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We don't own a game system of any type and mine are 10, 7, and 2. However they do get to play some games on the computer, but we limit the time they spend on there. My kids play the Wii at a friends and it looks kind of fun and they can be active doing it so maybe that will be a christmas present next year. I am not real fond of video games for kids because I feel they should be outside playing and doing other things rather than playing games, kwim? But for rainy days or something it would be nice to have something.


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dd 5yrs is our oldest, so the topic hasn't really come up in our house too much yet. i'm pretty against having any gaming system in the house though. i'd much rather that the kids are playing outside or something. i do need to start teaching her how to use the computer though since it's a necessary skill these days.
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our kids all started around 3 or 4. But we dont' let them play whenever they feel like it. They have to earn it mostly. We have sticker charts...they earn stickers for doing chores, homework, trying new foods, being extra kind to someone or responsible, etc. fill up a row of stickers(10) and you get 2 hours of video games, fill up the whole chart(50) and they get to "draw out".(its a little bowl with pieces of paper that have special activites on them, like renting a video game/movie, slumber party, new book, new animal, pinic, anything we can do for under 10 bucks)
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We have an xbox & kinect too. My son walks around with the controller but it doesn't work and he has figured it out. He doesn't really let my husband play and he's too little. I don't have an issue with it in moderation but our thing will be it belongs to dad/us and he will not own one till he moves out and we control it. They now can be locked down (or you just unplug it) with kid controls. Our son loves the ipad and some of the educational stuff is helping him so we let him on it in limited doses at night only. I'd rather him play at home than at his friends houses as if he plays it here the only way he will is with his dad so it will be highly monitored.
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DS got a Leapster for his 4th bday (he's 5 now) and we have a couple games for the Wii for him & our 2.5 yo DD. Neither kid plays very often at all, they just aren't into them. DS *does* like to play on the computer, he has a couple bookmarked/approved sites ( and pbskids.og) that have age-appropriate & educational content. He's off and on throughout the day, maybe ten to fifteen minutes at a time, no more than an hour a day. He's only allowed to play if he's done his schoolwork for the day (we homeschool), followed rules/behaved, and has all of his other chores done and toys cleaned up. DD likes to watch him while he plays, but doesn't show much interest in trying to play by herself.
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My husband has always been into video games, and against what I would have preferred, he let the kids play them pretty young (by 4). Our x-box broke about three weeks ago and I am so happy. The boys have been playing together more, playing more board games and wanting to do other things. It is being fixed right now, but there are going to be major limits set when it comes back in.
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I think once in a while is ok but I'm not letting my kid turn into a nonstop game player/tv watcher. Hubby recently introduce him to video games (gee, thanks) so sometimes it's a fun thing that they do together. My son is almost 5.
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We have a wii, xbox 360, 2 DSs & 2 PSPs. The wii was a family gift from gma and gpa a few years ago and only DH, me and ODS played it. Then DS 1&2 would play them on mario kart online. The olders both can play the wii and xbox now and they play things like mario galaxy, kart, super mario, nba 2k11, madden 11.... Dh plays call of duty on the weekends after the kids are in bed, never when theyre awake and the kids dont even know it exists because he keeps it up high. Youngest DS is 3 and he and I play Elmo and Cookie Monster games on the DS together. DHs PSP was bought a while ago for deployments and DS got one later so they could play against eachother.

They mostly play on weekend mornings when its too early to be outside but occasionally will play on a weeknight while i make dinner.

Forgot to add that my 3yo uses Starfall daily for about 15 mins to go along with a learning program we follow.
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All three of mine play. The 5 year old the most, he plays angry birds on the computer and bejeweled. My nearly three year old plays angry birds as well but she can't make the birds go the right way. The 1 year old tries to play, she likes the music. They only play before breakfast 10-15m tops. We have no other gaming systems and we have no tv.
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Nope. We have a Xbox (they don't use it) and the kids like to play occasional games on the computer if I ok it like starfall and other educational based stuff. I think I started letting them do that more and more last year, sooo 6-7yrs? They have a limit on how long they can play. I usually say about 20 minutes per kid. Our oldest ds wants a nintendo DS badly but from what I've seen of my friends kids, I don't approve. They come over to visit or we visit them and all they do is sit and play DS and ignore my kids which is irritating to dh and I and hurtful to the boys. We almost bought them the xbox kinect but I'm glad now that we decided against it. Maybe later, but I just see them whining to do that constantly. It's all very addictive.
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