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Talking Oh the things you don't plan for - William Alexander's Natural Hospital Birth (LONG)

Around 11pm on June 9th I woke up to mild contractions. 6-7minutes apart, not very strong, so I went back to sleep. I woke up again around 4am, still mild, 3-4minutes apart, but I knew I needed as much rest as possible, and if I could sleep through them I should. Ones that weak weren't enough to get me riled up. By 8am I was up, and while they had spaced back out, the contractions were getting stronger. I called my midwife and doula to give them a heads up, explain what had been happening, and see what they said. I decided to just wait it out and see if they got closer or stronger, if walking would help, etc. I was hopeful it would be soon.

By 8pm that night I couldn't talk or walk through them, so we decided to head into the hospital. We headed out and got there around 11pm (it's an hour away and I took a shower, packed, etc. first; taking my time hoping to be decently far by the time we got there.) I got checked and was a loose 3cm. Kind of disappointing, but I knew everything is progress toward seeing my beautiful boy

After 4hrs of moaning and grunting my way through them, changing positions with the help of my doula, and trying to give in to let them progress me, I was almost 4cm DF made jokes with me to ease the stress, he was good at it. I would mention my gigantic stumps for feet, and he would say, "Your lovely lady stumps?" and start singing/dancing. I love him. I got some morphine to try to get some sleep and hopefully relax enough to be able to bump it up into active labor when I woke up. I woke up during each contraction, so I didn't really get anything except more frustrated and loopy on top of that

7am rolls around, I'm wide awake, and again showing at 4cm 8hrs of contractions and not even a whole centimeter of progress? I was so discouraged. We decided to go home and try to get further along there, to avoid a pit conversation were we to be admitted and keep going this slowly.

I tried to be positive, but I felt so broken and defective; like I was doing something wrong, or not doing something right. I realized this wasn't going to get me anywhere, so I tried to focus on each contraction, one at a time, and how it was going to get me one step closer.

By 6pm that night (the 11th) it was so difficult to get through each one. I wasn't sure I had gotten much farther with how slow things had been going, so as much as I wanted to go back, I decided to just call my midwife and ask her to prescribe that Ambien she had wanted to give me to try to let me sleep in between contractions. I was stressed, had been up for 57hrs with contractions at this point, and was so out of it and disheartened. DF went and got it, so I tried that through the night. Sleep wasn't happening despite all of that, so it was a long night.

The next morning the contractions started to get unbearable. I made sure to let go, relax, and moan my way through them, but I was convinced that I was dying LOL. I gave myself a hard time and was sure this was normal, and I was just being a weenie. Around noon I called my doula and midwife again, bawling in pain, pausing every 12min to groan my way through the pain, and admitted defeat. I asked about having pain medicine during birth, because I knew that anything more than this and I couldn't do it. They were understanding, but also tried to be supportive of my original unmedicated waterbirth wishes. My doula knew how hard it had been for me, and was reassuring in that sometimes in extremely stressful, long labors, pain medicine is understandable even to those most adamantly against it, and that if that's what I needed to relax enough to be able to let my son come, then I shouldn't be ashamed. My midwife agreed. They said they'd meet me at the hospital if I wanted to come in.

Let me take a moment to explain the "contractions" I was feeling at that point. It started like a normal, extremely strong contraction. It would peak, start to decline, and then end. It was then followed by the most insanely intense pain and pressure I've ever felt. I thought it was kind of like an earthquake. You know, they have those aftershocks? I didn't think to mention it, or even ask if it was normal. Sometimes these would coincide with the contractions, and make for a cocktail of evil and pain. I could only sit in one position, it took everything I had not to tense up, and I was certain I had to go poop, but every time I tried to, I had another "contraction" hit me and couldn't. This happened for 2 1/2 hours before we headed into the hospital. (Those of you that have had children before can probably see where this is going LOL.)

So I get dressed, and we get in the car. I call my doula and let her know we're on the way. A few seconds later, I had the most massive contraction thus far. I couldn't get into relaxation mode quickly enough, and I tensed up in the seat, lifted my butt off of it by pushing my hands down on the middle console and the door, and when it passed, I sat down... Onto what distinctly felt like a head... Coming out of my body.


I called my doula, flipping out like never before, having no idea what to do. We were still 45min from the hospital. She tried to calm me down, and started asking specific questions about my contractions, what exactly I felt when I sat back down, etc. I explained everything to her, including the feelings I mentioned before about the contractions, and how when I sat down I felt something bulging out, that went back in as I put my weight down. She said, "Tell Ashton to drive 80. Or if he feels safe enough, 100. You have to get here now. How far away are you?" I told her 30min at that point. She said, "Do you need me to meet you on I-20? We might be having this baby in the car. Can you fight the urge to push?" I said, "I have been for the last 3hrs (unbeknownst to me!), I think I can until we get there."

