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Weaning? Night weaning? Help!

I know this should probably go in the weaning support area, but there aren't too many folks over there, so I thought I'd ask the general crowd here.... Sorry if it's not appropriate.

First off, let me just say that I'm torn about weaning DS. He's 10 1/2 months, and my goal has been to bf for a year and then I need to begin some medication that is not safe for bf'ing. I'm not that happy about it, but that's a whole other ballgame.

Here's my question/issue... DS is in daycare 4 hours a day. He does not drink a bottle the entire time he is there anymore. He nurses around 5 am before we get up for the day, and then when I pick him up at noon, but I keep sending milk with him and he never drinks it. He prefers to eat solids for breakfast/lunch there, and he will drink a little water from a cup while there (they use cups, not sippy cups). It's getting to where I'm not able to pump but about 2 ounces at work during that time, whereas a month ago I was pumping between 4 and 8 ounces, depending on how much he'd nursed in the morning.

So right now his nursing schedule is: 5 am, 12:30 or 1pm, 3pm, "little snacks" around 5pm, 7pm, 10:30pm, and then (to my sheer exhaustion), nearly every 2 hours after that until 5.

Is that normal? Is it okay to just quit sending milk to daycare? I don't see the point in pumping/sending milk if he's not drinking it. I'd rather put it in his oatmeal or something so he actually gets the nutrients.

I'd like to start the weaning process (which I see being gradual), with night weaning. The lack of sleep is really affecting me, and it's affecting my marriage (we're about to kill each other we're both so cranky), and DS really isn't getting the sleep he needs, either, because he's up and down so much. No matter how much I read up on it though, I'm not sure where/how to start. I don't believe in CIO, and we don't really co-sleep. So..... tips? We are going to be out of town this weekend, so I was thinking about starting the process of night weaning next weekend since it's a long weekend for us due to memorial day. Once he's night weaned, I will keep bf'ing if he still wants to up to a year.

Also, can I wean to goat's milk instead of formula at this age? I don't know why, but I'm just so unhappy with the idea of weaning to formula...for some reason it makes me feel like a failure? I know, I'm crazy. I hesitate to wean to cow's milk this early though. I think it would cause some stomach upset, and I know it isn't nutritionally complete.

Ultimately I'm sad. DS just learned the sign for "milk" and has been so excited using it, and it's hard for me to give that up. But honestly, he does love to eat solids more than anything else, and he likes a regular cup (still trying to master it). Any advice anyone?


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Re: Weaning? Night weaning? Help!

First, just let me say congratulations for making it this far, momma! You should be proud of yourself.

I would stop sending milk to daycare. If he isn't drinking it, it's just getting wasted. I'd use it for his oatmeal, etc.

I would wean to goat's milk before formula most definitely, but that's just me. Yes, it's safe. As long as he is getting nutrients from other sources of food (not solely relying on goat's milk to feed him all day) then it's really no issue. And it would probably be easier. BF babies tend to have a more difficult transitioning to milk as it isn't as sweet as breastmilk. Formula babies tend to to do better with milk because it's significantly sweeter. Thus, formula is going to likely be more difficult than even milk - though there are definitely exception and he might love formula.

And I would start with night weaning. I swore I would never wean my DD in any way, shape, or form; I wanted it to be completely up to her. Yeah, that lasted until she was 8 months. She was still nursing every 2 hours, 24 hours a day...exhausting. So I night weaned her. My DH and I are against CIO for us, but I guess in a sense that is what we did. There were tears involved. Instead of Mommy nursing her every time she woke up, Daddy got up with her. He'd rock her, sing to her, sometimes just rub her back. The first night was the worst. The first time she woke up she cried for nearly 1.5 hours while my DH did everything he could to soothe her. It was awful, it did go against my momma instinct, but it also got better. The second time she woke she cried for 45 mins. The next time 15. And the last 2-3 times that night only 5-10mins. It was exhausting for all of us, but less than a week later she was practically sleeping through the night, maybe needing Daddy to settle her only 1-2 times at night, and by 9.5 months she wasn't waking at night at all. So it was a relief. We were all sleeping, especially her, which we really needed. Do I have momma guilt over it sometimes? Yes. Can I see that it was really - for our situation - the best thing to do? Yes. So I am okay with it.

Sorry that was really long. I hope it helps you some.

As far as weaning completely, I have no tips or advice. My DD is 13 months and still nursing every 2 hours, ha ha. She isn't giving up anytime soon I do not believe.
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