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I had a ton of ultrasounds bc I had placenta previa. I had one at 8wks, then one at 20. After that it was about once a month, then I had 2 in the week they decided to section me. It stopped being exciting after about the third or fourth time. Oh yeah they also had to use the wand for the internal u/s every time. Fun.


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Re: Ultrasound?

I've had atleast 3 with all mine. Just had number 3 yesterday with this baby. They always end up wanting a late term us, because I have small babies.
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Re: Ultrasound?

With my first 3 pregnancies I also only had 2 u/s (one for dating and the 20 week scan).

My 4th pregnancy I had 6-8. I had the normal one for dating, then another a week later in the ER because I was bleeding/cramping, then the 20 week scan, then one at 24ish weeks by a perinatologist to check size of baby, then one at 30 weeks when my water broke prematurely to check fluid levels, and then I remember at least one more checking fluid levels a few weeks later. (The intial u/s were to check how baby was growing since DS1 was born nearly 11lbs, the later u/s were to check fluid levels due to premature rupture of membranes.)

This pregnancy, I am 16 weeks along and I have had 4. One growth scan, 2 more scans to check on a hemorrage, and then DH and I just had a Gender Reveal done. I will probably only have one more to check fluid levels and the baby's size and as long as everything progresses well I won't need anymore.
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Re: Ultrasound?

I had one at 7 weeks 4 days because of pains. I had one at 20 weeks where a partial previa was diagnosed so I had one at 33 weeks to check on that. I also had an emergency one at 30 weeks to check fluid levels. So 4 total.
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Baby 1 and 2 I had one u/s at 10-12 weeks. Baby 3 I had one at 10-12 weeks and one at 25 weeks or so at a 3D place to find out gender. Baby 4 I had one at about 25 weeks to find out gender.

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Re: Ultrasound?

DS - 2. 12w and 18w
DD - 3. 12w, 18w and 24w
#3 - 6 so far and hoping to be done with them now! 6w,8w, 2@13w, 20w, 30w.
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Re: Ultrasound?

If i go to 40 w I will have10
8w because ppaf never returned regular
20w anatomy
then weekly from 33 to birth for GD
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Re: Ultrasound?

4 total

I have only had one pregnancy. The first two were with my Reproductive Endocrinologist. The first was at 6 weeks and the second at 10 weeks both times to ensure viability and the pregnancy was progressing as it should. The third was the standard level 1 u/s midway through pregnancy. The last was at 40 weeks the ob said the baby didn't feel right and sent me for an u/s to make sure he was head down but he was breech so we scheduled a planned c section. None of the u/s's showed anything abnormal despite my son being born with 2 genetic syndromes and multiple birth defects.
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With my first I had one at 4 weeks to make sure it was in the right place, 8 weeks for a date scan, 16 weeks for measurements 20 weeks for gender and starting at 32 weeks I had one weekly to check the fluids.

With my second one at 8 weeks to date and one at 20 weeks for gender and measurements.
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Re: Ultrasound?

6, 8 and 20 weeks for routine u/s. I wouldn't have had anymore if my pregnancy was routine. I got PIH at 34 weeks and preE at 36 and had weekly u/s after 34 weeks. YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD U/S WHEN YOU GOT PIH (high bp), IMO! It is very important to monitor placental blood flow in PIH/preE babies, because it can cause fetal death/iugr/low oxygen if the blood flow is inadequate and monitoring it is the standard of care.
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