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About 5-7 years old. Only through the city though. Otherwise it's outrageous.
My kids make friends, enjoy the team parties and learn what it feels like to be part of a team.

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Re: What age to start organized sports

My daughter took skating lessons last year at a out 2 1/2 years. She did learn to skate at them, but didn't listen to anything the teachers said. It was frustrating to me, because the main instructor was obviously childless, because she would just shoot us glares when my daughter wouldn't listen. And it isn't like my daughter was being obnoxious, she just was too young to comprehend the moves they were supposed to do. She will probably be starting hockey this fall, as she understands how to follow directions now, and for some fun social interaction.
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Re: What age to start organized sports

My son started soccer this year two weeks before he turned 4. Its an hour long and he usually tuckers out 1/2 way through, but its been good for him as far as learning the structure of the game and teamwork.

The kids I nanny for did T-ball last year at age 4.

I think the 4-5 range is perfect. Younger just dont have the focus, and any older and you seem to be "behind"
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Originally Posted by 3sweetboys

This is what I was concerned about. I'm so glad that we missed the birthday cutoff by 2 days. DS would have had to be in coach pitch without ever playing tee ball and I know he would have hated it. Those kids are 7-9. They start them in Wee Ball at 3 here, so by 9 these kids are awesome. We watched a game on Saturday and I couldn't believe that's the level he'll be playing at next season!
7-9 is old for coach pitch. Ours do coach pitch at 5-6. Then the 7-8 year olds play machine pitch. They have to hit off the machine at 40 mph. 9-10 year olds play live arm, where they pitch.

It is very competitve here, they now have an all star team for coach pitch. Where they go to state competiton.

I went to a tball game last night for my cousin and half of the kids were crying or running around having to pee or needing a drink. About 3 from the other team would cry everytime they went up to bat. But then others were out there having a blast! I think it just depends on each individual childs maturity level.

I know Emma would do wonderful in dance but tball no way. Too many distractions out there for her lol.
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Re: What age to start organized sports

DD started Tae Kwon Do the day before she turned 3 and it's been great. The class range is 3-5 but most of the kids are 3-4. DD is the youngest. The instructor is a child whisperer, I swear. How else can you wrangle a bunch of 3-4 yo.s for an hour while kicking and jumping and get them all to listen? They learn respect, call adults 'sir/ma'am', to listen, to stand & wait in line, to cheer each other on, to introduce themselves, all in addition to learning TKD. Ridiculously expensive but worth it.

She is also taking soccer (with parent) 1 day a week. This, on the other hand, is organized chaos. The age range here is 3-5 as well and there's too big a gap in coordination, strength and skill btwn 3 and 5. I think 4 or 5 would have been better but 3 of her little buddies are taking the same class and she wanted to take it. AND its a great deal thru our rec district - $25 for 4 classes, 1/wk plus their own soccer ball and a t-shirt. I'll wait another year or two before signing her up for another class.
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