View Poll Results: Will you or did you teach your child to ride a bike
Yes 131 92.91%
No 3 2.13%
Not sure yet 0 0%
Other 7 4.96%
Voters: 141. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

Originally Posted by cedricsmom View Post
To op, yes, to us it is very important that they can ride a bike.
To person quoted, start him now on a balance bike. We started ds on the specialized hotwalk whe he was 1.5 years old. He is now 3 years five month ad we bought him a specialized pedal bike for easter. Sice a week he is riding on his own without training wheels, we never had them on. The advantage of the balance bike is that they learn to balance and you can also take them on bike tours asap since they develope speed very quickly. I would definately recoomend the ivestment in a very good and light bike if your family likes to ride.
Yes. This!!!

I voted yes.

My DD is 3.5 and has been riding a two wheeler WITHOUT training wheels since three weeks after she turned 3. She probably could have done it earlier, but I just never thought of taking the training wheels of and having her try. We went the same route as the poster I quoted. We bought our DD the Specialized Hotwalk balance bike and she figured that out really fast. Pretty soon she was zipping all over the place on it. When I realized that she was coasting down hills with her feet up for long distances, I decided to give the two wheeler pedal bike a try. She had already mastered pedaling it with training wheels and had the balance part down from the balance bike, so it was just putting it all together. I gave her a big push to get started and she was off. So I can't really say I taught her, but I gave her the bikes to learn herself! Now she can get herself started and needs no help from us at all. She is a great bike rider! So cute to see such a little kid riding around on a bike without training wheels!


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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

Yes. The Kid has been riding a two wheeler (with no training wheels) since before his fifth bday and Ducky's had a balance bike since then (the balance bike was The Kid's and Ducky had a trike until then). I believe Ducky could ride a two wheeler with no training wheels right now but he's not good with falling/trying new things so a pedal bike would be a disaster for him right now. As far as I'm concerned, he can ride his balance bike until he outgrows it and then we'll get him a regular bike. I don't need to pressure him into doing something before he's emotionally ready. I learned to ride a bike when I was about 10 or 11 because I didn't have access to a bicycle until then. And even that bike had to be shared among four cousins so not too much time to ride bike.
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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

of course they will ride a bike, but we don't really teach them. They all have one available and we take the training wheels off when needed.
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My DD is 3 almost 4 and she still rides a tricycle. I was going to get her a two wheeler for her birthday in Aug. It will have training wheels though I imagine. I am pretty sure I was 5 when I learned to ride without the training wheels so I figure around the same for DD.

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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

Yes, Stella rides a bike without training wheels months ago. Maite just learned how to pedal on trike by herself like weeks ago.

They ride almost everyday.
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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

yep my kids were riding bikes no training wheels by 1st grade. My DD turned 3 in March she loves to ride her tricycle and wear her helmet. She likes to wear elbow pads and knee pads too. She also has a 3 wheel scooter she rides. We have one in the house and one outside hahahah. We will probably get her a small bike with training wheels for her 4th birthday. I think its great exercise! With my DSs we use to draw places with chalk to stop like a little village and stuff. We bought a play gas tank. They would play pretend for hours.
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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

Yup! My oldest 2 already know how (My DD has training wheels, DS1 does not) We plan on getting DS2 a trike/big wheel next year and probably a 12" bike the year after that..

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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

I didn't teach her... I just put the bikes in the backyard, and she and her friends just figured it out. Once they learned to balance, then they started to learn to pedal. (By age four)
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Re: Will you/did you teach your child to ride a bike?

DS got a strider balance bike when he was 2...last summer at 3.5 he mastered it. Then when DD was born we bought DS a "Big Boy Bike" w/ training wheels (at 3.75 yr). He wanted the "twainers" off this winter so we took them off. Then he rode around with help of DH. He fell down and wanted to go back to his Strider. So he did.

Then all of a sudden last week we were outside. I was setting out diapers to sun and all of a sudden he SHOT out of the garage on his bike! Started and stopped all by himself never fell down. He was so estactic! And so was I Just out of no where did he start riding his bike! And hasn't stopped! I was amazed and so is everyone in the neighborhood, that he mastered it like that and less than 4.5 years old.
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