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leave her alone and let her fall asleep on her own whenever 30 93.75%
continue correcting her, but try to be quiet and not disturb DS 0 0%
move her back to her room until it's resolved 1 3.13%
sit in DS's room until she gets used to falling asleep w/o playing 0 0%
other? (please explain) 1 3.13%
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Originally Posted by SylvieP
DS often plays for a while in his bed before falling asleep. I have rarely gone in there afterwards to tell him to sleep. I think for some reason he likes the alone time and its part of his routine. I now leave a few books with him so he reads them and goes to bed.
This is what I was thinking. I wish my DD would play and fall asleep. She has to be rocker forever then I have to stand there bent over her crib with my hand on her until she is asleep.


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Re: playing in bed...

my almost 2.5 year old does the same thing. He's been in his toddler bed since he was 18 months. Sometimes he goes right to sleep...but most of the time he talks to himself or does the kicking thing....the kicking thing drives me bonkers and I typically am going into his room every 5 minutes and readjusting his covers and telling him it is sleepy time. I finally turned off the monitor around 22 months because I was getting so stressed about it.
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Re: playing in bed...

I think it's least here!
Even my breastfed to sleep 1 year old does this! He pulls off and "talks" until he false to sleep in my arms!
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Re: playing in bed...

My girls have always done that. A good 30 minutes for both of them. We actually put the video camera in there on night vision one night to find out what on earth she was doing!! (nothing really, just walking around her crib, talking, laying down, getting up... )

But this sounds like it's taking an awfully long time to get to sleep. Are you sure she's tired? At 2.5 she could be outgrowing her nap. She might not need it every day. I know *we* still need nap time but she might not...
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Re: playing in bed...

Well...the votes have spoken 20-1 (the one 'other' vote was me bc I didn't know ) And thank you for all of the input, I am officially chilling out and letting her do her thing -- as long as she's not disturbing ds. Worked for nap, she went down in a flash (but I'm sure that had something to do with running around at the baseball fields in 100* heat all morning!). I look forward to a much more relaxing bedtime tonight, and I refuse to obsess over the monitor
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Re: playing in bed...

My DD takes a long time to unwind and fall asleep too, but I wanted to ask you one question. How dark is it in your DD's room? Can you make it ultra, super dark? Like can't see your hand in front of your face dark? It is nearly impossible to stay awake in a pitch black room if you are tired and in a cozy bed.

My DD was happily playing in her bed for hours at nap time and I went to see a sleep expert at the local hospital and she advised me to tape black garbage bags over my DD's windows to make it completely dark. The day I did that she started falling asleep for her naps. It was like magic!

The sleep expert also told me that if my child required a night light (mine doesn't, she's happy to sleep in the dark) that she recommends putting a night light in a low outlet near the floor or behind a piece of furniture so it lights up only a small portion of the room. She said to be careful that the light from the night light doesn't shine on the face of the child as that can keep them awake.

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My kiddo is only 8 months, but she does the same thing. From 30 minutes to an hour of playtime after I put her down.

Sometimes I let myself get irritated and try to make her sleep, but that ends up with me being irritable and her still being awake. If it starts to bug me, I just turn off the monitor for awhile.

Sometimes that means she gets a cruddy short nap because I do have a limit to how late I'll let her nap in order to have a consistent bedtime.

I only read the OP, but have you tried putting her down earlier?

I also know that for me, putting her to bed right after a meal is a perfect way to insure she plays. So I've been trying to give her some playtime before bed. Your kiddo is older, so that's probably not the issue.

I have read that sunlight helps with sleeping. So I'd make sure your kiddo is getting plenty. It also tends to drain energy. Maybe an after dinner walk?

I don't know about making it a disciplinary issue. Some people just need wind down time. I can't come home and go straight to bed. I usually need some time before I get ready for bed. Sometimes I have to fall asleep on the couch before I can even go to bed.
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Re: playing in bed...

I would just leave her alone. If that's how she falls asleep so be it. I find even if my little one is up crawling over dd1, she usually doesn't wake up for some reason. I think it bothers us more then it does them
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