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Re: Minivan for a family of 4?

We have dd and one on the way. I would LOVE a minivan if they got better MPG. We live a long way from everything, so we use a lot of gas. We have an elantra right now and we just took a road trip....there is no way we would have been able to do it in that car with another baby. The car was jam packed! I would love the extra cargo space. I would also want one because then I can easily have whichever carseats I want in it and they would fit rear facing. If you do go for it, make sure the 3rd row folds flat so you have the cargo space that you will probably use more than the seats themselves.


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Re: Minivan for a family of 4?

We are a family of 4 and just bought our first minivan (an odyssey) and love love LOVE it! I really wish we got it is SO much easier getting the kids in and out of the van (my back is thanking me when I lift the baby carseat in and out all the time). It is comfortable to drive, roomy, and just all-around perfectly designed for a family of any size! We went on a road trip last weekend and got 30 mpg Get the van, you will never regret it!
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Re: Minivan for a family of 4?

We are a family of four (soon to be five) and we've had a minivan for almost two years now. I wouldn't have it any other way. It's been a lifesaver when friends with children in carseats have been needing emergency car rides, it's GREAT for garage sale hopping, you can put all your groceries in there without worrying that one of the kids is going to get into the bags, and for long trips it's a lifesaver. I'm glad I pushed to get the minivan when we needed to get a new car because we'd have outgrown it before paying it off with the new baby coming now.

And the best part? you can put the carseats feet from each other. No more mommy, he's touching me! or why is he breathing my air? Make him stop!
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Re: Minivan for a family of 4?

I got a minivan (I said I would never drive one) when I had my first child. We have 2 now. Seriously. I LOVE MY VAN! I would not trade it for anything. It has the auto doors on both sides and is the most convenient awesomest (I know this isn't a word LOL) thing ever. It also provides more space for trips and will let you fit others without being smashed.
I love my van too because we can take all the seats out and get big items in there too.
I have a Hyundai Entourage and its one of the best purchases I have ever made.
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Re: Minivan for a family of 4?

We are a family of 4 and got a minivan last year after DS was born (we had a Toyota Corolla previously). I absolutely love it!! With two big car seats, a double stroller, diaper bag, cooler (with food for the day when we go out for the day), I definitely appreciate the extra cargo space (the seats in the last row fold flat). We also have a medium size dog (about 35lbs) and when going on vacation/weekends with the whole family (dog included), that's when I appreciate it the most (especially when you account for the suitcase, pack n'play, and dog crate in the trunk).

We also have family living abroad and friends living in different states, and when visiting we never have any issue fitting everyone in one car (in the Toyota Corolla that we had previously, we couldn't fit anybody in the back with the two car seats and if DH was coming along, we couldn't fit anybody in our car at all).
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Re: Minivan for a family of 4?

We are a family of four (five in the car, maybe once a month when MIL who lives with us goes to the mall with us or something). We had a sedan and I hated never being able to fit in an extra adult and having to struggle to fit everything after a Costco/BJ's run. Plus we have a double stroller. I ADORE our new Ody. Seriously, it was one of the best decisions we've made. We don't plan on any more kids, but its so nice to be able to take grandma with us somewhere or to be able to pick up my nephew from daycare when his mom is stuck in traffic. WE have lots of family living nearby and friends with kids so I see our third row getting used more as our kids get older. For now it is down most of the time and the space is wonderful. I keep two strollers (a single and double) a huge LL bean tote with extra clothes, diapers, frist aid kit, blankets, etc. and there is still plenty of room for large shopping trips. All of that stuff fits with my third row up also. Got for it, you will never regret being able to drop a kid or two home after a playdate.
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Re: Minivan for a family of 4?

i think a minivan would be wonderful for a family of four. you will have extra seats for friends or aunts, uncles, or grandparents. and if you have a third child it will not be overkill at all. i say you should get one!
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We have a Kia Sedona. The last row we can use for extra passengers and still have room for a large stroller and groceries in the trunk area, or we can fold/stow the seats down flat and have room for stroller, luggage AND a large German shepherd dog on long trips.

The middle row seats are captain's chairs so plenty of room for a convertible car seat in each sear which at 19 months old is still rear facing. Plus the 2 middle row seats are completely removable if you need to carry big items (like furniture and lumber). Just put 3rd row down, remove one or both middle seats, and you have a van with more than enough room for those odd jobs, like moving, buying new toddler furniture or building a deck or shed.
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Re: Minivan for a family of 4?

We bought our mini mini van(mazda5) before we had ds. It's great for 1 or 2 kids, still good on gas, but will get crowded if you haul extra stuff too. We are going to trade in our civic for a regular size mini van like an odyssey. Our friends have 2 kids and an odyssey, and we loved it when we were all able to go to dinner in it without being cramped.
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Re: Minivan for a family of 4?

I didn't get our van until we needed it (had a 4th kid) so I personally wouldn't. I would get a super roomy sedan or something like the new cuter Scion xB.
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