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Re: Did you start preschool when you were 3?

My daughter went to preschool when she was 4. It was a 3 morning a week thing. It was originally so she wouldn't forget things like ABC's etc that she had learned at daycare because she was going to be at home with me while I was on Mat leave. Then it turned into a great way to give me a break and a way for her to continue interacting with others and learning to listen someone other than me.

Oh and a great way to get used to Kindergarten. But I don't think its mandatory.


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Re: Did you start preschool when you were 3?

I went to preschool

DS started preschool last year in September (he turned 4 Nov 30), he went 2 days a week for 2.5 hours in the morning. He had a lot of kids in his class that were three. I think preschool is a good social interaction for kids and helps them to listen/follow directions from other adults besides their parents.

As far as kindergarten, I teach 1/2 day kindergarten (well on leave now) and I can definately tell the kids that attended preschool and those that just went to daycare. There is a big difference (imo).

I say do what you think is best for your family.

ETA: I'm not putting him in Preschool because of the is more social for him.
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I'm 32.

I went to a private christian preschool for 2 years. My sister, who is 1 year younger, went for just 1 year and was asked not to return for a 2nd year. She was mean and tormented the other kids when she didn't get her way.

My daughter will be 4 next month and will not be going to preschool. She's plenty socialized and is developmentally ready for Kindergarten.
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Re: Did you start preschool when you were 3?

As a kid, I did pre-K IIRC starting at 4 but I think I was in daycare before that. My kids start at 3 and some change but they would have to be in a daycare of some sort anyways b/c I am not SAHM. So far my kids loved it and absolutely thrived in it.
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Re: Did you start preschool when you were 3?

No, I never went to preschool. I would say it is more of a change of times. There are many things I didn't do when I was young that my kids do thing is that I was never in a car seat.

All of mine have gone to preschool and started at age 2. They all love it! They love to learn things from other people besides myself. They love being with other friends and doing some really neat crafts/art/activities the days they go. I think it is great for them and for myself also. It is so nice to have the time where I don't have to drag them to a store they don't want to go to or do errands they don't want to do. They are having a great time at school and they feel important b/c they have their own little place to go to that is just for them.
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Re: Did you start preschool when you were 3?

I started kindergarten at three actually. But I grew up in Germany and it's a little different there.
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I never went to pre school. My mom didn't feel it was necessary. But she was a WOHM, so I was in full time day care from age 3 to about 12. Her argument was, I was getting to socialize at daycare, and I could learn alphabet, shapes, numbers, etc at daycare or home.

This being said, my kids will go to preschool, probably starting at 3. I don't know a lot of mamas in my area, and most the ones I do know have LOs a bit older than DS. I can take my kids to the park (and that's about it), sure, but I think they'll be better off with structured playtime with kids their own age before starting school.
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I went to pre school at our church when I was 3 (I'm 22). I think it was more of a day care situation.
I want to put dd in a day care/ preschool when soon hopefully in the fall right before she turns 3 but mostly because she us such a social butterfly and I think she would love to have some time everyday to have some kids her age to play with! And if she learns some while she is there awesome! She is already very smart so I'm not worried about that or her social skills.
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Re: Did you start preschool when you were 3?

I have no idea about my own preschooling, I know I was in daycare since my mom was a WOHM.
My son will be starting pre-k this fall, he'll be 4 in late December. In my school district they have VPK available for all 4 year olds, but there are a few schools that have both 3 and 4 year old pre-k classrooms. They are 5 days a week for 3 hrs a day. I'll be starting my son in the 3 year old pre-k class this fall. It's not for academics (as we've done A LOT of that at home), but more for the fun/social aspect. I think it'll be great for him and me
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I went to preschool.

My older 2 went to daycare/preschool but only becuase I worked.

My other 5 will not/did not go to preschool as I dont see the need if both parents are not working.
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