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Hospital VBAC mamas...

Can you tell me what your VBAC was like, or what your plans are for a future VBAC?

DS was a medically necessary c-section. My OB (who also delivered DS) is very pro-VBAC, so I'm hoping things work out better this time around.

I'm curious if your hospital had any special 'rules' for VBACs that don't apply to regular vaginal deliveries? I'm wondering if you only got a certain amount of time for a trial of labor, did they insist on fetal monitoring, that sort of thing.

Obviously I'll be talking to my OB, but DH and I are just starting to discuss a birth plan now. I adore my OB and wouldn't switch for the world, so I'll be abiding by whatever rules the hospital has in place - but I'd just like a preliminary idea of what to expect.

Thank you!


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Re: Hospital VBAC mamas...

I find that *most* of the time a hospital requires at least a heplock if not a full-fledged IV and continuous fetal monitoring once you hit active labor. Other things (such as a time limit on your labor) are pretty standard for even a non-vbac (as in, even a first-timer will be put on pitocin if the doc feels her labor isn't progressing fast enough) but most drs won't give pitocin to a VBAC. They also want you in the hospital pretty much as soon as contractions start. You will probably also encounter a time limit on your pregnancy (some drs give an asinine limit of say, you must go into labor on your own by 39 weeks or something like that). Though if you really trust your doctor you can probably talk them into doing NSTs instead of scheduling a c-section.

Good luck mama! I've had one attempted hbac (with a vbac after transfer) and any other babies will be hospital vbacs.
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I've had 2 hospital VBACs. I work where I delivered both of them. I think the PP poster pretty much summed it up, at least where I work. I was given pit for my first VBAC, at my request. The dr. Was hesitant but agreed to a low dose. It's not preferred but it's also not contraindicated.

Oh also the 'gel' used to induce is a BIG no no. So if you don't go into labor on your own it is very hard to induce a VBAC.

ETA: We don't let anyone go more than 10 days over, VBAC or otherwise. But there is nothing about if you don't go into labor by 39 weeks you are sectioned. I was 10 days over with my first VBAC.

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Re: Hospital VBAC mamas...

I had a hospital vbac & it was great. The only "rules" I "had" to follow were a heplock in my hand and constant fetal monitoring. Next time, if I'm in the hospital again, I will deny the monitoring b/c the nurse had to push the doppler against me inbetween contractions & that hurt.

Never heard of a dr saying you would have to go into labor by a certain point or else, except for being "overdue". Would not listen to a dr who said by 39 weeks for anything less than medical emergency. I stayed home as long as possible & I def recommend that. No pressure when you start transition in triage I went into labor w/ dd2 at 40 +4 & gave birth on 40 +5, totally normal time frame, totally normal labor. 12 hours of prelabor, 12 of labor.
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Re: Hospital VBAC mamas...

most dr's do insist on a heplock and continous monitoring and my group said they would schedule a section at 41 weeks 5 days. Other than that the "rules" were the same as a regular vaginal delivery.
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Re: Hospital VBAC mamas...

At my hospital they required a full IV (but I specified nothing by IV without my consent, other than the saline) and continuous monitoring. Other than that it was pretty textbook.
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Re: Hospital VBAC mamas...

I had a hospital VBAC and will be having another in a few months.

A few 'rules' that my MWs had...

They wanted me to go in pretty soon after contraction started.
They had to get a good 15 minute reading every hour. If at any point, they didn't like what they saw, we'd have switched to contant.
No Pit to start labor, although they did end up using a low does at about 20 hours.
Hep lock is required for all admited patients at our hosp. so that had nothing to do with being VBAC.

This time around, I am told I will be treated like a regular birthing mama, so I guess i'll see whats that different, but really my MW and doula were wonderful and I didn't have any problem with the 'rules'
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Re: Hospital VBAC mamas...

we are attempting hospital VBAC.

OB rules:

OK with letting me go a few days over due. My due date is a Wed we will have a backup c section date on friday of that week. She schedules all planned c-sections on fridays so she wasnt keen on 1 1/2 weeks overdue.

prefers me to get an epi in case of emergency doesnt want to knock me out for the emergency c section

absolutely no cervical ripenners/inductions......she will use small amts of pitocin if I need a jump start as long as my cervix is complying

CSECTION must happen if baby or I are in distress
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Re: Hospital VBAC mamas...

I'm planning a hospital VBAC with my current twin pregnancy. I'm only allowed to attempt it if I go into labor on my own prior to 40 weeks and only if both babies are head-down when I go into labor. I would guess that my MW's rules for me to attempt a VBAC are little different than her typical rules would be because I'm carrying twins.
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Re: Hospital VBAC mamas...

It really, really depends on your provider. As a doula, I've seen for VBAC and VBA2C:

* required full IV fluids, required epidural, not allowed past 40 weeks, required internal monitoring

* required hep lock, required epidural placed but no medication given if mom didn't want it, not allowed past 41 weeks, required continuous external monitoring

* required hep lock, only intermittent monitoring as long as baby looked good, allowed to go to 42 weeks

* required induction at 39 weeks

SO! It really depends on the OB...
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