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Do Your Boy/Girl Children Like Each Other?

Now that DS is here I'm beyond thrilled to have 1 girl and 1 boy. They are already so different and I'm excited to parent one of each gender. But I've always grown up believing that two brothers or two sisters just have such a better bond than a brother/sister pair. And now I'm a little worried that they won't have a special bond because they will be too different. Anyone have any stories to share about your boy/girl siblings? Do they like playing together as young children? Do they manage to get along as teens? Any stories would be great. I feel a little silly asking since I grew up with a brother, but I just don't remember whether we played together much.


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Re: Do Your Boy/Girl Children Like Each Other?

Growing up I had 2 sisters and 1 brother. My older sis and I were very close in age and got along (mostly). We're very close now. My younger bro and sis were closer in age and they played great and are still very close. Closer than with the older two, kwim?

My boys adore their sister right now. I know that it'll take work to get ANY of them to be friends as adults. IMO it's about how you parent them and not just leaving it up to nature for them to get along as opposite gendered siblings.
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Re: Do Your Boy/Girl Children Like Each Other?

I have a girl (5.5) and a boy (3) and they are the best of friends. We do not do preschool, and they play so well together. DD starts kindergarten soon and DS thinks he gets to go with her, even though we have told him he can't go till he is five. It will be really interesting to see how the dynamic will change when ds2 gets older (he is 4mo.).
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Re: Do Your Boy/Girl Children Like Each Other?

My ds (20 mos) and dd (4 yrs) are best friends too! They can't get enough of each other, insist on sitting together, we catch them snuggling on a chair watching Mickey MOuse, etc. I think you'll find they'll be buddies :-) it's so fun to see them play, and yet be soooo different!
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My youngest brother is one of my favorite people in the world. I have four brothers and no sisters so I can't compare, but I've always been close with my brothers.
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Re: Do Your Boy/Girl Children Like Each Other?

Ok well I only have two boys so I can't help you with my own kids except to say that my boys are like day and night. Maybe it is because I waited 4.5 years between kids, maybe it is because my oldest son is ASD, or maybe it is because DS1 is my clone and ds2 is dh's (though you would think that would make them get along better). They just don't get along. Kearnan wants silence and quiet play, Tharen wants constant bouncing all of the time. Perhaps they will be close as adults but I am not seeing it now. They just fight, all of the time. Kearnan is very very sensitive, especially to sound (SPD) so having a brother who is like constant noise is not helping their bond any I am sure.

My brother and I on the other hand were 20 months apart and I would say we were close as children. Neither of us are entirely "normal". I am not very girly and didn't identify as a girl as a child so that might have something to do with it. We were both also very solitary children so we spent most of our time either playing alone or together. We didn't have many friends, just the little girl who lived next door. Being so close in age we shared all of the same interests and hobbies and even on through high school we managed to have all of the same friends. We did go through a few years where we fought of course, he was my little brother and he was annoying ("I'm not copying you", or "I'm not touching you" ect) but over all we are quite close. Even now I would say that we are decently close. We live within a few miles of each other and he eats dinner at my house once a week. We spend every weekend together and our kids are best friends. He is probably a little closer with dh than he is with me but that may just be my paranoia coming in to play. We don't have that "oh my sister is my best friend" thing going but then in actuality I think dh or I might be his best friend.

Dh has three sibs, 2 brothers and a sister. His brother R is closest in age but his least favorite sibling. They just don't get along. His second brother B is closer and as teenagers they were the closest (dh is the baby of the family). Now they don't really even speak. When dh was little his sister was his favorite sibling. She is 10 years older and was like a second mom. They were a little distant in his teens because she had married and moved away. Now she is his favorite sibling again. Our families are close.

Anyway, in my experience brothers and sisters can have just as close of a bond as brother and brother or sister and sister, but then I don't personally have any experience with that type of bond never having a sister myself and my boys are still at the "I hate you" phase at least most of the time. Of course Tharen wants to marry his brother because he loves him so much so who knows.
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Re: Do Your Boy/Girl Children Like Each Other?

I currently have one boy and three girls...that will change in Dec. My son is the most calm and gentle one in the mix. He is all boy for sure, but when it comes to pairing up for play all of them will choose him for sure. He and my oldest are very close. They are actually begging to share a room because they love to play together. The baby (S) adores her older brother....she will go to him over all the others. S and T share a room right now and I really want to keep it that way when the new baby comes...I love that she looks up to her big brother so much. Even the middle two (the 4 yr. old and DS) are good friends....they are the closest in age though between all of the siblings. It could be his calm personality for sure, but I really think that T is always going to be really close with all his sisters as they grow....and I love it. I never had a brother growing up.....only girls in my family.
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Re: Do Your Boy/Girl Children Like Each Other?

I have a 4yo DD and a 2yo DS and they get along great! For the most part Obviously they fight over toys and normal kid stuff, but in general they love each other and play together all the time.

they do play with the same toys, usually blocks or cars/trains. DD plays with her dolls sometimes and DS isn't very interested but occasionally he'll go along with whatever game she's playing. She tries to boss him around a lot and he's not always that into it lol!
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Re: Do Your Boy/Girl Children Like Each Other?

I have one dd age 10. The rest are boys: 12, 6, almost 2 and another on the way. DD runs the place due to her personality but I can say that the brothers love her without hesitation. When they get home they are happy to see her and want to spend time with her.

One day she came home after being out all day with a friend and my ds sat at the table and with her and asked her about her day. They sat around and talked while she relayed her day. Then they decided to make paper airplanes and throw them down the hill. I just sat in the other room and listened. I love moments like that.

We have always emphasized that you must be kind to your siblings so hitting each other, name calling and taunting is not acceptable. We have our slips but they are addressed immediately. I pray they continue to be close.
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Re: Do Your Boy/Girl Children Like Each Other?

My oldest is a girl, and very resentful of her brother. He adores her and also his younger sister, who is enthralled with him.

I was very close to my (bio) sister growing up, but now I'm much closer to my brother.
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