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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

I have tried laboring in the tub with BOTH my kids and HATED it!! It's makes me crazy sick to my stomach. it's like getting sea sick, which is not how I want to feel in the middle of labor lol. The theory of it is wonderful but it's just not for me.


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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

I planned a water birth at home with DD - never got the chance.

A new hospital only five minutes from my home opened a few months after she left us - every labor room has a birthing tub, and I'll be going there and hopefully delivering in water. Most people think the bodysnatchers have come when I tell them that, as I'm NOT a big water person (hate swimming, don't even own a swimsuit), but I've heard that it can really help the process and minimize tearing. I'm all for anything that helps, and I figure if I decide I hate it I can always get out!

(DH will NOT be sharing my tub. He's 6'4", and I want it all to myself! I think he's relieved.)
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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

I wanted to with my first, but my OB didn't allow it for first time moms? I did use the shower for pain relief though. My next three were inductions, so I had to be monitored so it was not an option. I actually would like to try it, but not sure what the "rules" are with a VBAC and the extra monitoring and such.
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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

my hospital has amazing jetted labor tubs i plan to labor in. no hospital in az allows water births, so it's not really an option for me unless i do a home birth or pay out of network for a birth center. the midwife said if i all of a sudden need to push, they're not going to make me get out of the tub. i'd like to have an oopsie too, but we'll see what happens! i hope i love it like i think it will. with ds, i know the warm water in the shower really helped ease my contractions
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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

I labored in the tub with both my babies. With my DD, I pushed for a while in the tub then got out to try other positions and actually birthed on the birth stool.

With my DS, he was born really quickly just a little while after I got in the tub.

My second birth was much faster and easier in general. I don't think it really had anything to do with actually birthing in water. For my next birth, I'll definitely have water available to labor in, but I may or may not birth in it.
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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

With my first born, my dd, I labored in the tub at home for a few hours. I even brought my yoga ball in the tub for back support, It felt soo good to have something round in the small of my back while being submerged in water. It was really lame to have to get out and go to the hospital but way back then I didn't know about homebirths or midwifes! The hospital did not offer waterbirths and did not believe I was so far along when I got there they left me in triage for quite a while.
With my second, my son, I woke up in labor and barley had time to fill the bath tub. I got in and soaked for a few minuets and realized he was crowning. I called my midwife to meet me at the birthing center at the hospital and to have them fill the waterbirthing tub. However when I got there he was further along than the tub was full so once again I did not get the waterbirth.
If I have another kid I am not going to follow the advice of 'labor at home as long as possible' because that keeps getting me to the hospital right before I deliver. I will opt to either have a home birth/water birth or to go to a birth center and have a water birth and go at the first sign of labor.
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Most powerful moment of my life! It's not lime sitting in ur bath tub. I was in a large jacuzzi tub. And birthing tubs are large. U can spread out, I even float loved it. My first med free birth and I have horrific back labor and I will never birth out of water again!
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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

Thanks for the posts. I have a better understanding of why some dislike laboring in water. I can understand how you might feel less in control because bouyancy.

The birthing tub at the hospital looked like an enormous bath tub. It had all kinds of handles, foot rests both inside and outside so that you could really grab and push. There were jets if you wanted. There was room for dh but I would not have wanted him in there with me. His job was to pour water over my shoulders.

I'm considered VBAC even though only my first was a c-section and the rest were vaginal. I only had to have an IV line ready but didn't really need any other monitoring. That could be because I didn't need induction.
Here to help if I can.
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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

I have had 9 waterbirths. I don't want to labor or birth w/o my pool! I find it much easier to deal w/ transition in water. I chose waterbirth the first time after reading the book Gentle Birth Choices and watching the video by the same name.
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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

Oh my gosh, I LOVED the water! I'd never birth without it. I use a LaBassine inflatable birthing pool. I do wish the water would have been higher, but I will arrange for that next time, before my contractions get so bad. I did get out of the water once to go pee after I'd gotten in the pool... after that you couldn't get me out! On of my midwives actually wanted me to get out and labor on the toilet for a bit. I stood up, and sat right back down. It was light the weight of gravity added to the contractions was to much. I didn't feel out of control at all.
I actually have a post in my blog about my birth experience, with lots of pics too... if you're interested in reading it.
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