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Question Decaf coffee/soda

My EBF 6 week old gets really fussy everyday from about 4-9pm. I am trying to figure out if something in my diet might be causing this. I already know dairy and beans makes her really fussy, so I have eliminated those from my diet. I do have coffee some mornings. I have tried only drinking decaf, and she is still fussy in the afternoon/evening. I ocassionally have a decaf diet coke as well. Could the coffee and soda be making her fussy even if it is decaf?


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Hmm I think 6 weeks is like primetime for fussy babies. I had to start swaddling my son at 6 weeks to sort him out. Also, everyones bodies are on a cycle and early evening is a common fussy time. Even my super happy dd was kinda fussy at 6 weeks. I recommend happiest baby on the block. Did wonders for my son who loved to scream his face off around 5/6 every night. And the tighter the swaddle, the better! Oh and I used a thick ribbon to keep him swaddled (under supervision-he didn't even nap alone). Good luck mama!

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Re: Decaf coffee/soda

All my kids had fussy times in the late afternoon/evening. I don't think you can blame it on a drink (if it weren't decaf, maybe). I think kids can just be fussy in the evening. :-)
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Re: Decaf coffee/soda

It honestly sounds like a normal 6 week old to me.

However, if you think the soda/coffee could be doing it.. it wouldn't hurt to cut it out of your diet for a few days to see if there is any improvement.

But, as others have said... it sounds normal to me.

God bless!
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Re: Decaf coffee/soda

yes my dd is the same way - with our without caffeine! and i need that cup of coffee in the morning!

she's 7 1/2 weeks now and she's been like this since maybe 3 or 4 weeks but i agree with others it does seem to peak around 6 weeks. she's getting a little easier to manage at nights. she seems to wear herself out from crying and won't nurse well so sometimes i can put her in our mei tei carrier and walk around with her until she falls asleep - i give her a paci too bc she LOVES to comfort suck. and she will start off screaming sometimes in the carrier and nod off within 10-15 minutes but this definitely isn't every night. sometimes she's impossible to console other than to nurse her and even then she nurses frantically, falls asleep, etc. - its very trying on my patience as i am the only one who can console her when shes like that. and she's fussy during the day too - just more so at night.

this is my first so i really hope to hear that this gets better as she gets older. it feels like we've hit a stagnant period for the past month where she hasn't really seemed to improve to much - still doesn't nurse very aggressively, falls asleep at almost every nursing session and is very difficult to wake up (just starts comfort sucking), screams (and i mean loud) at night until she falls asleep for the night... ahh, its a mess!

glad we can support each other! its good to know its not just something we're doing thats making them act this way but that it seems to be normal for a lot of babies.
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Re: Decaf coffee/soda

Sounds like normal 6 week old, but like others have said if you wonder cut it out for a few days and if she is still fussy you can go back to drinking it. Not even regular coffee has ever bothered any of my nurslings ((Thankfully knocking on wood!!!))
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Re: Decaf coffee/soda

sounds perfectly normal for a 6 week old! my son is super laid back but even he was fussy around that time. we also read happiest baby on the block and the swaddling reeallyy helped us.
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