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Red face I need some tips for BFing in public!

Hey Mamas!

My DD is 3 months old and is EBF but we haven't mastered BFing in public - at all! I have been doing cross-cradle on a boppy with her at home the whole time so its completely what she's used to and I'm used to so I get lost having to do anything else. I have sat cross-legged at my in-laws and nursed her without the boppy with her on a pillow, but not w/o one. I just can't seem to figure it out. I tried earlier and it got me stressed out and her stressed so I stopped trying! It seems like she doesn't feel very secure. I have a nursing cover but I can't see through that neck whole to latch her and she's not old enough to latch herself. I'm holding her in the cross cradle to get her latched and then trying to switch to cradle but she's struggling to stay on when I do that. I'd like to just start in cradle but its hard for me to latch her from that angle since I'm used to the opposite with cross-cradle.

PLEASE give me some pointers! I want to be able to successfully BF her in public bc right now I plan going out around BFing her and I'm so tired of that! I have cabin fever! A midwife mentioned to me once getting a travel pillow to prop them up - anyone try this? Plus, we are taking our first vacation in a couple of weeks and I want to be able to nurse her while we're out to dinner and walking around - we're going to be with the in-laws all who know nothing ab breastfeeding so that should be interesting so i really want to feel comfortable doing it and they can get used to it.

Thanks mamas! I also have a Maya Wrap RS. I have tried watching videos on how to nurse her in that but I can't seem to figure it out myself! She really only likes the tummy to tummy in the RS anyway, not a big fan of the cradle!


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I also would love to hear comments! Me and DS are in the same boat. Went to a wedding last night and had to feed him in the bathroom
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Re: I need some tips for BFing in public!

I have a really hard time with a cover too, its like its too much for me to maneuver everything and get the cover into position! I've ended up going in another room everytime I've had to nurse somewhere other then at home.
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Re: I need some tips for BFing in public!

Unless you practice with a cover at home, its going to be a hinderence when you are out. (imo)

It would be best to try to nurse in different positions at home to get used to it while out. We started NIP when babies were only a week or so old. It takes practice.
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Re: I need some tips for BFing in public!

Practice at home with a cover and different positions. It takes practice. I would suggest starting someplace you are comfortable with.

My first LO I didn't BF much in public, 2nd LO little better (I was more confident). By the 3rd LO I was walking around the zoo BFing.
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Re: I need some tips for BFing in public!

Try tummy to tummy in the RS, but just loosen so she's low enough to reach the breast. Worked for me with my LO when he was wanting to nurse during homework time for weeks at a stretch.
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Re: I need some tips for BFing in public!

I was just wondering what kind of cover you have??

I am breastfeeding my first baby, he is almost 3 months now, and I struggled with covers for the first few weeks, until I bought one called a "Hooter Hider". It has this nice opening around the neck which allows you to see in. It makes it SO much easier (still takes a little practice), plus lets air in, and the baby can look at you while he is eating. I got rid of all of the other covers--still couldn't figure them out!! LOL.

Good luck with the in-laws. My parents were the same way when I went to visit them..they were wierded out by the whole thing and because of that I was a little uncomfortable at first. Same feeling I had when I first nursed in public. HOWEVER, just remember that feeding your baby is more important than anything else--especially the ignorance and insecurities of others!! And the way I look at it...I am covered up, and if someone has a problem just because they "know what's going on under there," even though they can't see anything, well then they have bigger issues!! Haha!

Good luck!!!

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Re: I need some tips for BFing in public!

I don't really have advice about the holding position issue (except for practice, practice, practice the cradle hold ), but I'll tell you my little trick for latching on when I can't see DS's mouth, like when he's under a nursing cover or in the middle of the night. With the hand that's holding the breast, put your index finger right next to, almost over the nipple. Now you have a little guiding pointer that can feel where LO's mouth is and make sure she's not latching onto someplace else. HTH!
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Re: I need some tips for BFing in public!

Take your Boppy with you everywhere, or at least some smaller version that works for you. Seriously, I've breastfed for...going on 10 years now, and didn't learn that trick until I saw my SIL carting hers everywhere. She considered it an integral part of being able to breastfeed, like having a bottle is integral for formula feeding. She needed it, and made sure it was always nearby.

NIP got easier for me when I followed her lead (we had babies at the same time) and stopped caring about looking silly bringing my Boppy into a restaurant. And since I can nurse completely hands-free with a Boppy, I can eat, sip my tea, converse (I use my hands a lot when I talk, lol) and it's very freeing.

I still can't bf when babywearing, and I am a hardcore babywearer. I'm so jealous of people who can! My life would be so easy if I could figure it out, but I've had to accept that I just have to sit down to nurse. Hopefully somebody else has pointers.

I also can't nurse with a nursing cover, as not a single one of my babies will consent to being covered up. But I have a G-cup breasts and don't like that much boob on display when I'm out in public, so I toss a flat diaper or something over that shoulder (tucking it into my nursing tank strap) so that it hangs down almost to my nipple. That way there's plenty of fabric obscuring the boob but makes latching and adjusting so much easier. Maybe not using a full cover would help you too?

But all of that being said, for the most part I still nurse in the car before I go into places so I won't have to find a place to sit down and nurse. I factor in extra time just so we can relax in the car's air conditioning and listen to music and nurse.
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Re: I need some tips for BFing in public!

I don't use a cover or a pillow at home or while out. It is a big fumbly to me but I know it can be fumbly without for a lot of people. I find that the cradle hold is the easiest when in public. It does take some practice though. I started with cross cradle and football hold especially with my DS. And those are practically impossible for me in public. I nurse just about anywhere but do not feel like I have anything on display when I am in public. I am definitely modest when it comes to my body but I read in another thread and totally agree, nursing in public is not always about being discrete - it's about being confident. Practice at home without the pillow or a cover until you feel good about it. Until then, like PP said, maybe bring the pillow with you and nurse in the car. I know that doesn't always mean your baby will be satisfied until you are back at the car, especially on vacation. But it's a start. You have to get out!!

Here's my routine:
Undo my nursing bra, hold baby in cradle hold, help her latch on with the other hand, then slide my shirt down so it's right next to her face. If someone is really staring they are going to see something while she is latching (possibly). But I don't even look around to see if anyone sees me. I'm feeding my baby, not trying to flash them. And with lots of practice, I can do it pretty quickly. My most common nursing scene is at a booth in a restaurant. Most of the time, I don't think anyone even realizes I'm nursing and the booth helps hide a lot. Although last night we were out and the waitress realized I was feeding DD and just smiled and said "Aw, how sweet - I nursed all of my babies too!!" It was cute and encouraging. Good luck to you! You'll get it!

ETA - I have never figured out how to nurse while babywearing either... don't feel bad.

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