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Re: Terbutaline to prevent preterm labor?

I took it with two of my pregnancies. I really hated it. Made me feel all woozy and shaky.


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I should have added that if your cervix isn't thinning our dilating, your contrax are probably within a normal range for 32 wks, unless you have had problems with PTL before I wouldn't be worried. Just make sure you stay well hydrated, don't overdue it, and monitor to make sure you don't start having more contrax. sounds like you will be ok.
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Re: Terbutaline to prevent preterm labor?

I hope today is going better for you today (and continue to get better for you). Is your high risk doctor a perientologist or just an OB?

I have never been on terbutaline, but I would say that if you trust your doctor and he/she has a good reputation around town, then I would follow his instructions, personally. I have been on magnesium and hated it, but my pregnancy problems were different than yours.

DD #1 was born at 35 weeks (now 4 yrs old) and DD #2 was born at 32 weeks (now 7.5 months old). Both are great and healthy now.
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Re: Terbutaline to prevent preterm labor?

I took Terb in pill form and given it in the hospital each time I was there for PTL. This was in 02. It is nasty stuff as in how you feel but not as bad as magnesium from what I have been told. I was almost put on mag at 32 weeks. I did some research back then and begged my Dr to switch my at home med to Procardia. It does have a side effect to some that if you stand up to fast you black out. I never had an issue with it and I did stand up fast not thinking a few times. But there is no shaky feeling with it. So that is an option to.
Good luck! I managed to make it to 37 weeks 3 days. I was 1cm and 50% effaced at 32 weeks so dialation doesn't always mean anything. I was on bedrest though.
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Re: Terbutaline to prevent preterm labor?

Been feeling really great today, only 5 contractions total. I only took the terb on the Monday and haven't had to since. I've been sitting around most of the day because my doctor told me to take it easy.

I have a regular OB (who prescribed terb to me) and a high risk doctor that I see for measuring for incompetent cervix and to check my placenta previa. The perinatal facility only does ultrasounds though, I usually don't talk to the doctor there.

After two early miscarriages in 2010, I'm just glad that no matter what happens, my baby is developed enough to survive. It'll be rough if baby bump is born so soon, but whatever comes will come and I'll just have to deal with that. I'm also lucky to have a very supportive husband and my sister lives close-by too.
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Re: Terbutaline to prevent preterm labor?

Yea I did the samething. My contractions never did anything, and was never dilated with them. I think it is normal. I was in the hospital 3 times with PTL. But I think honestly if I had just drank some water and laid down I would've been fine. It all started at 30 weeks. At 32 I had the FFT and scored negative. But I was given two doses of the meds and sent on home that was 2 days before 37 weeks. And Asher came a day late.
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Re: Terbutaline to prevent preterm labor?

yes - I've taken Procardia and Terbutaline and also the nasty Magnisum Sulfate! Procardia is the mildest... but didn't work great at all.. Terbutaline did work for awhile - it didn't take all my contractions away but did slow them and the intensity.. I was on one or the other from about 20 weeks till 36 weeks with 2 of my 3 pregnancies. With one I also ended up on Mag. Sulf. too... that is horrible horrible stuff.... however it worked as long as I had it.. within 2 hours after stopping it contractions were back. At that point we didn't know what cuased my DS to be born at 29 weeks (my first) so every precauction was taken with my second.. with my third I was on procardia and then Terbutaline..but just as with my daughter (the second) my cervix never changed the whole time.. until 36 weeks.. so did they help dunno -- sure didn't hurt.. and I have now a healthy 6 year old (my preemie) and a 4 year old (my mag. baby) and a 2 year old who had just terb. So now we are onto the 4th.. pretty sure I'll have the same routine as the 3rd... oh and with the 2nd and 3rd I also had the P17 shots too..
Kristin - SAHM (former teacher) to I- (9), K- (7)and A- (5)and a E- (2)
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Re: Terbutaline to prevent preterm labor?

i took it.. several times, i was also put on procardia daily to keep from having contractions. The benefits of keeping him in out weighed the risk of taking the meds. The shots of breathine/terbutaline sucked but like i said, worth it. You gotta do what is best/right for you but a fully baked baby is worth having over a preemie.. I was on it for 13 weeks (procardia and aldomet-high bp) and got dozens of terbutaline shots. It didnt stop my labor/contractions but it did slow things down temporarily. I had a "moody uterus" per my OB.. I made it to 39wks and my LO weighed 9lb10oz
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Re: Terbutaline to prevent preterm labor?

I know this is an old thread but I thought I would jump in for anyone that reads it for info -

I've taken it several times before. With my last pregnancy I was on the pill and shot form for a very long time. Right before I developed pre-e I was in the hospital all day getting terb shots every 3 hours. It worked for me. It did make me feel like my head wanted to explode, but it worked. My doctor did warn me though that the more I took it the less it would work.
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