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colace/infant suppositories-anyone??

my son has been battled constipation for six months or so now and he is starting to move into another really uncomfortable episode. we've heard that gently partially inserted suppositories can help a lot. Has anyone had experience with these or suggestions for me before i even attempt this??
marisa (and an uncomfortable August--the baby)


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Re: colace/infant suppositories-anyone??

I would say to discuss it with your pediatrician first. Ours recommended that we give DJ the children's glycerine suppositories a couple of times. It's not easy, but it worked wonders for him. One pharmacist told me that they didn't carry the children's suppositories so I should just cut an adult one in half. That made me a little nervous so I found a different pharmacy that had the children's ones. I'm not sure if everything is exactly the same between the two so I just felt better using the kid's one.

Have you tried less "drastic" measures already? Prunes, apple juice, massage, etc.? Someone told me that just inserting a q-tip barely in the anus would trigger a reflex to make them go. What's causing the constipation? Is it something in his diet? Iron fortified stuff?

I know it's hard...especially since people seem to think that it's not possible and therefore tend to brush it off as not a problem. Good luck...hope your little one gets some relief soon!
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Re: colace/infant suppositories-anyone??

Ds2 has had constipation issues for over 2 years. I don't know that I would do a suppository unless I really had to. I did do it once, after him not pooping for a week, and the ped saying we needed to do it before starting him on miralax. Unless its been a really long time, I would definitely do something else first.

When we used the suppositories, I was very concerned about inserting it too far. However, it kept falling out because I wasn't inserting it far enough, and I wouldn't realize it for a while. We did eventually get it right, but it meant a few tries over the course of an evening and the next morning. Not an experience I want to repeat.

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Re: colace/infant suppositories-anyone??

My 2 year old has battled constipation since she was about six months old (when I started formula) I always have gone for natural remedies rather than suppositories. Feeding high fiber foods and plenty of liquids has always helped her. For fruits, pears and pear juice works the best, for vegetables, peas are the highest in fiber. If he is on rice cereal switch to oatmeal because it has more fiber and really push the fluids. If he is on formula try giving water sometimes instead of all formula. My dd's ped told me I could stimulate her rectum but inserting a thermometer and the couple times I did it, it did work, but if I can totally prevent the constipation I do. Also avoid bananas, rice, and apples, they are all binding. If he gets white bread, switch to wheat. I hope this helps a bit, I know I have a lot more information packed away in this brain somewhere so if you have anymore questions you can always pm me.
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Re: colace/infant suppositories-anyone??

All of the dietary changes that people have suggested so far are perfect to start with if you haven't tried already. Although with my kids apples has always been something that will make them go instead of holding it in.

My son (14 mos.) has terrible feeding/gastro issues and we just (over Memorial Day weekend) were told to take him to the ER because he was literally turning purple and straining to poop. That didn't concern me as much as the bloody diaper that I changed later on that day. I did contact his specialist (on a Sunday!) and when she referred me to the ER I realized I had told her more than the amount of blood than was actually on the dipe. OOPS! So I called his pediatrician's office and they recommended the glycerin suppositories. (I had done prune juice and miralax (Rx) several hours and days before this so really nothing was working!). I knew he needed relief and couldn't sleep another night without relieving himself. After letting him take a warm bath for about 30 min. with my sister left in charge, I ran over to Walgreens and picked up the suppositories. They are very narrow (the infant ones) and it slid in easily. I just waited until I couldn't see it anymore and when he didn't squeeze it back out, I figured it was in far enough. Well, after 3 days of no BM, he had a BM the size of a LEMON within 30 minutes. I was mortified (must've been like childbirth for the poor guy!) After that the effects of the prune juice and the Miralax started to show up. For the next day he literally blew through every dipe we put on him.
SO................while the dietary changes are GREAT advice for next time. The bottom line is if he is really blocked up, it's not going to help the "stuff" that's packed in there and waiting to come out. I would consult your Dr. and see what they recommend, but if immediate relief is what you're looking for, the suppositories sure helped my little guy............................and I have a whole bottle on hand for next time too!!
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Re: colace/infant suppositories-anyone??

I haven't read other responses, but you could look into this:
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Re: colace/infant suppositories-anyone??

We find ourselves using the supositories pretty often, much to my chagrin - probably at least once every other week or so. DS also has some severe dietary issues, in addition, if his little world is not on a perfect routine, he won't poop. Once he has missed a day, he just won't poop at all until we get him going again. We have discussed with his pediatrician, and have a pediatric gastroenterologist to help with the other dietary issues, so we aren't using them lightly, but it really isn't that difficult.

If you have a miserable constipated baby, it is well worth the hassle. Also, according to many drs, keeping a baby from becoming severely constipated by treating constipation early can help prevent rectal nerve damage that can cause longer term issues with them not recoginzing that they need to go.

We could probably make do with a lubricated q-tip or thermometer, but IMO, the soft glycerine is a little safer than something hard like a thermometer. I *always* get the child sized. They are slippery enough that it would be a royal pain to cut up bigger ones. They slip right in for me, esp if you let them sit out for a few min to get a little "sweaty". I always insert all the way, but ds will not poop unless I do. He has just recently started not liking it, but even now, is easy to distract for the min it takes to get one in.

DS always poops witihin minutes, well before the supository has dissolved, so I know it is primarily the rectal pressure that's getting the job done. I just keep him on the changing table on a diaper until he is done. You will get solid poop (or really thick poop) first, then much softer stools afterwards. If you've got major constipation issues, a diaper won't hold it all anyway, so you might as well just hang out on a prefold until things start to empty out. I quite often lay several paper towels down on top of the prefold so that I can take them off one at a time and remove solids midway through - sometimes there is a lot of poop. Also beware - the poop can sometimes achieve some distance.

We try to make it fun - I sing him silly songs, he plays with changing table contraband, bicycle his legs, etc.

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Re: colace/infant suppositories-anyone??

"P" fruite (pears, peaches, prunes, etc..) and lots of water. Before I'd try the suppository, I'd try some gentle massage with a warm rag over the pinky tip. We did do the suppository with DD once an dhonestly, she didn't even have it start to dissolve before it came out. I'm quite sure it was the stimulation that triggered the going!
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