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Question How can I do better BFing for #2?

My son is 9 mo old, and I quit BFing and pumping at about 3 months. I just couldn't seem to handle it.

EVERY time I held him, he always rooted - even when not hungry. I got tired just being "food" and not Mommy.

I heard stories of thrush and mastitis and was freaked out that I was going to have those issues.

I got so annoyed with having to pump or BF every two hours or else I'd be leaking through my pads/shirts etc. Just changing the pads wouldn't do any good, because to be TMI - at that point I was a freaking fire hose.

So we went to formula.

Now we're considering TTC #2 in a couple of months, and I'd like to try BFing again and HOPEFULLY have a better go of it.
Can you all provide me with some advice and maybe what I can do to make it a better experience?


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Re: How can I do better BFing for #2?

I need this too. I stopped bfing when my dd was 2 weeks, we never really got started. I was very sad. But I am pretty stubborn about this next babe, but I need some help!
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Re: How can I do better BFing for #2?

If you want to do it, give it at least 3 months. Seriously that is when it gets so much easier (at least for me). I gave up quickly with my first, too. My second nursed to 34ish months. I am on week 14 with my newbie and she has been challenging, but its rewarding, too.

Make sure you have your local LLL leaders' numbers. Attend a few meetings while preggo. Make friends with some nursing mamas who will gladly give help if/when you need it.

And most of all, if its not working for you, don't feel badly if you have to do formula. Its not evil vile stuff. Bfing is better, but not at the sake of your sanity.
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Re: How can I do better BFing for #2?

I'm on week 6 of BFing my first. The entire 6 weeks has been an obsession with my boobs - and in a way I never imagined. I've been dealing with low supply and have been to the LC more times than I can count. I'm researching and taking supplements. I've pumped like crazy. We saw an occupational therapist. And on top of all that I just recently dealt with multiple clogged ducts.

Through all of it I could see why people threw in the towel. For me, it wasn't an option. It was all mental determination to make it happen. There is no way I could have done it (and still be struggling) without the support of my LC, pediatrician and husband. It takes a team and willpower. My advice would be to see an LC in the hospital to get help and support contacts from Day 1.

We are supplementing with formula and it was hard to do. But ultimately you do what is right for your baby and your situation.
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Re: How can I do better BFing for #2?

It sounds like you, like me, tend to catastrophize a bit. With my first baby, I had moments of thinking, "Oh no, a plugged duct! First I'll get mastitis and then it will abscess! I'll need surgery! " and on and on. Beyond the plugged duct, none of that happened to me--abscesses are rare, thankfully! But I still worried about it at first.

Thrush and mastitis can be treated, and so can abscesses. If you get good help and support, most lactation problems and issues can be dealt with! So maybe your first preparation would be locating good help--an IBCLC, a physician who is knowledgeable about breastfeeding, a lactation support group, etc.

I leaked a lot, and for the entire first year of my DD's life. This time around I am leaking much less. Sometimes I don't have to wear breastpads, and my DS is only 3 months old! If you feed your baby on demand and don't pump (unless you need to because of work or other commitments), your supply will most likely regulate and you won't be overly full. If you continue to have oversupply, there are measures you can take to deal with that.

As for rooting when not hungry, that's a very normal comfort nursing behavior. Comfort nursing is good for your supply and good for baby; it is just not something we are accustomed to in our culture. To a baby, very often Mom = food and comfort, and the two sometimes can't be separated.

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(My DS takes a pacifier sometimes, but I also comfort nurse when he or my DD want to.)
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I agree with the pps. With my first, everything was so stressful. Was she getting enough, was she behaving right, was she nursing too much, etc. We nursed to a year, but we supplemented because she nursed all the time at first, and I didn't know that was normal, so I thought she needed more. We battled thrush for 6 weeks. She is a happy and healthy 4 year old. With my second, I was armed with articles and resources to know that no matter what, I knew what I was doing and I wasn't going to give up! And I have nurses my second child, ds, to 13 months and still going strong. He still nurses like 8 times a day/night, and it is SO easy!

I won't lie. It wasn't easy at first. He nursed constantly, day and night. I went back to work at 6 weeks old and had to pump. I still leak/ have random letdown at 13 months. I quit wearing breast pads because they contributed to us having thrush for 8 weeks. I had mastitis, and have had 3 clogged ducts. But slowly, it got easier. I can't imagine making or cleaning bottles. I don't have to take anything with me when we go places, I always have food. When the tornadoes hit and we thoght we would be stuck here for at least a week, I never once worried about how I'd feed my child. I was stubborn! And you will get comments no matter what you do. But who cares?! It's not an all or nothing thing, but once you go down the supplementing road it's hard to turn back because it affects your supply. I worried so much about supply, especially when I wa pumping and he was almost out eating me. But it all worked out. I hope to have a third just because now I know it will all be cool! saved me. I have seriously read every article on there a few times. There's not a lot of bf education around me, so anytime I was wavering or unsure, I went to the Internet to research my concerns and was always reassured that I was fine. I did so much research before ds was even born. I wish I had known all this before dd, but you live and learn! Read up, and relax! There's always a quick answer waiting at your fingertips on here, and mostly good advice.
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