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Re: my friend: starving baby, PPD

Originally Posted by meg321 View Post
What about one of those tube things (I have no idea what they're called) that you put on your breast so its like the baby is nursing, but is really getting milk from a container (it could be breastmilk or formula). I know she has probably already done this, but has she tried to contact a lactation consultant? I know there is one at the hospital where I delivered that I can call and ask a question any time...she has been a lifesaver!
Wonderfull idea, here is a bunch of pics of them:


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Re: my friend: starving baby, PPD

I would have her contact a LC and get a SNS. Good luck to her!
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My ODD was a failure to thrive baby that wouldn't eat either. They suspected she had acid reflux, and as soon as she was on meds she started gaining weight. I hope they can figure it out. That is such a stressful situation to be in.
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Re: my friend: starving baby, PPD

I am wondering how it went with the pediatrician and your friend's baby? I am wonderin if he is losing weight, or just a skinny guy? Does he have several wet diapers a day?

I had a heck of a time with my supply early on - I had to supplement my son a couple of ounces a day of formula from 1 week old as he was losing too much weight. As the LC said as I was crying, "It's FOOD, not POISON." Yes, I had visions that nary a drop of formula would pass my baby's lips, but she was right.

In my case, my son was back to EBF by 8 weeks; I tried all the usual suggestions (beer, oatmeal, lots of water, Reglan, Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, pumping, breast compressions, and I even bought some Domperidone but never used it). But in the end I suspect it was just nursing, nursing, nursing that got us through.

Through the crazy-making process I did realize that sometimes breastfeeding just doesn't work out despite one's best attempts whether due to some biological/hormonal problem in the mother, poor latch/suck of the baby, breastfeeding mismanagement or a host of other issues. I know that LLL says that only a tiny percentage of women truly can't produce enough milk for a baby, but someone has to be in that two percent. When I was struggling, I was convinced that I was.
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Re: my friend: starving baby, PPD

It happened to me. I tried and tried but it wasn't working so I gave in and supplemented. DS eventually refused boob At least it lasted 7 months. I hate formula. Anyways what really helped was liquid fenugreek. It got my supply going good for a while but it went away right when I ran out. It's not cheap though. Like $35 a bottle. I think I have some left if she would want it. I also have fenugreek pills, they didn't work for me though.
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Re: my friend: starving baby, PPD

I was unable to EBF my son due to low supply. I did everything I could for 7 months before finally admitting that my breasts just don't work for their intended purpose. I was seriously depressed about it and still get sad about it. I feel terrible for your friend - it's not fair that anyone has to go through this but 2-5% of the population does according to most things I've read.

The most important thing is that she feed her baby. Babies can thrive on formula, but they can't thrive with not enough milk. I had to start supplementing when DS was 8 days old and hospitalized for dehydration, excessive weight loss and a dangerously high heart rate. We used a lactation aid and DS had no trouble with that since it was exactly like bfing (except that he actually got something for his effort.)

I tried the SNS and didn't like it very much. Instead the LC made homemade ones for me. All you need is a bottle and a number 5 french feeding tube (used to feed babies in the NICU so most hospitals have them.) poke one end of the tube in the bottle, stick the bottle in your bra or in your pocket, slip the other end into babies mouth once he/she latches and you're all set. It costs about a dollar each for the tubes and they can be used for about a week before they need to be replaced (can be cleaned with a syringe.)
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Re: my friend: starving baby, PPD

Prayers for your friend, give us an update
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