroids through a second IV line they placed in my other hand, to help the baby's lungs out. This caused my blood sugars to go SKY HIGH... I was never any lower than 240. They hooked up an insulin drip but that only occasionally brought them down into the upper 100's, like 180 and 190's and stuff. This made me feel like complete crap, on top of already being weak and fatigued. I was totally and completely, absolutely, 100% miserable, capital M.

The doctors wanted another cervical check at 6am on February 16th, and I argued with them about it - I was afraid that all these cervical checks were just going to aggravate things. But they insisted that they had to know if there were any more changes. I finally agreed, and at 7am I was checked... still 80% effaced, still 5cm. My hopes surged! Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I was keeping this baby in, after all.

I got up to use the bathroom around 1pm and felt... strange. A little pressure now? Hmm. I immediately got back in bed and called the nurse. She looked very worried when I told her that. She asked, "Any contractions?" and I said, "No. I haven't had even one since around 4am." She glanced at me, then my monitor, then left. The doctor came in at 1:30 pm and talked to me. He said, "You know feeling pressure is never good, right? Particularly when you weren't feeling that before you came in here." He was right. Another cervical check.

Even without contractions, I was now 7cm dilated, 100% effaced, the bag of water was coming out into the birth canal. The doctor said it was "bulging". He couldn't feel the baby's head because of it so wouldn't give me an idea of what station the baby was in now, but said it had to be very low. He basically told me, "You're going to have this baby soon. You need to call your husband."

I was so upset! So worried for my baby. So miserable for myself. I know it sounds selfish but I had been in labor for nearly 2 days now, and between that and the stress, the worry, the missing my kids terribly, the not eating for nearly 2 days, the high blood sugars, all the IV's and pricks and pokes... I just sobbed. I called my husband at 2pm and told him the fight was over, she was coming anyway, to just come to my bed side. He got there around 3pm after he found a babysitter on short notice and grabbed a few things for me.

The doctors ordered one last pill for me around 2:30 pm, out of desperation I guess. I had begun the mild, weak contractions again and they were just doing whatever they could do to stop it, I guess. I didn't see the point and told them so. They insisted. I took it. Wish I hadn't now!

I really think that pill is why, even in the last stages of labor, I never felt a real contraction. ALL of them were those weak little contractions I'd been having sporadically for the past 2 days. But yet, I kept dilating. I was 8cm by 3:30 pm, and felt more and more pressure. I told the nurse I felt really bad around 4pm, and I threw up quite a bit. I suddenly felt the urge to bear down. She checked me in a hurry and found I was 9cm. She told me to breathe through it and we did it, together. I was thankful for her support. I think I didn't stop crying once. I just kept thinking about my little Amelia staying in the NICU for the next few weeks.

My water broke at 4:22 pm, and I thought, "Here we go, we're going to hit the big contractions now." Never did. It was so frustrating... You may think I was lucky not to feel those big, painful contractions but honestly, your body NEEDS those. I didn't even realize how much until that point. It complicated things so much.

At 4:45 pm, I began bearing down and pushing without trying to... I told the nurse I had to push. Everyone rushed in. This was the hardest part of all. Even now, while pushing, I only felt tremendous, enormous pressure and burning but no contractions, just slight cramping. They would NOT let me sit up or anything - they wanted me pushing on my back, feet in stirrups. I got so frustrated. Two nurses pulled my legs back to help me. They elevated the bed. I began sobbing. Another nurse held the contraction monitor on my belly to tell me when I was having a contraction because all that I felt was that awful, intense, overwhelming pressure, like I was coming apart from the bottom up. It was constant, so without the nurse guiding me I did not know when to push and when to stop. I was dizzy and light headed from pushing so hard. It went on and on. Someone put an oxygen mask over my face at one point. I don't even know who. It seemed like it would never end.

Forty minutes after I began pushing, she began to crown. That was the hardest part. She was small but it felt like she was 10 pounds! Amelia Grace was born at 5:19 pm, on February 16th, 2011, after 47 hours of labor and 40 minutes of pushing. 4 pounds and 9 oz!

