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Which brands resell best?

Just starting my stash! Which brands will last me through 2 kids and still be able to resell in decent condition?


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Re: Which brands resell best?

bum genius. moraki. sloomb/sunstainablebabyish.
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Re: Which brands resell best?

Applecheeks, GroVia.
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Sloomb. Sbish. Blueberry simplex. Grovia.
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Re: Which brands resell best?

Blueberry I have heard.
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Re: Which brands resell best?

Um. I wouldn't plan on using 1 stash for 2 kids and be able to resell them unless you are really handy and are fixing leg elastic and aplix (if you choose aplix). Cloth diapers are great, I love them, but they whole "birth to PL" I think is misleading. Though some people have had diapers last them several kids, in general elastic, at least, needs replacing before the first kid PLs. If you have a HUGE stash that might be different, but honestly I'd rather but new every year or so and have fresh elastic then a TON of diapers that "getting old".

So the type of diaper may last birth to PL but the actual diaper you got at your shower may not. Also even if the leg elastic isn't getting "that old" it may be stretched for a 2 year old when the next child comes, then gap for the newborn

If you want to go a route that should last through several kids I would look into flats or prefolds or other inserts that are not attached to a cover. The absorbent pieces should last several kids and you can just replace the covers as needed. Other good inserts to look into are diaper safari tri-fold inserts, griffen baby super absorbers, Flip inserts...
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Re: Which brands resell best?

I've been cloth diapering since October 2009. I cloth diapered three children (one from birth) from that time until my youngest PTed about a year and a half ago. I have gotten back into the CD world over the last couple of months to prepare our newborn stash for my last baby, due in January.

When I went to resell some of my youngest's "bigger baby stash" Blueberry didn't re-sell well at all. The BumGenius Freetimes (which I actually hated and rarely used) sold the best. AppleCheeks didn't last two kids with us so I agree with the previous poster on that, BUT the AppleCheeks size 2 covers also fit two kids at the same time (bigger baby and toddler). My issue wasn't the elastic though, it was the PUL/TPU (whatever they use). That being said, there was a lot of his bigger baby stash that I kept and they're still in excellent condition, like the TotBots EasyFits and the SBISH Snapless Multis . We will be using on this baby.

I've found that in general the "cute" newborn AIOs and the higher priced (not cheapies) OS diapers re-sell best. I have seen a good return on the newborn wool and name brand newborn prefolds I bought for my youngest's newborn stash too. The GMD name is a steady rock in the CDing world, IMO, but I bought his newborn prefolds from a place called Little-Lions (was also well known at the time) and re-sold them well even though they were out of business. The fact that GMD was big four plus years ago and is still a good name now is one of the reasons I bought their newborn workhorses this time around. Thirsties, bumGenius, and Sbish are also names that have been around since I started.

Something to keep in mind-if you're going to invest in flats (which seem to be all the rage on DS now) and covers you're probably not going to get the same re-sale value as the "more expensive" AIOs (for example). China Cheapies don't re-sell well from what I've seen because they're so cheap to begin with.
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Re: Which brands resell best?

This is a great question! I look forward to hearing from more experienced cloth diaperers.
I have only cloth diapered 1 child from about 2 weeks till 2. We are just about potty trained. I have a smalled stash that i have is pretty much toast. Anything with PUL is. And lots of elastic is on its way out. Most of my covers were bought used so i guess they are on their second child. Out of my covers, bestbottoms have held up the best. Flips and econobums are the worst.
The only thing i think is really could get money for is my GMD workhorses. They are sized so they get less use. But they have held up so well!
But this is with my very limited experience.
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Re: Which brands resell best?

My personal recommedation if you want to have good resale, is to buy sized diapers. They aren't used for as long, so they stay in better condition and retain their value much better. They will also easily last through 2 kids because they aren't used as long.

Also, I agree WAHM diapers or good brand name diapers will always retain their value better than cheaper diapers.
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Re: Which brands resell best?

My gmd and bumgenius sold really fast.
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