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Noah has been playing since he was 5. We have 2 xbox 360's, PS3, and a Wii. We have had a dsi and a psp but they rarely got played.

I see nothing wrong with them as long as you limit the time.


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We only have a ps2 and nintendo... That being said I love gaming but haven't even hooked up my ps since shortly after dh and I got married. My dd is only 2 1/2 no video games yet.
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I see nothing wrong with them as long as you limit the time and choose the content wisely.

My younger two enjoy watching their older brother (9yo) play his 30 minutes of EARNED time on the Xbox. Either Kinect games or TimezAttack (multiplication PC game) or racing type games.
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When my 6yr old was 3 he was whooping ex dh's friend's a$$'s on soul calibur 4 on xbox live. He also has played Gears of War and also beat Star Wars Force Unleashed..3yrs later he still plays the DS now n then, he's not really into it as much as he used to be.
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We own a Wii that Gma got us but its only been on 4x. DH and I played Mariocart after the kiddos went to bed. None of our boys have ever played a video game and have no access to them.
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DF's DS doesn't do much except for leapfrog handhelds. He's 4.

When I was little (3+) I was all about my gameboy and my brother's nintendo and ps1. I also had those educational game fake laptops and such. Once I got into kindergarten I got into computer games, as we started learning computers then. Reader rabbit, magic school bus, oregon trail, and carmen san diego were my things.

Mom never restricted our time, but we never wanted to be inside. Neither does DF's DS. Outdoor bunch here! Maybe the lack of AC contributed a bit too

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My son has been playing video games since 3 years old but it was only Wii sports and Jumpstart on the Wii. He is 4 now and I don't allow him to play often and he can only play Mario games or other child games. Absolutely NOTHING with shooting and violence.

I mainly only let him do the Wii Sports and Sports Resort so he can be active indoors since I live in an apartment complex. He jogs miles and miles on the freerun and loves yoga. :-)

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My 6 yr old has played off and on since close to 4. I think she had a leapster at 3 but couldn't figure it out. She'll play the leapster, leapster explorer, and ds. She is such an advanced reader that the learning part of the leapsters don't hold her interest for long so she prefers the ds. Some weeks she plays quite a bit but then she'll also go a good month or more without wanting to play at times. So it all balances out I feel.

My 3 1/2 yr old wants to play video games but struggles to figure them out. She can do parts of a couple leapster games. The ds is above her so far - she tries sometimes but gets very frustrated.

My 18 mo old wouldtotally be playing as well if we'd let him get his hands on a game system.
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My stepsons have been playing since they each turned 3 on a PC, they're 12 and 13 now. It started with learning games and the time limit was 15m total daily. As they got school age it went up to 30m daily. We also started letting them play WoW with the condition that they had to read everything that popped up on screen. It did wonders for their reading skills. We couldn't get them to touch books so we made them quest in game. Lots of reading. It helps with math and social skills too, surprisingly.

We don't have WoW anymore, but we still pick games that we think will help them in school (shh, don't let them know that). They aren't all learning games per say, but you do need to read, use math, logic, etc. We no longer have time limits with them, but we do have the rule that for every 15m of computer/TV time they have to be physically active for 30m. Works great. When they are here they'll spend hours playing out side to get 2 hours of computer/TV time. It's awesome. They can also earn time by doing chores not on their chart; like mowing the lawn, weeding, shoveling snow, vacuuming, etc. Since we've had this rule for so long, it's just a habit for them to be active before getting on the computer or watching a movie.

We also have no problem banning games. They aren't allowed to get a new game until we've tried it out to see if it's excessively violent or contains material of a sexual or adult nature. It makes them angry sometimes that they can play one game at mom's house but can't at ours. We just feel that certain games are not appropriate for their age (think GTA, GoW, ect).
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My 10 year old has a nintendo DS that she got 2 years ago fro Christmas. My 6 year old has a leapster that used to belong to her big sister around age 5? The 6 year old got it when she turned 5. Both the 6 year old and 10 year old are allowed on my laptop to play internet games but on a very monitored basis. Playhouse disney and PBSkids only for the 6 year old and Wizard101 for the 10 year old. I do supervise them, especially the 10 year old because wizard101 has the capabilities to "talk" to people and send them messages. She knows how dangerous it can be to give people any information over the internet even if they sound cool and sound like htey are her age. That said, I do supervise very very closely like I said. They have a WII at their dad's house but it's mostly his and they play maybe once a month for an hour or so. They don't get a ton of time at all. Otherwise, tha'ts it. I personally allow them 30 minutes on average per day of game time. It could be raised to 60 minutes or more if it's been a few days since they've played(and that does happen) but on average 30 minutes a day. They don't have tons of gaming consoles and play violent games and have unlimited internet time like most kids their age. I limit their games to Mario, Sonic, cooking mama, educational games like mathblaster, etc. Nothing where you would injure or kill someone or something.
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