I am so thankful for her. She was completely unplanned, the pregnancy was hard, and the labor/delivery even harder, but I thank God for her and I go through all of that again, for her. She's the cutest thing... Very, very chubby which shocked me - she LOOKS like she's 7 or 8 pounds because she has a double chin and tiny little fat rolls! It's sooooo cute! When they told me how much she weighed, I blurted out, "Are you sure that's all?!" and the nurse said, "Yep - we put her on the scale twice because those cheeks fooled us, too." She's got a whole head full of brown hair, and her eyes right now are dark blue. I will post pics as soon as I can.

She got the full dose of steroids so is breathing on her own and always has, but she had to have an IV line from her belly button for fluids & glucose because she had an issue with some low blood sugars for a few hours after birth. They just pulled that out today and I got to hold her for the first time!! Her other issue is, she doesn't eat well. At all. Whether it be bottles or nursing, she just isn't that interested and doesn't have a good latch at the moment... I'm pumping like crazy and am working on nursing now, so I'm hoping soon enough she'll get the hang of it. I just attempted to nurse her for the first time yesterday afternoon, when I first held her. She has a feeding tube in place until she learns to eat better. I'm still pretty beat up - I got pinched nerves in my back, my blood sugars still aren't stable because of those steroids, and I generally just feel like I've been run over by a train several times. But I am hanging in there.

Well, ladies, that is my story. Like I said, when I get a free moment I will post pics of her! I can't wait for you guys to see her little chubby face.

Thanks again to all my lovely fellow DDC members for their support & kindness.

* * *
Just added pics of her, on the next page.


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Re: Welcome, Amelia! My 47 hour preterm, drug free labor... *LONG*

Congrats and I hope her NICU stay is as short as possible. Can't wait to see pics!
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Re: Welcome, Amelia! My 47 hour preterm, drug free labor... *LONG*

Congrats- hope she comes home soon!
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Re: Welcome, Amelia! My 47 hour preterm, drug free labor... *LONG*

So sorry it was such a horrid experience Can't wait to see pics of beautiful Amelia and congrats again mama!
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Re: Welcome, Amelia! My 47 hour preterm, drug free labor... *LONG*

She sounds beautiful. Can't wait to see her! Congrats! Hope you both are well, healthy and home as soon as possible.
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Re: Welcome, Amelia! My 47 hour preterm, drug free labor... *LONG*

Congrats, I love her name! I hope Amelia gets to come home soon!
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Re: Welcome, Amelia! My 47 hour preterm, drug free labor... *LONG*

I completely understand how difficult your labour/delivery was, when I gave birth to my 29 weeker 15 months ago it was the most horrible experience of my life. Because he was so early, the medical staff weren't even allowed to check my cervix or give me pain meds at all because that could be considered inducing me and I could have sued if something had happened to the baby. Once I finally convinced them that I knew the baby was crowning (my water had already broken, and I was in a triage room the entire labour, they refused to move me to the ward!), they decided to wheel me down to an operating room to deliver-this is when I lost it, sobbed so uncontrollably from the triage to the operating room I ended up having a panic attack and given drugs to calm me down (I had never been in an operating room for any reason before in my life, had never been in this hospital before or had even met the doctor delivering before this moment!)...I am so determined not to ever go through something like that again, it traumatized me so much that I am seriously considering a c-section this time...
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Re: Welcome, Amelia! My 47 hour preterm, drug free labor... *LONG*

can't wait to see pics, Sarah Glad she is breathing on her own Hope she gets the hang of the eating/nursing down soon Hope you feel better too!
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Re: Welcome, Amelia! My 47 hour preterm, drug free labor... *LONG*

Thanks so much for sharing your story. Will be praying that she gets the hang of eating soon! Good job! I'm so impressed with how you handled everything!
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Re: Welcome, Amelia! My 47 hour preterm, drug free labor... *LONG*

Awww girl. I am so glad i came in here to read. I had no idea you posted your birth story here! God blessed you with little Amelia and I know all will be just fine with both her and you! I am so sorry your labor and delivery wasn't everything (or anything) you wanted it to be, but the important thing is she is here and doing well. I can NOT wait to see her precious face!!!

I am lifting you both up in prayer. I hope you are feeling better and back up on your feet soon!!!
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