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Ok, I would like to hear some you let you kids play video games and if so what age did they start? How many hours do they spend playing a week?
My 6 year old boys don't have a game system. Their friends at church do.....even a few 4 year olds do. I honestly hadn't planned on even buying one for them. I don't want them doing only that; and yes, I do know that I have control over that. I guess I just don't feel it's the right entertainment for my kids.


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My kids have all started on computer/video games at around 4. However, they are limited. They have a set amount of electronic time and during that time they can watch tv, play on the computer, or play a video game (either the DS or the Wii). They have more time on non-school days than on school days.

The Wii was bought for the whole family and the DS's sort of were. One is technically my son's, but the whole family shares them (we have 2). When we moved from Alaska to Nevada we opted for those instead of a portable DVD player.

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I am not fond of video gaming systems. We are getting a Wii, but it will go down in the basement in DS' "therapy room" and will be used as something to give him some active play during bad weather (we had a rough winter sensory wise since he couldn't get out much.)

My sister gave DS some sort of handheld thing- a leapster or vtech something or other- and DS didn't have much of an interest. He'd much rather play with legos or blocks. I ended up giving it away and DS never even realized it was gone.
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My husband and I play games so we do have game systems. DS is 4 and has played a little but it’s pretty rare. Maybe once every few months? He’s not really interested and the ones he does play are the physical ones on the Wii, but he still gets bored or frustrated pretty quickly.

He does have Leapster that he plays more. His OT suggested it because he had no interest in writing or coloring so she thought he might like the games and get practice writing by using the stylus. He still doesn’t use that very much so we’ve never had to limit his time with it. The most he’ll use it in one sitting is 15-20 minutes.

Lastly, we let him on the computer to play on He plays there for maybe 20 minutes twice a week.

All in all I’ll say it’s maybe 1.5-2 hours a week at the most on any video/computer games.
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as I sit here, my 3 and 6 year old are playing mario We got the Wii as birthday present for DH from his parents last June. The 6 year old didn't start playing it until dec right after turning 6. My 3 year old didn't start playing it until probably a month or so later.. almost 3 1/2. I'm shocked at how well my 3 year old does.. better than me! haha! I let them play way too much. we let them play for a little bit and then make them "take a break" for a while. the LOVE to play, of course. I have a love hate relationship with letting them play. I was against DH getting the Wii, but I had little control over that since his parents bought it any way. At least they gave us the Wii fit for Christmas and I will get some use out of that as soon as I am healed fully from my c/s.
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We have an Xbox Elite with the Kinect. Our kids rarely play it, but I don't mind letting them play the Kinect Adventures. I do want to get them the Kinectimals game.

They do play on the computer quite a bit.
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My kids play. My husband has always been into playing Halo, a lot more when my oldest was a baby but throughout the years he's always gotten the new versions of the game and plays maybe a couple times a week.....if that...and just for short periods of time. Well the boys have gotten into it because it's something Daddy likes. I didn't like it at first because they are shooting things, but they realize it's just a game and not real. They all started playing around 3-4yrs old. They play other Xbox games like Star Wars, mostly lego games..and then the Halo. We don't let them just play constantly though, they play some weeks most days then sometimes they'll go weeks without playing at all, but we won't let them sit there for long periods of time playing. It's kind of a daddy/son thing on the weekends, they will usually play 1-2hrs all 4 of them together.

Oh and my older 2 have ipod touches so they play games on there and then also them and my youngest on my husband's ipad. We aren't super strict with the amount of time they spend playing but plenty of time is spent doing other things
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My hubby is a gamer. As I type this, he has a sleeping baby on his chest, and he is playing Portal 2. He has all the game systems (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, all the "old systems" as well). I won't even tell you how many PC games he has (I think his last tally was well over 100 )

That said, my kids all play (well, not the baby) games. Not so much when the weather is nice, but in the winter, I let them play too much. Hubby has a lot of educational games on the pc that dd1 will play. Ds just hits buttons and doesn't understand much, but I he will soon enough. Dd1 will play during nap time while I try to get stuff done, so about an hour a day. I'm sure some think it's too much, but I really don't have any problems with it. (no flames please!!)

Now, on our trip back to ND, I have every intention on letting the kids play their leapster and nintendo ds, and watch movies until their brains rot and turn to mush, as long as it's a peaceful 3 day trip back.

Should I mention he also has this book: ?

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I have one 7 year old and we have a wii. The wii though is for the wii-kend. He's not allowed to play it on school days. It keeps him from getting bored with it and/or spending too much time on it. He also has a nintendo dsi that he is mostly only allowed to play on the airplane (we travel alot) or in a long car ride. Limiting the dsi also keeps him interested in it when he does get to play it. It will keep him busy for an entire flight or long car ride.

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ODS started when we got the wii around age 5 and I think the handheld DS soon after.

Then little brother got his DS around age 5.

They are funny as sometimes they would go months and months without playing and then they play too much so I have to be strict. Just depends if they get a new game at xmas etc.

The two neighbour boys have wii and they now all play together although it seems we (the parents) all have them play outside at least when it is nice weather. Really only one of the kids seems very into it, maybe because he's an only child, p's are very busy with work etc(yes I know not every only child is like this as my nephew is and he doesn't have much interest in his wii/ds).

DS2 who's 5 was showing his pal at preschool the other day his DS, pal has one too, and a grandma at the top of her voice said to her grandson..."No, you can't have any computer games until you are 7".....she's a little in your face as it is but I thought it was a little rude to say on front of 30 people. My second thought was by age 7, DS1 is in first grade, has been taking computer lessons for 2 years in school and I know he would be a lot more proficient then a child who had NEVER used any computer. Just the way the world is these days.

Now, if I said to my you want to go outside for a walk/bike ride or stay in and play the wii?......Well, I know hands down I would be ran over while they ran out the door and the wii/ds would be long forgotten about.

I used to let them do the PBS games on the PC which was fun for them and I suppose more educational, decent exposure to computers too.
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