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Re: Nitrous for birth

There have been several other threads floating around that talk about nitrous for labor/delivery. If it was an option in the US, I would use it in a heartbeat.


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Re: Nitrous for birth

There was a thread about this just last week.

I used it in my first labour and it was helpful to take the edge off, but it doesn't remove the pain by any measure. I think it's a great drug as a first choice, obviously if you can go without it all the better but if the choice is between this and fentanyl or epi, it's far far safer and has no toxic effects on the baby. It is freely available in most western countries other than the US, my mom used it when she had one of my sisters in South Africa in the 80s, and when I was a labour coach for my friend a few months ago it was piped into all the labour rooms in Australia. All she had to do was mention 'I'm not coping, I need something'... and the midwife walked over to the wall, turned it on and gave it to her. At that point she was far too late for an epi anyway and it did help her get through the pain as well. You can be breathing it while on a birthing ball, in any position and it is a great method in my opinion if you just want a low level of relief. Plus because the effects are gone almost immediately if you decide not to use it it's totally gone from your body right away.
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Re: Nitrous for birth

I tink Nitrous Oxide sounds like a WONDERFUL option. I think it could be an awesome tool for moms who want to use it. I think it definitely should be offered in the US as a regular pain management tool. Why not?


recent research offers no evidence that epidurals increase the C-section rate (as natural childbirth advocates sometimes claim), they can slow labor, which may or may not increase interventions like vacuum extraction.
So... epidurals slow labor and increase interventions. How does that not lead to C/S again? Because I'm pretty sure those two things are exactly what leads to a higher chance of C/S.

Thanks for sharing the article!
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Re: Nitrous for birth

I think it is definitely something that should be offered routinely in the US as an option.
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I used nitrous during labour (not sure what part it all happened so fast!) and i found it really didn't do much. It really only made me forget the pain after a contraction since i felt like i was high lol (i've never used it before). It did help me with controlling my breathing though, so not a total loss. I think i would use it again, but it really did nothing to even mask the pain, so it's not like some wonder, miracle drug like i was hoping for
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I used/sold nitrous recreationally in highschool (yeah, I know, but whatever I was a bad kid) and I don't mean whip-hits either - I bought it on eBay. So, having a bit of experience with it - I don't see it helping a lot in labor. It makes you really high and definitely makes you forget pain (but doesn't dull it really) but you often experience periods of extreme lethargy - I would be concerned that it would have more of a tranquilizing effect than an epi and slow down labor more. The best thing about birth was the experience of it - I remember every detail and it was amazing (I had an epi 20 hours in and was able to laugh with my husband and really experience the whole thing for that last hour) and nitrous would just dull it. IMHO.

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Re: Nitrous for birth

I didn't find that the nitrous really dulled anything, tbh. It took the edge off the pain, but didn't inhibit movement or my ability to think. It was perfect for taking the edge off of a contraction, and the effects faded very quickly between. I didn't even realize that it wasn't a common option until I saw this thread!

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Re: Nitrous for birth

Here in BC it is available for all moms. There is a tank in every labour and delivery room! I've used it for all of my labours. It doesn't take the pain away just dulls it a bit. It wears off between contractions and is safe to use. They don't let you use it while you are pushing though. It is the first drug they offer because it is so safe. My labours have all been a little different and I have only had one labour where nitro alone was enough pain relief. I have one epi (36 hour labour) and the other two a combo of nitro and other injected pain meds.
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