View Poll Results: Will you or did you teach your child to ride a bike
Yes 131 92.91%
No 3 2.13%
Not sure yet 0 0%
Other 7 4.96%
Voters: 141. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

Yes. They all knew how to ride bikes as soon they became mobile, we try to teach 2-wheel riding before kindergarten.


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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

Oh my gosh yes. We got our daughter a balance bike at 18 months or so. She's almost 3 now and doing great. She prefers to scratch around in the garden most of the time, so she's not perfect but she's on track for sure. A bicycle is something every kid ought to have.
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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

Yes, our kids ride bikes, the two oldest without training wheels. I could not motivate them to try without training wheels for the longest time, but between the neighbors all riding without them, and a cousin that came to visit, a little peer pressure was all my kids needed to get out there and do it. Of course we had some scrapes from falling, but that's just part of learning to ride a bike, isn't it?
My 4 year old has a bike with training wheels, and is finally figuring out the coordination of pedaling forward and not pushing back and putting her brakes on all the time.
My kids also love to ride their scooters, but where we go camping, there are no paved roads for scooters, it's mostly gravel, so bike riding is an important skill.
My kids do not know how to roller skate though.
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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

They either learned on their own, or had help from their siblings.
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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

I don't really get it???

All 3 of our kids ride bikes and have since they were 3-4ish. What is there to teach? Our kids have just gotten bike with training wheels and went at it. the boys learned how to ride without training wheels 2 years ago, on their own. I guess maybe you mean learning to ride without training wheels? We attempted to teach our oldest boy one summer and he just wasnt' ready, the next summer though, both boys asked for thiers off and just took off.
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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

Originally Posted by MyLovely View Post
Absolutely! I can't imagine not being able to ride a bike.

I also don't really think it's fair to blame electronics/technology. I'm sure since the beginning of time, parents have been blaming new technology. "Huktu, how can we expect our kids to grow up strong now that the wheel is invented?! Those lazy kids, getting to pull their dead sabertooth tigers on a cart instead of on their backs, how WE did it! Society is going to collapse!"
I wonder if this is directed towards my comment. Let me rephrase that. Parents would often rather leave their kids glued to an electronic device than make them get some fresh air. Case in point. My dh's grandson is 8 and his mother never ever takes him outside. Ever. She even admits she's too lazy. He usually sits on the computer, watches tv, or plays video games. All.Day.Long. Which would be why he weighs 120 pounds at age 8. But that's another topic. So maybe it's not technology per say, but you have to admit there is a lot more out there to entertain kids. Everywhere I go I see kids with Ipads. What happened to good old fashioned paper and crayons?
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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

Absolutely. 5yo DS has a bike but he just doesn't have much interest in it...every once in awhile he'll want to try to ride it, so we get out there with him and encourage him (he *can* peddle, he just doesn't like to). Since he's never shown much interest, we haven't pushed him, but its there and available with training wheels, ready to go whenever he wants to try. He simply prefers running or riding his scooter vs. riding a bike right now. DD will be 3 in a couple weeks and I think we're getting her a small bike for her b-day, we haven't decided for sure yet. We've had DS's and my niece's bikes outside and DD hasn't shown any interest at all, and she still ignores the multitude of tricycles we have as well.
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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

Originally Posted by Pikemommy View Post
That really makes me feel bad for your oldest. I hate the "I'm too busy with my other kids" excuse for things (and I don't just mean riding a bike). When there's a will there's a way, heck it took my DS 5 minutes to figure it out (with training wheels of course) and DD is 2 and can tear around on the tricycle. We never taught her she just picked it up while we were playing outside.

Edited to add: I don't mean to criticize, I can't imagine how busy you are with 2 sets of twins... my heart just broke when I read your comment. Probably because it home a little, I often feel guilty I'm not spending enough quality time with my oldest because I am busy with the younger two kids.
Wow. I don't mean to be overly sensitive, but that really stung. You really think I don't spend quality time with my oldest just because I haven't been able to teach him to ride a bike??? It's not like he is 15 and can't ride. He's 5.5. He has never even shown an interest or asked. He has a trike and he isn't all that interested. (All 3 of them know how to ride their trikes, BTW.) If he really wanted to learn, we would definitely find the time to teach him. It's not like he is asking and we are saying, "no." He has never asked. My other kids are not an excuse to not spend time with him. My older 3 kids spend a TON of time outside and I go out and play with them too. We just choose to do it in the grass, contained in my backyard most of time. My oldest gets plenty of quality time, both with and without his siblings. The others do also. Your heart does not need to break for my children. Just because the oldest can't ride a bike at this point doesn't mean that he is deprived or that I'm not spending quality time with him.

I'm sorry if that sounds rude. I'm just really shocked that I feel like I have to defend my parenting simply because my son doesn't know how to ride a bike.

Originally Posted by lilsoldiersmommy View Post
Your older 3 could learn at the same time. They could be on bikes or trikes. We have a very steep driveway, so we spray-painted a line that they ARE NOT allowed to pass without an adult. That includes just playing as well. It did not take them long at all to not pass it.
They actually all have trikes. They ride them on our back patio whenever they want to. (And, in the basement in the winter. ) Of the 3, my oldest is the least interested. One of my 3 year olds knows not to go in the street. The other knows, but does it anyway.

I guess I should have voted "yes" because we do plan to teach them. We just don't have an exact plan yet. Probably either later this summer or next summer when the 3 year olds are a year older and my husband isn't working so many hours.
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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

There's no question that our kids will know how to ride a bike. Well, unless they outright refuse. We are planning to get DS a balance bike when he is 18 months and let him cruise around on that to start this summer.
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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

OP- Is your question supposed to be ride ANY bike, trike etc or when can they ride a 2 wheeler.

To me Heather, you are doing just fine if they are riding trikes. My middle guy is 5.5 and rides a bike with training wheels and is NOT ready for 2 wheeler. ODS got one push at 5.5 and was spinning circles around DH two minutes later, he's a bit of a car, wheel nut. I think your first post came out like your kids have never ridden(sp?) any kind of bikes/trikes which is obviously not true. When your 5.5 year old is ready though I would take care of the other four kids and pop your DH/SO out with your oldest for an hour or so to learn a two wheeler.

We have so many bikes, trikes, scooters in this house that I actually just gave one away!

I will say that I was pretty shocked to see a neighbour boy last summer(6) barely be able to ride his bike with training wheels. He then got mad and gave up as my son was on a two wheeler and as mentioned he is fast. We live in a cul de sac, park and bike trails nearby and every kid here rides a bike. They are 100% baseball obsessed family and good at it, but yet can't ride a bike or have never had a swim lesson. Yikes, I'd rather the kids be a little more well rounded IMO.

The only thing I would say is that a friend recently asked if my 5.5 year old rode a bike and I said, well with training wheels still, is that what you mean. She said no, just any bike/trike. Turns out her oldest(9) had to have OC at age 4 to get him to ride the bike, along with other physical issues, and now her almost 5 year old doesn't ride either. So sometimes it can be an actual physical/medical reason. Actual takes a bit of coordination.

I agree that the ped did ask this question as a milestone for some age?

So strange as I never even thought that kids don't ride bikes or have problems until I saw the neighbour last summer.
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