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Originally Posted by KumfyKozies

With DD1 I had every intention of a water birth, but I had a very rough transition and had already been in labor for 22 hours, so my midwife got me out of the water to use gravity to try and convince Baby it was time to make her exit.

DS and DD2 were both born in the water. I moved between the the tub and various positions on land throughout my labors(I find I actually get through transition best sitting on the toilet ), but ultimately my most comfortable and peaceful place is humming in the tub, so that's where I caught them.

I chose waterbirths because it just made sense for me. I had done a lot of reading on natural births so I knew the pros of it helping with the pain, being a gentler transition for the babies from womb to warm water, etc, and the comfort of a nice warm soak in the tub has been a love of mine since childhood, so like I said it just made sense for me. HTH
Ahhhhh. That just made me so warm & fuzzy.

I can't wait to try for my first waterbirth in April!


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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

Originally Posted by preciouspkgs View Post
As a midwife I have caught many a baby in the water, I think water is great. We tend to see less tears in the water as well.
For myself, no thanks! I ask all my moms "are you the type of person who when life is stressful you disappear into your tub and can stay there for hours...find it relaxing, and its your go to for stress relief? If so then a water birth is probably a great idea for you." I am the complete opposite of that; I HATE baths. I don't find sitting in hot or even warm water to be soothing or comfortable it just makes me sweaty and unhappy so I am not a water birther. I do like to use the shower during labor if I have time (mine are really fast) but thats it.
Ok... I must be an odd ball, then, because I am totally not a bath-soaker-kinda-person, but Ooooh how I LOVED being in the tub while laboring and giving birth! Any other day, though, no thanks.

And to answer someone's question about tearing... I tore. It was a 2nd degree (not too bad but still) and I was in the water for about 2.5 hours before delivering. I was pretty much in the tub for most of my labor (labor from start to birth was 4 hrs 22 minutes) so I don't know if the water helped or not. FWIW, LO was a month premature, weighed 5 lbs and had a head that measured in the 10th percentile.... (not a big baby by any means)

One thing that I think did make a difference, though, was that my midwife and the L&D nurse (I was in the hospital) were yelling at me to push, PUSH! and I felt kinda forced.

My body really didn't want to push that hard and that fast. I had been doing slow, gentle pushes and lots of breathing, which felt great, but once they knew I was close, they wanted him out, for some reason...

I'm not really sure what the big hurry was all about because LO was doing great and I wasn't panicked or anything. I still regret pushing like I did. I remember thinking, right before LO's head popped out, "something is gonna give..." and then I felt this pop and I knew my skin had torn... It didn't hurt, though. Well, until the midwife put a needle down there to give me a local so she could put a couple stitches in - Ouch!
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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

My last birth was a water birth and it was my first natural birth and I loved it. I would love to do it again but it may not be possible this next time.
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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

So this thread got me to thinking quite a bit about water birth. DH and I talked and we are going to try for a water birth this time around. We use a mw at the local hossie, that I LOVE! This hossie is so natural birth friendly, they are very accomodating to your birth plan, regardless of what it is. There are large laboring tubs in every room, however, there is one very large room that is designated for pre-planned water births, so we'll be requesting that when we see our mw later this week.

I have labored in the tub with all my pg's and have transitioned in the water. My biggest concern is that once I hit transition I start overheating and feeling very nauteous so I wind up getting out and delivering in bed. I'm hoping I can work through that this time. The transition for the lo seems so much more peaceful.
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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

Why I did it (for my first birth - she's now 5.5 months old):

1. I wanted a birth without pain meds, and people seemed to think that the water helped alleviate the pain. My experience is that it didn't help a ton, but it was nice to have access to a variety of positions and move however felt comfortable at the moment.

2. Our local hospital has two beautiful water birthing tubs, and nearly all the docs and midwifes in the practice I use were comfortable with waterbirths. So it was feasible to do, without driving to a hospital a half-hour away (at best) and switching practices. I was not interested in a home birth. (My mother had a full-term still birth, which - though it had absolutely no bearing on my pregnancy and birth - made me very nervous.)

I'd definitely do it again.
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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

I used the tub for transition and the birth. Looking back, I wish I had gotten out of the tub and into my bed for the actual birth ... we were having decels and I had to get her out quickly! My MW let me change positions once and we found that on my back was best for baby - well.... that's hard to do in a tub! I was floating or going under - I wanted my DH to catch, but he had to stay behind me and hold me up.

For labor, it was my life saver! I had back ctx and HAD to have something warm on my back. My SILs and moms would pour warm water over my back while I labored on hands and knees. Or I floated on my back. I don't remember the majority of the beginning of labor. I know I went outside for some of it, but it was a little chilly so I came back inside. I laid on the bed for some. Didn't use my birth ball... must have forgotten about it!
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