It was the longest 30min of my life. By the time we got there they had gotten to 2min apart. We pull in, and security is stopping traffic so the helicopter can take off. DF just sits there. I'm like, "WE CANNOT WAIT ON THE FRIGGIN HELICOPTER!!" So he yells out the window that I'm having a baby NOW, and gets waved around. Then, he decided that instead of dropping me off at the door and parking, or abandoning the car like a normal human being, he's going to slowly park on the 2nd level of the parking deck, and expect me to run with him to L&D. LOLLLLLLLLL. Mkay. Let me tell you how well that DIDN'T work out. I got 15steps from the car, and could NOT move another inch. If I did, baby was coming. I was crying and leaning on DF for support through each urge to push and each contraction, while he called my doula. She rushed to the parking deck, after having called my midwife, found a random guy with a wheelchair to speed me to the elevator where my midwife and multiple nurses were waiting with necessary equipment to deliver me in the parking deck if they had to (which apparently happens more often than one would think).

I got into a room and onto the bed to get checked. 10cm! (kind of a "duh!" moment, but I was surprised somehow and happy with myself) Then they hooked me up to the monitors, and started filling up the birthing tub, all of us hoping I would have long enough to get it ready and get in. Again we made jokes to ease the stress. I said, "After all of that effort and research, I still end up flat on my back in a hospital bed!" But then I saw my water bag pop out and explode like a balloon, shooting across the room, so the silly antics stopped.

I didn't even make it to the tub being 1/4 of the way full. 3rd push there was a hint of hair. 4th, crowning. 5th, his head was out. and on the 6th, he was on my chest. At 4:43pm my 6lb 2.5oz, 19in long miracle finally made his way into this world (after I finally stopped holding him in after 3hrs LOL). 74hrs of slow labor came to end end, and he was gorgeous.

I was in shock, so the jokes returned. I turned to DF and asked, "So, how constipated did I look when he came out. Honestly." And at some point I asked my doula, "How big of a weenie was I really? You don't have to lie, he's out now." She got such a kick out of our weird timing for odd humor. It's the only way I kept my sanity through it all, though.

My perineum was intact, but I did have a tiny tear at the tip top of the V of my labia. 2 stitches, nothing major. He immediately went for and latched onto my breast with the force of a champ. At that moment I decided he was a genius, and he was the most talented baby in the world He fed for a good 20min nonstop until this pesky, rude nurse (only icky one in the entire delivery) wouldn't stop bugging me to sign forms about my insurance. My doula wasn't having it and kept her at bay as long as she could, but in the end I had to stop him from nursing and sign before we could move to postpartum.

So we got settled in with our uncirc'd, nonvax'd, ebf, vit k and eye goop free babe, and haven't stopped adoring him since

I think the only thing we managed to do as planned was stay home for as long as possible. We may just hold a record for that LOL.

Overall, it was an insane, intense, exciting, mortifying experience that was nothing at all like I had envisioned. And I'm completely ok with that


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Re: Oh the things you don't plan for - William Alexander's Natural Hospital Birth (LO

aww -- this make me laugh and cry at the same time... what a trooper you were! I have an uncirc'd, nonvax'd, ebf, vit k and eye goop free babe as well!
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Re: Oh the things you don't plan for - William Alexander's Natural Hospital Birth (LO

That is a great story! I love that you went home from the hospital instead of staying there and going for the hospital ride. Home is often the best place to be!

And I totally know what you mean about not being able to walk AT ALL without pushing, and having to try to explain that to a MAN who is trying to get you to walk! I am amazed that you made it all the way to the hospital without having the baby in the car, hehe. I can't believe that they tried to actually monitor you at 10 cm! that just seems like overkill at that moment. (Having been there, although I guess my babe was actually crowning when we got there). They didn't even attempt to put on monitors; I think they did a hand-held monitor.

How many weeks were you?
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Re: Oh the things you don't plan for - William Alexander's Natural Hospital Birth (LO

Congratulations! Awesome birth story and such an adorable little guy
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Re: Oh the things you don't plan for - William Alexander's Natural Hospital Birth (LO

wow, great birth story! So happy that it did turn out well, mama. handsome little guy!
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Re: Oh the things you don't plan for - William Alexander's Natural Hospital Birth (LO

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Re: Oh the things you don't plan for - William Alexander's Natural Hospital Birth (LO

Congrats! What an exciting birth story! I love that you went home to ride out labor there. Congratulations on your sweet baby boy!!
Jamie, SAHM to Rosemary 5/08 and Faye 9/10
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Re: Oh the things you don't plan for - William Alexander's Natural Hospital Birth (LO

Fantastic! Congrats, mama
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Re: Oh the things you don't plan for - William Alexander's Natural Hospital Birth (LO

YAY! Congrats mama!
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Re: Oh the things you don't plan for - William Alexander's Natural Hospital Birth (LO

As I was reading your story, I thought it felt oddly familiar (especially since I could predict how it ended)....then I realized I had heard about it from your doula! I was at a blessingway for another of her mamas the day of your birth and she came and did henna and told us what a wild day she had had! Thanks for letting me hear the rest of the story!

Anjli was at your birth, wasn't she? She caught my VBAC baby on May 14th. I love her!
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